Nancy Pelosi will have to apologize to Trump after one shocking fact about Baltimore just came out

In recent days, the Democrat Party has been losing their minds after Trump stated facts about the city of Baltimore.

He pointed out that Rep. Elijah Cummings has done nothing for the city he represents, which is overrun by crime, poverty, and rats.

And now Nancy Pelosi will have to apologize to Trump after one shocking fact about Baltimore came out.

In response to Trump’s tweets going after Baltimore, Pelosi heaped praise on Rep. Cummings, stating that “he is a champion in the Congress and the country for civil rights and economic justice, a beloved leader in Baltimore, and deeply valued colleague. We all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership.”

Her response makes it clear she believes that pointing out the many problems in Baltimore is “racist.”

The Left continues to downplay the problems in Baltimore.

But new research shows Baltimore is in fact much more dangerous than previously stated, with their murder rate being higher than even the most dangerous countries in Central America.

In 2019, Baltimore’s murder rate is projected to be about 56 per 100,000 people, which is higher than El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, which are countries people are fleeing to the U.S. from due to crime and poverty.

Breitbart reports:

The murder rate of Baltimore, Maryland, is set to continue to be higher than Central America’s most dangerous countries, analysis finds.

Research by Princeton Policy Advisors’ Steven Kopits reveals that Baltimore has long had a higher murder rate than the most crime-ridden nations of Central America, where thousands of migrants flee from every year.

Based on the current rate of murders in Baltimore, Kopits projects that Baltimore’s murder rate for 2019 will come in at about 56 murders per 100,000 people — making it more than twice as dangerous as the country of Guatemala.

To date, there have been nearly 200 murders in Baltimore since the beginning of the year.

Meanwhile, El Salvador had a murder rate of 50 murders per 100,000 people in 2018, lower than Baltimore’s despite the violent MS-13 gang holding its headquarters in the small Central American country.

Likewise, Honduras is projected to have a murder rate of 38 murders per 100,000 people this year, while Guatemala had a murder rate of about 22 murders per 100,000 people in 2018.

Under Democrat control, Baltimore only continues to become more dangerous and poverty stricken.

The real reason Democrats are claiming Trump’s statements about Baltimore are racist is that they don’t want to admit that a Democrat-controlled city is in ruins.

But they can’t have it both ways. If they think our borders should be open to illegal immigrants from those Central American countries, then Democrats must admit they failed in Baltimore.


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116 Responses

  1. chief1937 says:

    In spite of Democrat propaganda Trump continues to come out on top regarding truth. He has been right on with his comments concerning those who oppose him even Pelosi.

  2. Hal Lemoyne says:

    ????????????TRUMPence2020???????????? successfully assured
    Amen & Amen!!!

  3. I have a better idea. Put the Bible back into our schools, and Courts. It is NOT a religion, yet alone an ilIegal onein 196,2, many in America had a fear of God. You have a Fear of God. It then would not matterif Abortion was legal. YThat fear of God. Kept people from Getting high, It kept more people married. It kept more people out of Prison. . and we also were then the Greatest, and Richest nation in the world. Now, we are Godless, divvided, and ready for destruction

    • dennis hagelin says:

      A double amen to that. Note that the crime has increased in U.S. since the Bible was taken out……………….

  4. Sher says:

    Nancy you have a lot of nerve, your district in California is disgusting, Maxine Waters is filthy so you need to take those grants you get yearly and spend it on cleaning and fixing up your districts instead of pocketing it. Its unbelievable how you stick up for each other and you all are nothing but SLUM LANDLORDS!!!!! You will get yours sooner than you think and i will sit back and watch all of you go to Prison for TREASON or the Death Penalty

  5. Lfty64 says:

    One thing is sure, Baltimore’s problem is not Trumps doing. So whose fault is it?

    • 2004done says:

      If you’re expecting Dimocrats to answer, you HAVE to use multiple choices, and they must all be wrong:
      A: Nancy says racists, except cummings.
      B: Cortez says racists, except cummings.
      C: Chucky says racists, except cummings.
      D, ALL the above AND DNC say racists, except cummings.

    • Bob says:

      Baltimore has received 17.8 billion over a 2 year period. There are 620,000 people living in W. Baltimore and they could have received for each person living there including all men, women and children could have received a check for $34,000. Do you think it would help a family of 4 getting a total of $135,000. Where did the money go, we need better accounting if we keep giving democrat cities money from the tax payers.

