Multiple counties consider seceding from this state if the Governor has his way

Democrats in the Old Dominion are ready to shred the Constitution and pass some of the most radical socialist schemes in America.

But residents of the “Mother of the Presidents” Commonwealth are fighting back at every level.

And now multiple counties are even preparing to secede if the Governor has his way.

Last November was a dark day in the history of Virginia, the once proud “Mother of Presidents,” and home to the authors of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Democrats already controlled the Governor’s mansion with Democrat Ralph “Blackface” Northam, most famous for advocating for infanticide in an interview and for wearing either blackface or a KKK robe in his Med School Yearbook.

Then, in a shock to most, Democrats swept the state house and state senate in overwhelming fashion last November.

When the dust had settled, Democrats had put in power a radical left-wing mob of socialist leaning state delegates and senators ready to pass sweeping new restrictions on freedom.

First up on their agenda of terror, severe restrictions on gun ownership in a state where citizens are currently allowed to carry weapons openly in public.

And now, what started as a joke, has turned into a real effort.

According to the Washington Examiner West Virginia officials and lawmakers are working to pave the way for some rural Virginia counties to join the Mountain State.

It is a growing battle that in many ways is reminiscent of the Civil War-era split of Virginia that created West Virginia in 1863.

Already 40 of West Virginia’s 100 House delegates have signed on to a bill that would accept any revolting Virginia counties and towns to join West Virginia.

West Virginia House of Delegate member Gary Howell, a Republican said, “We’re starting to get some phone calls from friends on the border who say these folks want to leave.”

He told the Examiner that what many thought was a joke “has turned into a real thing.”

He also stated that Virginia elected officials from mainly rural counties on or near the West Virginia border have told him the Democrats’ push for radical gun control and the push to take tax payer money from rural counties and spend it in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, along with disgust at the Governor’s push to allow after birth “abortions” are reasons many want to leave for West Virginia.

Howell’s legislation, HCR 8 is an open invitation for any county or city who wishes to leave the Commonwealth to join with West Virginia.

With at least two county’s law enforcement agencies declaring they will not enforce the unconstitutional gun laws, this move to join with West Virginia may have more support than was once thought.

In fact, Frederick County still has an open invitation from the 1800’s to join with West Virginia and some members of the Frederick Board of Supervisors are already entertaining a vote to leave the Old Dominion.

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92 Responses

  1. Don says:

    sounds like that VA needs to round up these traitors of the Constitution and America and have an old fashion necktie party (aka HANGING) of the Traitors in their State congress. USMC

  2. Garland Campbell says:

    Folks, the Northam Administration has committed Treason, in the most minute and egregious infringement of the Second Amendment!!!!! Everyone should the charged, arrested and prosecuted.

  3. Vickie Ross says:

    Well I am a West Virginian & I welcome any of the counties that succeed from Virginia. If that doesn’t work move here. I am ok with it.

  4. Ja says:

    Brent plz do your self a favor and move on. You don’t show any facts on your opposition. They get it u hate guns. But did you know, it’s fact that people die from gunshots. But they don’t tell you that law enforcement rate a very high number of shootings whether justified or not. Get off the anarchy train and get under the load and turn things around for the betterment of life in its fullest for all people and plz could you reconsider the hate you’ve been taught by very bad people. Most all gun owners are actually pretty nice people no matter what color. Look at the latest rally at Virginia capital where be people were not rivals but actually just people like us here. I could say more but point made I believe. If you wanna hang out with chairman Moawy wowy your not gonna get anyone to really be able to hold credibility or even make very many friends. People reject Moaism by nature if you know what I mean. It’s just not worth the effort to reject people’s GOD given right whereby no man has the right to take those rights by any means since they are not God.What your doing is threatening people’s rights and liberties, which can be considered a crime punishable by high crimes.No wonder the populace are distraught. Think about a new argument. It’s hard to convince people who trust in those Liberties to take the side (your side) lawlessness.Americans believe it would be more appropriate to stand up for what’s right then bow to those who are wrong. I think you get my point. Don’t bother attacking people, it really makes you look childish. Peace !

  5. Braveryder says:

    The people of Virginia, right next to Washington, D.C., should take their state back by recalls and voting out the politicians who are dictating how the citizens should live. When the public rises up to denounce the actions of political leaders then change will happen. Citizens, be prepared with strong candidates who will represent you in a fair and balanced manner.

  6. Brent Chapman you are an uneducated fool. Do some research before spouting bull. Number 1 your a racist POS. #2 AR-15’s ??? You CLEARLY don’t know the statistics about gun crimes. Gun controlled zones and cities have the highest rate of gun crime and to say AR-15 is a JOKE… EDUCATE yourself with some facts before blabbering. There are many cities that demand every head of household posses a fire arm. Violent crime has dropped to virtually nothing. One city of 45K has not had ONE murder since 1982.. Almost 30years.. Care to explain how that can happen??? YOU are the one that brought color into this so educate yourself about that to. Who commits the most?? And against who?? OMG people to stupid to tie their own shoes pi$$ me off. Chicago one of the most gun controlled cities in America. Statistics?? 7-10 DEAD per week.. 30-40 injured per week. I wont even bother to tell you a color or what color is getting shot. Don’t research just sit on your a$$ in front of CNN, MSNBC they will tell you what they want you to know

  7. Ms. Munchkin says:

    Brent Chapman, you sir, are clueless! Responsible gun owners are NOT the ones shooting up schools, stores OR private citizens! We ARE the ones standing up for OUR RIGHT to defend ourselves against the CRIMINALS and PSYCHOS who ARE the ones shooting up school, stores and private citizens! It takes cops 10 to 25 minutes to respond. You would be dead before a cop got to you or your family if an intruder or criminal came after you with a gun! My family would likely survive, because we are RESPONSIBLE gun owners who have been properly TRAINED and are PREPARED to defend our family should a criminal or intruder came after us or ours! This is OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! NOBODY, not you, not Congress, NOBODY HAS THE POWER TO TAKE THAT RIGHT AWAY, IT IS A GOD GIVEN RIGHT, A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND WE WILL DEFEND IT UNTIL THE DAY WE DIE!

  8. Brent Chapman says:

    The “right to life” should take precedence over over someone’s right or desire to carry or own a gun. Does guarding so vehemently your second amendment help any of the thousands of innocent victims including children, mowed down by crazy white men with assault rifles? Nor is democracy served by those same old white men forming an armed, overwhelming phalanx at the gates of our capitol, in order to intimidate anyone in disagreement. What happened to reasonable compromise, or does everything regarding gun laws have to be precluded by the thought of guns guns and more guns as the only answer. Please show some grace to those of us who are scared to death of walking down the street , or taking our kids to the playground. And finally “liberty and justice for ALL” does not just include those feeling so put upon in rural Greyson and Frederick Counties. Guns continue to proliferate in our state, but those of us who live in urban areas of Virginia have NOT l looked to session.We are all Virginians.

  9. David in Dallas says:

    Secession from Virginia to join West Virginia is not a simple process. Both states have to approve the move–apparently West Virginia is OK with it, but I doubt that Virginia would give its approval. Even if it did, the whole US Congress also has to approve such a move, and that is also unlikely. A similar problem would exist if those Virginia counties decided to just leave Virginia and form a new state–“South Virginia”, for example. Both the existing state of Virginia and the US Congress would have to approve.

  10. will Shirkey says:

    session from Virginia and start taking steps to nullify all unconstitution bills

  11. Mac says:

    Terrorist is more like it

  12. David Hunter says:

    He needs to be tried for Treason!!!!

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