MSNBC just made a despicable attack against pro-Trump military veterans

MSNBC runs non-stop negative stories about President Trump.

They still don’t understand why so many Americans support Trump.

And this MSNBC reporter crossed a line when he called pro-Trump military veterans this smear.

Malcolm Nance is MSNBC’s terrorism analyst.

He went on Joy Reid’s show to disparage military veterans who support President Trump, calling them “not honorable.”

“These military people love him, alright? And I’m going to just come right out and say it — not honorable military veterans, because an honorable military veteran, if they had heard this story, would have said, ‘You know what, there’s a line. That line has now been crossed,’ but they have this cultish love of him where the love of Donald Trump exceeds the constitution and exceeds the love of the honor of everyone who has sacrificed and lost in this nation.”

According to a CNN exit poll, military veterans voted 60% in favor of Donald Trump compared to just 34% for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 elections.

As President, Trump is rolling back the disastrous foreign policy of Barack Obama and cleaning up the VA.

Do you agree with Nance’s claim that pro-Trump military veterans are “not honorable?”

Vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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73 Responses

  1. Terry says:

    Those who made or support this comment a out veterans have either not served or were probably dishonorably discharged. They should be ashamed of themselves and should renounce their citizenship and move to Iran or some other despicable place.

  2. Pam Dunn says:

    I bet that ignorant liberal JACKASS NEVER served even in the Brownie Scouts.

  3. Warren says:

    Anyone who Voted for Hillary is a Traitor to this Country that includes the Bush Family…!!! The News Agencies that promoted Hillary & the the Muslim Mutt Fraud should have their License to Publish Revoked…!!!

  4. James A. Malick says:

    The last true Journalist I trusted was Edward R. Murrow. 20 year Veteran, U.S. Army Pershing Missile System crewman and systems maintenance and Military Policeman.

  5. Cheryl Southerland says:

    I am a female veteran and I voted for President Trump. My father and various kinfolk fought in Korea. One of my mother’s uncles fought in the Spanish-American war. There are veterans in my family from all branches in the military and who fought in many wars. Would Nance like to speak with all of the surviving veterans and family members of those who have died? I dare him to do that. If he survived the encounter, he would never be the same.

  6. ROBERTW says:

    The only person not honorable is Nance. But then, all journalist are all un honorable.

  7. I’d like to point out to Mr. Nance, that all veterans no matter their sex, no matter their color, no matter their religion, whether they vote Republican, Independent or Democrat are all honorable. Because no matter what the party in power, veterans throughout the US all swore an oath to defend their country, and all believed their President to be their Commander In Chief. Political affiliation was not an option. Mr. Nance as a veteran I resent your insinuations, and will look forward to an apology by you to all veterans of all branches of the service.

  8. ronald fischer says:

    Welcome home to you also SFENGR i was in the 4th div. recon in 1968 and that M—-R F—-R liberal scumbag that made that remark should have been there to see what we went through.The SS Democrats and the Liberals were all draft dodgers in the 1960s and fled to CANADA from that state were all the Traitors of our country are and that would be California, i hope the people that are Republicans leave there before that state creaks wide open when that big earthquake sends them out to sea to Russia that is really were they should be.And make sure that Insane Mental case PEOLSI is in the state when it starts floating away for good.

  9. Herbert Chapman says:

    Nance is just throwing jabs at military Vets and Military personnel to make us mad. I look down at him for disliking the military and siding with the left. He is the one who is dishonorable!!!

  10. Larry Mac says:

    not worth an intelligent comment

  11. Larry Mac says:

    well bob, certainly appears u r blind….will pray you obtain vision

  12. jim says:

    God bless you and yours, always.

  13. jim says:

    MSNBC is 100% Commie and NWO propaganda BS station. Anybody you see with a “regular” show are quite possibly anti-USA, anti-Judeo Christian, and racists.
    Also apologists for Islam and ANY organization whose true goals are destroying OUR country.
    Scum attracts scum.
    I am veteran and these two scumbags REALLY need to be “planted”. AND all that agree with them.
    God bless USA and our veterans , always.

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