  6. Harry Katz says:

    Pelosi was born in Baltimore. Baltimore is an American crap hole infested with crim,poverty, rodents and greedy irresponsible politicians. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a damn about Baltimore. Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco in Congress. San Francisco is another American crap hole city. The Streets of San Francisco used to be a good show on TV. Now you cannot walk on the streets without tap dancing around piles of human feces, yellow puddles and used syringes. Once again, Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a crap about San Francisco either. She’d rather tour the world on some BS mission with an entourage and dine’dwell in 5 star restaurants and hotels.when she should be back home helping her constituents. Unfortunately, she refuses to even recognize that the problems exist and is concentrating on her hate of President Trump. Sorry Nancy Pelosi but point out that a Congressman has done a lousy job for a long time is not racist. Ms. Pelosi, the racist is you for thinking that the color of Cummings’ skin gives him an excuse for doing a piss poor job for his constituents. By the way Nancy, you haven’t done any better. Even the people of Baltimore said that he had done a bad job and are dissatisfied with him. Are they then racists also? By the way Nancy, what did happen with those $18,000,000,00? It sure did not go towards helping the City of Baltimore.

    • Michael says:

      Comrade Pelosi is unfit for office, or much of anything else. She is a shameless parasite on American society, a threat to border security and national security, and is conducting a relentless attack on the American president.

  7. Vasu Murti says:

    From asking the increasing number of Democrats calling for impeachment inquiry to proceed with caution rather than rush to judgment, to standing up to “the squad,” Nancy Pelosi is beginning to look like a moderate, rather than a “San Francisco liberal”!

    Instead of demonizing Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, if pro-lifers *really* want to end abortion, it’s going to have to be bipartisan. I told Jim Frey of Berkeley Pro-Life that we (Democrats) never see pro-lifers venture beyond their own base. Rather than reach across the aisle to Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc., and try to bring them on board with protecting unborn children, they just play to the same old Ronald Reagan / Oliver North crowd.

    If pro-lifers *really* want to end abortion, opposition to abortion must come from across the political spectrum. Pro-lifers are going to have to venture beyond their own base and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals etc. to distinguish abortion from arguably victimless crimes like marijuana; to argue on secular grounds that the unborn are persons (secular arguments are religion-neutral, and thus applicable to everyone, including atheists and agnostics) and convince Democrats, feminists, liberals, etc. to see the killing of the unborn on par with domestic violence, hate crimes against LGBTs, etc.; and make the case to Americans that it’s possible to protect prenatal life without taking to draconian measures violating a new mother’s privacy and civil liberties in this regard.

    Robert Casey, the former Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, said he believed a pro-life liberal Democrat would easily be elected president: conservatives would vote for a pro-lifer, and liberals would vote for a Democrat articulating opposition to abortion as a secular and nonsectarian civil rights issue. In 1994, even archconservative Pat Buchanan had kind words for Robert Casey! If pro-life Democrats had greater visibility in past decades, perhaps Carol Crossed would have been the first female speaker of the House.

    After the 2016 election losses, Nancy Pelosi admitted that the Democratic Party’s support of abortion has not been a winning issue. Pelosi spoke to the Washington Post about whether her party should support pro-life candidates or require that candidates support easy access to taxpayer-funded abortions through all nine months of pregnancy.

    Struggling after heavy election losses in 2016, many in the Democratic Party are debating whether to support pro-life candidates, especially in rural areas where voters tend to be pro-life. Some, like Pelosi, appear to be recognizing that the party’s support of abortion-on-demand-up-to-birth is losing them voters.

    Unfortunately, rather than seeing the abortion issue as a real loser for Democrats, especially in red states (crucial with winning the Electoral College!), Pelosi blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on pro-life voters themselves! Hillary Clinton supported the unpopular platform of forcing taxpayers to directly fund abortions, and she promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who would uphold Roe v. Wade and abortion on demand up until birth, if elected.

    Pelosi told the Washington Post : “You know what? That’s why Donald Trump is president of the United States—the evangelicals and the Catholics, anti-marriage equality, anti-choice. That’s how he got to be president. Everything was trumped, literally and figuratively by that.”

    Pelosi, who supports abortion but describes herself as a Catholic, said many in her Catholic family are pro-life. She also mentioned U.S. Sen. Bob Casey from Pennsylvania, a Democrat with a mixed record on abortion.

    “You think I’m kicking them out of the Democratic Party?” Pelosi said.

