Nancy Pelosi now wants to throw this top Trump ally in jail

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are out of control.

With Donald Trump looking more likely to run for President in 2024, the Left is growing more desperate.

And Nancy Pelosi now wants to throw this top Trump ally in jail.

On Tuesday night, the House of Representatives voted 222-208 in favor of referring former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution on a charge of contempt of Congress.

Meadows refused to show up for a deposition before Nancy Pelosi’s kangaroo court January 6 Commission, citing Donald Trump’s claim of executive privilege.

The committee’s resolution referring Meadows for criminal prosecution attacked Meadows for defying their constitutionally suspect subpoena.

“Mr. Meadows’s failure to appear for deposition testimony in the face of this clear advisement and warning by the Chairman, and after being given a second chance to cooperate with the Select Committee, constitutes a willful failure to comply with the subpoena,” the Committee wrote.

The Committee then claimed Meadows could have appeared before the Committee to answer questions on non-privileged matters.

“Even if privileges were applicable to some aspects of Mr. Meadows’s testimony, he was required to appear before the Select Committee for his deposition, answer any questions concerning non-privileged information, and assert any such privilege on a question-by-question basis,” the Committee wrote in its resolution.

In the Russia investigation, the real crime committed by many of the Trump associates was the fact that Trump won the election in 2016.

The D.C. Swamp wanted to make it impossible for anyone else like Donald Trump to ever win a national election again by sending the message that anyone who supports them could end up in jail.

Likewise, the point of Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee is to smear Trump ahead of 2024 and destroy the lives of anyone who supported Trump in 2020 to dissuade them from working for Trump again.

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