Nancy Pelosi is out to destroy the U.S. economy one barrel of oil at a time

It didn’t take long for the Democrats to declare that all Russian-made products must be banned from the U.S.

The same Party that wants the southern border to be wide open so illegal aliens can just stroll in now says we must do everything in our power to keep Russia out.

And now Nancy Pelosi is out to destroy the U.S. economy one barrel of oil at a time.

According to House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the skyrocketing price of oil is directly related to the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Of course, Pelosi is ignoring the fact that gas prices were shooting through the roof months before Russian President Vladimir Putin began his deadly invasion of Ukraine.

But that’s what Democrats do best – ignore the facts.

During a press conference on Capitol Hill, Pelosi stated that she supports banning all Russian oil to the United States.

This comes on the heels of members of Congress demanding solutions to cut off the stream of revenue heading from the U.S. directly to Vladimir Putin.

Once again ignoring the facts, Pelosi forgets that her President, Joe Biden, shut down the one thing that could have truly helped – the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Instead, bipartisan members of Congress are pushing legislation to ban oil imports from Russia.

The GOP is especially pushing for more domestic oil and gas production in the wake of Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

“The United States of America, we are importing Russian energy,” Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee said “This needs to stop. We are funding Putin’s war machine.”

While Pelosi supports the Russian oil ban, she does not support reopening the Keystone XL Pipeline or expanding domestic drilling.

“I’m not for drilling on public lands,” Pelosi said.

Of course, it’s no surprise that she’s not for drilling.

Drilling would mean giving the American people back control, and the Democrats do not want the American people to have control – they want the control.

This has been the game plan since before Biden even stepped foot in the White House.

They’ve perfectly laid out a scenario to cripple the U.S. economy so they can come charging in as the savior and make the American people fully dependent on the government.

It’s the oldest play in the Communist handbook.

Unfortunately, not enough Americans understand that it’s only going to get worse from here unless the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden are stopped.

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