    Jay Ware, a black Democrat in Illinois, said on the Democrats For Life email list as early as 2004 that it should be automatic: just as the Republican Party supports pro-choice candidates like Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger in blue states like New York and California where pro-lifers can’t win and even has Republican president George W. Bush campaign for them, Jay Ware said the Democratic Party should similarly support pro-life Democrats in red states where pro-choicers can’t win, and have Democratic presidents campaign for pro-life Democrats, etc.

    “The moral test of government is how it treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.”

    –Hubert H. Humphrey

    Fifty-nine percent of Democrats favored a ban on partial-birth abortion. (Gallup Poll, November 1, 2000)

    Eighty-nine percent of Americans favored informed consent for women seeking abortions. (Gallup Poll, 2002)

    Sixty-seven percent of Democrats would outlaw some or all abortions. (Gallup Poll, May 5-7, 2003)

    Forty-three percent of Democrats agreed with the statement that abortion”destroys a human life and is manslaughter.” (Zogby Poll, December 2004)

    Seventy percent of high school senior females say they would not consider abortion if they became pregnant while in high school. (Hamilton College/Zogby Poll, January 2008)

    Seventy-seven percent of Americans believe abortion should have stricter limitations. (CBS News Poll, January 2008)

    Twenty-nine percent of Democratic Convention delegates disagreed with the statement, “Abortion should be generally available to those who want it rather than under stricter limits or not permitted.” However, 52 percent of Democratic voters as a whole disagreed. This large discrepancy between party leadership and membership indicates a serious problem that Democrats For Life of America wants to rectify.

    During the 2008 campaign, Reverend Jim Wallis (of Sojourners) advised Barack Obama to support a plank in the Democratic Party Platform that would aim to reduce abortions by focusing on supporting low income women and making adoption easier. (This is the 95-10 Initiative, advanced by pro-life Democrats in Congress.) Reverend Tony Campolo served on the Platform Committee and has issued a strong statement in support of a pro-life position.

    A “conscience clause” which appeared in the 2000 Democratic Platform (but not in 2004) acknowledges that there are pro-life people in our Party and we respect their views. It reads as follows:

    “We respect the conscience of each American and recognize that members of our Party have deeply held and sometimes differing positions on issues of personal conscience, like abortion and the death penalty. We recognize the diversity of views as a source of strength and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on these and other issues.”

    Kristen Day of Democrats For Life said in 2014, “Roughly a third of the Democratic Party is pro-life. And while many do not call themselves liberal, they share the values which seem to identify with liberalism, particularly a commitment to helping the vulnerable and providing a social safety net.”

    The Democratic Party platform should support: Animal Rights, Defending the Affordable Care Act, Ending Citizens United, Ending Marijuana Prohibition, Giving Greater Visibility to Pro-Life Democrats, Gun Control, Net Neutrality, Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour, Responding to the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming, and a Sustainable Energy Policy.

    Democrats for Life of America, 10521 Judicial Drive, #200, Fairfax, VA 22030, (703) 424-6663

  8. james barry says:

    Tenants allege Trump’s son-in-law is a Baltimore “slumlord,” and that’s not even the worst of it
    Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law, sues his Baltimore tenants for thousands of dollars in bogus debts, on which he also gets judgments allowing him to

    • Former dem says:

      Jared kushner is not running for President.
      Jared is not getting billions in taxpayers money to improve blighted neighborhoods
      And the Trump arrested in 1976 was Donald’s dad. Sit down shut up and learn

    • 2004done says:

      Truly fascinating link, there, barry. Nothing to do with your allegations 8/1/19 @ 02:24

  9. Paul says:

    Does anybody know how all of the federal money which is given to these big cities like Baltimore is spent?

  10. Ron says:

    I had a cousin on the Baltimore Police Dept in the 90s who was shot while in a McDonalds at lunch. He died years later as an alcoholic and what would now be known as PTSD. Parts of it were beautiful back then, but still lots of shootings. Mr. Cummings should take his weekends and some of his millions and help clean up the neglect from years of ignoring the fact that neighborhoods were not a great place to be. People would help clean it up if they had an incentive to keep it that way.

    • Will says:

      Well 16 billion dollars should have been some what of an incentive , don`t ya think ??? What the hell happened to that money and that was just for last year , what did they give them the year before that ???? and the year before that ,ETC. Talk about needing an investigation . this sure does !!!!

