Nancy Pelosi was floored with what she witnessed when she went to church

The Left has been more antagonistic to religion in recent years.

Democrats who claim to be religious attempt to strike a balance between faith and politics.

But Nancy Pelosi was floored with what she witnessed when she went to church.

Nancy Pelosi went to St. Patrick’s Catholic American parish in Rome, but she departed quickly after being heckled by parishioners, according to reports.

Joe Biden and the Democrats appear to be unpopular wherever they go.

The secularization of society has been a top priority on the Left, and Democrats who pretend to be religious have let it all happen.

For Democrats, politics has taken precedence over faith.

Former DNC chief Tom Perez, for example, stated that pro-life advocates had no place in the Democrat Party.

Following Joe Biden’s inauguration, The New York Times published a ludicrous article proclaiming Biden to be the most devout President in half a century.

Christians pounced on the ridiculous remark right away.

Because of his views on abortion, Biden has been denied communion on several occasions.

Pelosi is as far to the left on abortion as her party’s hardline socialists.

She most recently referenced her faith in order to criticize Donald Trump for using the term “animals” to characterize rapists and murderers in the renowned street gang MS-13.

Pelosi posed a rhetorical question to Trump, asking if he believed in the “spark of divinity” of gang members.

Unborn children in the womb, however, receive no sympathy from Pelosi and the Democrats.

Pelosi’s ludicrous position was also called out by The Washington Post, which wrote:

“How evil is MS-13? Last year, two gang members in Texas reportedly murdered a teenage girl as an offering to Satan. According to prosecutors, the gang leader (known as ‘Diabolico’) told the young girl that ‘the Beast’ wanted ‘a soul’ before having his partner shoot her in the head and dump her body on a street corner . . . MS-13 is a demonic death cult. And President Trump has Nancy Pelosi defending its members’ humanity.”

It’s no surprise that Pelosi was unpopular among parishioners.

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