Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci are furious after what one representative exposed about masks

If one thing has been proven in recent months, it is that masks aren’t about safety…

They are about control.

And Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci are furious after what one representative exposed about masks.

Democrats bow down to Dr. Anthony Fauci, taking every word he says as Gospel.

Even when he contradicts himself, as he has done on countless occasions, they don’t question a word that comes out of his mouth.

They scream about “trusting the science.”

But what they really mean to say is, trust Dr. Fauci.

Because when any other scientist questions his words, they ignore them, or outright paint them as conspiracy theorists.

Republican Rep. Thomas Massie has multiple science degrees from MIT, and made a successful career in the field before ever running for Congress.

And after looking into the science himself, he called out Dr. Fauci and the rest of the Democrat Party, specifically naming Nancy Pelosi for their mask mandate in the House of Representatives.

After he was threatened with a $500 fine for refusing to wear a mask on the House Floor, he pointed out that the rule has nothing to do with science.

“We’ve had enough.” Massie posted on Twitter. “We are refusing to wear our masks on the floor during this vote in spite of Pelosi’s threat to take $500 from each of us.”

“Her rule is not based on science. All you need to know is the mask rule has only ever applied to members when they can be seen on TV!” he added.

While few in the House, including Republicans are willing to stand with him, he has a few allies in this fight.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined him in resisting the mask mandate, posting a video of her shredding the letter threatening the $500 fine.

Around seven others joined Massie and Greene in refusing to wear masks on the House Floor.

According to a reporter, Rep. Massie infuriated a Democrat Rep. who confronted the maskless group, by shouting back, “I can’t hear you with your mask on.”

Pelosi’s rule requiring masks flies in the face of new CDC guidelines, which allow fully vaccinated people not to wear masks indoors.

And they have also admitted that maskless people who are unvaccinated provide no real risk to vaccinated people.

This is all political theater, and an excuse to punish her political enemies.

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