  11. P J Bussard says:

    Being a former resident of the district, back in the 50’s thru 70’s is was nice to live in, but as the city elected officials like Cummings it went to hell in a hand basket. I go down there in my job and I see garbage on the street and other things, but there are some areas where they are trying to make better but get no help from Cummings and others. You saw that 2 of the last 3 mayors were in trouble for scandals taking gift cards and so forth. All the while Mr. Cummings says he lives in his district, yes in the huge houses of over $300,000 in value up in the prosperous Ten Hills area. Sheila Dixon was caught taking gift cards, she gets fired but is allowed to get her $84,000 per year pension. Mean while the people of the city still suffer. What a joke

    • travis says:


  12. Bill E. Bob says:

    There go the dimotwits, blaming others, pointing fingers away from them selves and bleating the obligatory “racist”.

    So progressive!

    • Ric B says:

      If Trump walks like a racist, talks like a racist, sides with racists, you know, he just might BE a racist!

      • Sarah says:

        Ric B, you are the racist here! You think that President Trump is racist because you can’t or won’t see the truth! Get you head out of your ass and actually pay attention.

        • Pat says:

          Thanks Sarah. I agree with you.

        • Scott27 says:

          I pay attention…. and the truth is, white supremist groups and the KKK love your man… think he’s their savior. Just sayin’

          • Sarah says:

            That’s complete rubbish Scott27.

          • Rogelio says:

            Even you, with your NEGATIVE IQ should be able to make a wise determination, but being infected by TDS renders you absolutely WORTHLESS, eh ?

          • The Real M says:


            #WalkAway to the Republican party, we need new “good” Republicans, no RINO please! We are voting them out as fast as possible!

      • RedTrumpet says:

        Let’s have some facts to back up your statement. If you are going to accuse someone of being “racist” better be prepared to back up your statement with facts. If you can not, “racist” has no meaning.

      • Bob says:

        RB……have you ever given any thought as to why black employment and Spanish employment is at all time highs? Ever wonder why unemployment is at a all time low? Ever wonder why our manufacturing jobs left this country after obama was elected, but came ‘flying’ back when Donald Trump was elected? If Donald Trump was so racist, like you seem to believe, I doubt he would have created so many avenues for black and spanish success!! Keep drinking the koolaid, Ric B

        • Scott27 says:

          Bob…. they came “flying” back….. hahahaha… speaking of kool-aid. But seriously, I’ll give you that employment numbers are good. It’s just too stinking bad we had to sell our soul as a nation for it, and to enrich the wealthiest among us. But then when you can cite job numbers, who cares about ethics, integrity, the law, etc., right?

          • Scott27 says:

            Not to mention, Bob and RedT, he was once convicted of housing violations when he wouldn’t rent his properties in new york to people of color… a fraud, sort of like Trump University… what a stable genius, eh?

          • Linda M. says:

            Scott27;Sell your soul? You don’t have one ! And as far as ethics, integrity and the law, please don’t look to your party for those qualities….

          • Jim Tierney says:

            Scott27, although your comment is certainly laughable it is also extremely sad. How in this world can a supporter of the party of death and the alphabet people even mention ethics and integrity? Where do morals, and standards for ethics and integrity come from? If you answered Obama, which you probably did, that is an incorrect answer. Let me give you a hint, ” The beginning of wisdom is the fear(reverence) of God.

          • The Real M says:

            Linda M. Trolls have no souls, like Scott27 the troll, or anything else good or of any value to anyone.

          • The Real M says:

            Scott27, What a lying load of bull crap YOU are! Nobody pays any attention as you have absolutely no credibility and pose little danger to anybody, creep!
            No proof of your words = no credibility!

      • Jan says:

        You have no proof that President Trump is a racist. During his short time in the White House he has done more for white, black, and brown people than any president in our lifetime, and I’m in my eighties. Where did you hear or learn that he was a racist….did you hear it on CNN or MSNBC? The media and the deep state are in cahoots together. They are all jealous of President Trump…and WHY? Because he has done good things that none of those who came before him did or knew how to do!!!

        • The Real M says:

          Jan, Pay no attention, Ric B is a stooge and a lying troll. They have nothing so they try to turn people against and hurt President Trump by playing the race card again and again………the Dems are the worst racists on the face of the planet accusing us of being racists, HA! They are a jpathetic joke!

    • vistacharlie says:

      Nancy complaining? She represent San Francisco but lives on Zinfadel lane in St. Helena, CA about 50 miles away from her district on a wine plantation. while she is living in luxury her district has doo-doo being crapped on the streets due to homeless. i just see another baltimore being propped up by history of past american development. It may be that not all american cities run by democrats are in trouble but a majority of those contemplating bankruptcy are run by democrats.

