Mitt Romney made one prediction about the election that will have Trump seeing red

Mitt Romney’s always had it out for President Trump.

But now Romney is going even further than before.

And Mitt Romney made one prediction about the election that will have Trump seeing red.

Never-Trump RINO Mitt Romney spoke to NAACP President Derreck Johnson and radical left-wing journalist April Ryan and expressed his support for risky universal mail-in voting schemes and attacked America as a racist country.

Romney expressed his support for so-called “universal mail-in voting” claiming it was easy to verify votes.

“I, for one, believe that vote by mail is a more secure system because if we think there’s been voter fraud or machines have been tampered with, we can always go back to the paper copy, we can compare signatures, we can talk to the person to see if they actually voted, we can find out if they are dead or alive,” Romney stated. “All these things are available if we have a ballot with a name on it.”

This is false. New York is still counting votes over one month after the state conducted an all-mail in primary.

In a city council election in Patterson, New Jersey, nearly 20 percent of all mail-in ballots were disqualified.

Nationally over 65,000 ballots were thrown out in the primaries.

That doesn’t seem like a lot until one realizes Donald Trump only won the Presidency in 2016 by 78,000 votes across three states.

But Romney’s most disgusting comments were buying into the fake news and Democrat Party lies that Republicans target black neighborhoods for voter suppression.

“One thing that really concerns me is when I see videos on my TV that show that in certain places, there are lines a mile long and those tend to be places where minority communities are voting. And in other places there’s no line at all,” Romney ranted. “Something tells me that’s not right. I know that’s not right. And if state officials are putting up with that kind of discrimination and that type of voter suppression, there’s gotta be oversight of that.”

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