      • Scott27 says:

        Yet, historically, as a matter of fact, deficits have been in better shape under democratic administrations than republican. And, conservatives used to push themselves as deficit hawks, but we have seen them soar under this administration and no one seems to care. But what would you expect from a guy who claims to “love debt” and has filed bankruptcy six times.

        • Severa Hill says:

          You Scott 27 look backwards instead of forward period. Not so that that deficits have been in better shape under democratic administrations cause you are not telling the truth look what Obama left us with !!!! Conservatives are not deficit hawks. This guy whom you are lying about and talking about I now a multi-billionaire. You are of closed mind when you speak of conservatives.

  13. Sally Peters says:

    I have been saying this for years…….if you continue to elect the same people over and over you can expect more graft, more complacency, less help in certain poor areas because they do not care. People will continue to go to the polls and pull the same lever or fill in the same party on their voting register straight down the line thinking there will be a difference. When will it change? As soon as voters get educated that on ly one party is not the answer. God help them all.. I am a former Democrat. now Independent.

    • travis says:

      Yes they become so confortable that they can not lose an election they stop doing what they are suppose do for there district and turn into crooks when they see all that free money allocated to them

  14. Ben says:

    It is time we all faced the facts that the values of Republicans are identical to the values of the founding fathers of the United States of America. The values of Liberals, Democrats, and Leftists are different. We can no longer function as a single country and it’s time for a division. Let us find a way to peacefully and justly separate so that we can both pursue our goals as the different people we are.

    • Tony says:

      Are you talking a civil war and/or splitting the USA ? How are you going to do that, since the red areas are most likely rural, and the cities, urban areas, are more likely Democratic? IF your values were identical to the founding fathers – – you would be standing against a president who disrespects the balance of power in the three branches, and who has evidence presented that he violated at least 5 or 6 cases of his obstructions of justice.

      • Sheron says:

        You have rocks in your brain. You don’t read the real synopsis of any story. You listen to Demonrats talk. They lie like a rug. Trump 2020

  15. Phyllis Stumacher says:

    His is attacking the Racists and do-nothings in the Democrat party- both Black and White.
    Democrat policies have destroyed our cities. I live in N.Y. where 2 Republican Mayors cleaned up the city and made it great, then an idiot Democrat has destroyed what they accomplished.
    What he is saying is not racism-it is the truth.

  16. Gary Buelow says:

    ITS TIME We the people start investigating these CROOKED CORRUPT SCUM like cummings and his CORRUPT wife. They have been STEALING from the people of their District for Years. and Trump has had enough of the LIBERAL LOWLIFES.

  17. Susie says:

    The residents have probably always voted for Democrats because they do not know what else to do. I do think Cummings and his wife have taken exceptionally immoral advantage of the residents.

    • Laura says:

      Yes, they should vote for Republicans who pass almost all the tax breaks onto the richest 1%, and meanwhile don’t do ENOUGH to help cities like Baltimore, Chicago and many of the cities along the rust belt. Why is it one of the RICHEST CORPORATIONS IN THE WORLD, AMAZON, PAID NO CORPORATE INCOME TAX LAST YEAR AND WHY DID TRUMP PAY NO INCOME TAXES FOR 8 OF THE 10 YEARS WHERE WE HAVE HIS RECORDS?!?

      • Sheron says:

        Let’s give more money to corrupt cities like Baltimore and Chicago. That makes a lot of sense. Your brains r in your but ox.

      • Dennis says:

        If you have his tax returns then you know why he didn’t pay taxes. As far as no help to cities, what 15.7 Billion? If that isn’t help then what is it to you?

  18. Keren says:

    So it’s racist when a white president highlights the suffering of Blacks in America to make a change, and NOT racist when a Black politician tries to sweep the suffering of inner city blacks under the rug??? WHERE IS THE MONEY MR CUMMINGS??? Why is your wife siphoning money that was never hers??? The real criminal and racist is a man that oppresses his own people and then cries when he’s called out!! Same for Ms Pelosi, She is hiding the graft and crime of stealing from taxpayers while her own city falls into the abyss…

    • Lola says:

      when you get to wives siphoning off money, you might wish to mention Mrs. McConnell, who has an employee under her as head of dept. of Transportation to siphon off money for Mitch McConnell’s district, shorting all the other more important road projects elsewhere. WHERE IS THE MONEY, MITCH McCONNELL?!?

  19. Taylor made says:

    Trump’s attacks on Cummings, Baltimore, the four freshman women of color, on our most loyal allies of Eurpe etc., shows one main reason that TRUMP HAS FAILED MISERABLY AS PRESIDENT. He is continually insulting, attacking, demeaning people, our own cities rather than uniting us, uplifting us and letting criticism of him or his policies roll off his back like water off a duck’s back. Sure Baltimore has its problems, but anyone within minutes can say similar things about many of the red states of the south. You do not build a more UNITED country by continually bad-mouthing people and then spending your positive assessments heaping all the praise upon yourself. Trump has created this disaster in our world standing where most of what used to be our allies don’t trust the USA under Trump.

    • Gregory says:

      Good job Trump

    • LuisD says:

      Taylor made, I am going to make this very simple so that you can understand it. YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!

      • Ann says:

        well I am not an idiot. I saw the shape your city is in and it is as bad as some of the slums in California. So please do not call Gregory an Idiot.Take a good look around you where is the money????

    • Bill E. Bob says:

      Be honest! The divisiveness didn’t start till Obrokeback “fundamentally transformed” America.
      Marx-ine Waters, the out of work slobs in Hollywood, antifa, cnn, MSNBC are all helping to dismantle the greatest country on earth. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Mr. Soetoro!

      • Lola says:

        Boy, Bill E. Bob, are you ignorant of history! The divisiveness was with us since the founding of America, it is just that George Washington and most other American presidents saw it as their jobs to uplift and unite rather than Trump’s continual picking fights and tweeting and saying all his nasty remarks. Excuses, Billy Bob!

    • will says:

      yeah they were our allies as long as we give them everything they wanted , with nothing in return . That kind of allies are not much to rely on .

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Dear Taylor, if there’s anything your party of death and the alphabet people can’t stand it’s the TRUTH. I’ll give you that President Trump is not as presidentially eloquent as some of his predecessors. However, this man is honest, does what he says he’ll do, and puts this country and its patriots above all else. Personally I believe he was called by God and is being used by God in his position. I’m confident that you don’t share that belief, but then again you probably don’t believe in God either. I shudder to think what this country would be like if the NWO party of death and the alphabet people would have won the 2016 election. You will soon see, and you’re going to hate this, the TRUTH about how Clinton and Obama weaponized our own government to try to bring President Trump down.

  20. mrp says:

    Cummings’ only accomplishment after decades in congress representing Baltimore was self enrichment, not to mention the scandal concerning his wife where she profited billions from her “charities,” and that was swept under the rug. Cummings received billions to fix Baltimore and it only got worse. Where’s the money? He should be ashamed of himself and should be held accountable.

    • Ric B says:

      You failed to mention that Cummings was a civil rights hero that was clubbed and risked it all on several occasions, while our president faked his “bone spurs” way to make sure he would never leave his indulgent lifestyle. No person who did what Trump did in athletics at the time, and later on other activities and have serious “bone spurs.”

      Also, as a tax-payer, I resent the $102 million we have had to pay so that Trump can play golf when he promised while running he would not do that but be working in Washington all the time. What a BSer!

      • Mike Hunt says:

        Do you tykes ever say anything not vomited out by the MSM?? Please try to do some thinking on your own.

      • TONY says:

        Wow ! I cant believe you went there!
        You must be referring to Joe Biden ! His bio reads he was A star athlete in High school & Collage !
        He claimed he had asma when Draft Rolled around.
        What about Bill Clinton/ hes a draft Dodger also!

      • Jim Tierney says:

        Ric, just curious as to where got, or how you arrived at 102 million figure?

        • Ric B says:

          Congressional Budget Office, Jim. It was reported in many places, even Fox News.

          • Jim Tierney says:

            Ok now I’m a little confused, was the said 102 million spent on green fees or where was it supposed to go? I evidently missed it on Fox News, and I do watch it quite a bit.

      • Susan Glancy says:

        Tic…your ignorance knows no bounds. It was not Cummings who was SUPPOSEDLY clubbed, but John Lewis …another racist gem. And where do you get this 102 million so Trump can play golf.?…He owns golf courses in Florida and New Jersey, so obviously he can play there whenever he wants. You must be thinking of Obama……playing golf more than any sitting president ever. If your going to join the grown ups and make comments be sure you have your facts straight. Otherwise you come off looking like an ignorant fool.

        • Jim Tierney says:

          Dear Susan, you’re absolutely correct. Truth to the party of death and the alphabet people is like sun light to a vampire!!

  21. Richard Daugherty says:

    Cummings and Rockymoore should be in prison! Bill Barr?? So should Piglosei!!

  22. Richard Daugherty says:

    Cummings and Rockymoore should be in prison! Bill Barr??

  23. Nancy Broda says:

    I lived in Baltimore City, and got out as soon as I could. When I was younger the city was beautiful, clean, and a great place to live. Now, you are either running from the rodents or ducking the bullets. It is absolutely unbelievable that this is an excepted living condition. And the elected officials don’t care. Now that the President has brought it to the country’s attention they are all in an uproar. Shame on them (the politicians in Baltimore City) for letting it happen!

  24. Michele Faddis says:

    The print is very difficult to read
    Bid this doesn’t change I will he unsubscribing

  25. Daniel E Bringman says:

    You want to clean up that city? I got a great idea….get rid of those racist Dems…in Congress!!!….????

  26. Linda M. says:

    First of all Nancy Pelosi has A LOT more to apologize to President Trump for than what this story about.ANYBODY that has been to Baltimore can clearly see how horrible the conditions are for the residents that live there. By President Trump pointing out these conditions IS NOT him being a racists.Now, if the president said that it’s only blacks living there so they deserve it. That’s being a racists! Cummings is not only a racists, but he is also black slave master that cares nothing for these people. All he cares about lining his pockets with the money that is supposed to go to the city. How he stayed in office so long is beyond me. I think every Liberal that keeps blaming Trump for everything , should stay there for at least or 1 week, without a fleet of security guards to protect them.And stay in the home, not a fancy hotel . Let them get the full affect. Perhaps starting with Michele Obama.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      Linda, so right you are. Obama’s, Sharpton, Cummings, Clinton’s, I could go on and on but for brevity’s sake I won’t. Let it suffice to say that they are all cut from the same cloth!!

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Hi there dear Linda
      I for 1 won’t hold my breath waiting for sloppy choppers piss-lousy to apologize

      • Linda M. says:

        Colleen La Rose; I thought you were mad at me for something. I left you several posts. But glad to see you’re not! RFT has been buttering you up some. Wonder what his game is now? I’m a little tired to try and figure him out . We will see how it all plays out..
        No. Nancy will never apologize for anything she’s said or done against Trump. I bet they are very busy E maiing tweeting and whatever else plotting their next evil move when they get back … Talk to you soon my friend!!

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          My dearest Linda
          Mad at YOU???
          Hell no!! I adore you my dear friend. I apologize for neglecting to respond to your posts… know me & RFT are in our honeymoon stage….LMAO!!!! Yesterday was a bit of a tough day for me, sometimes my legs give me such pain I can’t stand it. But thank GOD their not so bad today. I hope you are well dear, & do know your always in my prayers!

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: Sorry to hear about your legs! Do you know what exactly the problem is? Not to make light of your problem, I want to make you smile, so please take what I say as such: Have you been down to Baltimore” dancing” so the rats don’t bite your ankles too?? I LOVED Mark’s comment BTW!!!
            You know you are in my prayers as well.Done with the chemo.and my hair hasn’t fallen out!! So this is a good thing..
            You’re in your honeymoon stage?? I thought I was supposed to be your maid of honor?? LOL..
            Got to lay down for awhile. Talk to you soon, my dear friend….

      • Linda M. says:

        Colleen La Rose: Have you noticed who’s back posting again? Scott27!! Looks like his special education classes has really paid off ,because he’s actually typing complete sentences now!! What he’s saying is wrong, but what the heck, right?

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Yeppers, I see wee little scotty is back. I guess his mommie let him back in the basement to play on the comp. He was probably throwing a temper tantrum, so his mommie decided to shut him up, & let him play his silly games on the comp.

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose; I meant to tell you, that ” Joseph Strychasz” that complimented you on the Michelle Obama story, you do know who that is don’t you? Good ole RFT. I don’t know how he keeps track of all these names he posts under. But I suppose it doesn’t make a difference to him.It’s all drivel. But I think he “tries” to give himself credibility by switching back and forth. You Don’t have to respond. I just wanted to know…. Hope your legs are better today… Talk to you soon my friend!

  27. Dan Gibson says:

    Hey NANCE, will you NEVER learn that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES works while you are doing happy hour and/or asleep, and WILL ALWAYS be AT LEAST 1 STEP AHEAD OF YOU, girl ?????

    It’s late in the day for you, but why not Get with The Program… try this: M A G A , W O M A N !!

  28. Mona says:

    I noticed that the person that was showing how much garbage was in a building had dark skin. I guess Pelosi doesn’t care that he doesn’t like the mess. She should apologize to all of us, especially people in these big cites that have to live in a rat infested place, and resign.

    • The Real M says:

      Mona, I love it because the Baltimore residents are speaking out and showing photos of the living environment in their city. They are not letting the Dems keep this problem in the dark under a mushroom! Dems caused this problem, they own it, they get big bucks from the government to help maintain and it should have been “fixed” many years ago! Dems, make life better for Baltimore residents!
      They are many others cities that should be put on notice for this very thing! People should be able to live in dignity!

      • glock19fan says:

        I like the mushroom reference; the people in Baltimore must be mushrooms; the Dem rulers keep them in the dark and feed them Bullsh*t.

        • The Real M says:

          glock19fan, 🙂 You picked up on my mushroom statement. I wondered if anybody had ever heard that old saying, other than me.

      • Barbara says:

        Super….the people of Baltimore can clean up the Democrats mess by calling them om it and putting a stop to their $$$ selfish actions. Find out what this so called leader has in his bank account over the years and just where it went. Follow the money.

      • Sharon says:

        People are not able to live in dignity with almost have the wealth in this country every year going to the richest 1%, meanwhile we have some of the lowest wages in the western industrialized world. Right now, the Republican Senate is stalling an attempt to raise minimum wage. One of the main ways America has been betrayed is by our corporations, like the pharmaceutical corporations that charge us the highest drug costs in the WORLD!

  29. T. Bell says:

    It would be better if Elijah Cummings would just die !

  30. Gregory Sullivan says:

    You must never criticise black politicians even if your allegations are true as you will be called a racist for doing so even if you are not one according to the Democratic party.

    • The Real M says:

      Gregory Sullivan, SAD BUT TRUE! But, that won’t stop us from criticizing wherever we see the need regardless of whether they are black, brown, white or somewhere in between. I just end my tirade with and NO, I am not a racist! I really don’t care what Dems and liberals think about me, I know the truth and I speak it! So the Dems can just BRING IT!
      I am sure false accusations of your being a racist don’t hold you and others back either!

  31. Rahn Lawson says:

    I want to know where the billions of dollars went that were given to Baltimore. Who are the crooks that stole the money and I want to see them put in prison. This is the reason the Democrats are screaming about President Trump, they don’t want their crime spree discovered, and they are afraid of being held accountable.

    • DSC says:

      EXACTLY! How anyone could let this happen is beyond me. It might help with the fleas and rats if these people would have a community clean up day. They can pick up garbage can’t they…just saying.

      • Pat says:

        Those people should be getting trash pickup once a week just like any other neighborhood in Baltimore. Why should they have to pick up the trash the city should have removed?

      • The Real M says:

        DSC, I wonder how many times the residents have picked up, gathered up, put garbage on the curb that wasn’t hauled away by the city? When this is done, animals and vermin will drag it out of cans and piled up garbage and you won’t know anybody ever did anything. Also, when the people’s needs have been ignored by the city for eons, they become discouraged, give in and give up!
        I am blessed to live in a place of about 45,000 residents and we have never had anything like this to have to endure. I would be long gone from Baltimore! Unfortunately, most people cannot leave because of jobs and/or family. My heart goes out to people living in misery, filth and disease through no fault of their own!

        • merryinfidel says:

          Through no fault of their own??? They are the ones who ELECTED the Democrats that are running their city into the ground!

          • Dr. J. D. says:

            “merry”infidel, you are so uninformed. Cities have many problems because the jobs are fewer in rural areas. Even our hardworking farmers are losing their farms because they don’t make enough to survive. So, they end up in cities looking for work, doing all they can . . . . I agree that there are people living in misery, filth and disease through no fault of their own. And say even if you worked full-time your whole life, meeting bills, being responsible . . . it would take only ONE severe car wreck with an uninsured driver who was at fault, and you could lose everything you own. Even people who have worked, saved, paid off their houses, are only one serious injury or disease (i.e. cancer) away from bankruptcy.

          • The Real M says:

            JD, I see you are still at it with your load of bull crap and trying to make people believe you are oh so intelligence and know everything about everything! You are the “stuff” that nausea is made from. Your crap is nothing that every living being, liberal or conservative, is not aware of that is, the “parts” of what you write that are true which, in some comments IS NONE AT ALL!
            TRUMP 2020!

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