Mitt Romney just got one letter that will destroy his political career for good

Mitt Romney has been against President Trump since the start.

The only time he throws his support behind Trump is when he’s running for office.

And now that’s coming back to bite him after he got one letter that will destroy his political career for good.

It’s easy to act like you’re conservative when running for office, as Mitt Romney does time and time again.

But when the rubber hits the road, and massive corporations and lobbyists are knocking on the door, many will abandon their promises.

And now that he’s in the Senate, that’s exactly what Mitt Romney has done.

In recent days, he came out openly floating that he’d support a carbon tax bill, which oil and gas companies are getting behind more and more.

But just after coming out in support, 75 different conservative groups penned a letter to Congress opposing the measure.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

Seventy-five conservative groups signed a public letter to Congress opposing “any carbon tax” days after reports that Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney openly considered backing carbon tax bill.

“We oppose any carbon tax,” conservative groups, led by Americans for Tax Reform, wrote in their letter, which was published online Monday morning.

While the letter is not specifically aimed at Romney, it’s meant to warn Republicans that their conservative base is not in favor of taxing carbon dioxide emissions.

Only a few GOP lawmakers have backed carbon tax legislation, but there’s been a growing lobbying effort by some groups to get Republicans to back a carbon tax as a way to fight global warming.

Big corporations, including oil and gas companies, have increasingly embraced a carbon tax. Exact proposals vary, but supporters often push carbon taxes in exchange for tax cuts elsewhere, fewer regulations or a liability shield against climate change lawsuits.

There’s no telling what Romney will do now.

But these carbon tax measures are traditionally supported by the far-Left as a way to combat “climate change.”

Left-wing socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez back measures like these.

So the fact that Romney is now backing the measure is a bad sign about his future, and is sure to come back to bite him at re-election time.


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80 Responses

  1. snark says:

    To Andy, Romney. Gore. etc.

    snark June 14, 2019 at 10:48 pm
    Andy, I Read thru your ‘fragmentation’. Understood. —
    Different than MICRO Planet Earth. ie.
    (Pollution). & Must STOP.
    Planet EARTH LIFE.
    > Carbon MONOXIDE << Romney /Gore etc FIGHT the DIFFERENCE.
    (For WHAT Reason).

    • snark says:

      The Difference /Reason IS:
      > Lack of education. 101
      > Ignorance.
      > Stupidity.
      > Mis-Information.
      > Dis-Information.
      > Evile Agenda.
      ALL of the Above Indicate Different

  2. Colleen La Rose says:

    His political career? The only career this man has had is being a sponge soaking up tax payers dollars.

  3. Carl J Bujan says:

    The voters of Utah should be ashamed for voting RINO ROMNEY to office.

  4. snark says:

    Remember. Mr. President pulled
    USA OUT of “Paris Accord”
    (carbon tax).
    ‘Carbon Dioxide’ 101 for ‘dummies’ (in short)
    IS Required for Life on Planet Earth.
    Study Vostok ICE Cores ie Real ‘Climate Change’.
    Al Gore.

    • snark says:

      & (uneducated) Mitt Romney, re ‘Carbon’.

    • Andy says:

      Al gore the biggest hoax and hypocrit raking in millions and flying around personal jets ro hos several energy demanding mansions in his several limousines. Only another ignorant fool follows any of his garbage.

    • Gregory Sullivan says:

      Have you seen videos of the melting polar ice caps on the planet Mars? If I recall isn’t that planet uninhabited? I guess Mr. Gore and his followers believe that this planet’s “green house gases” are making their way to that planet is the cause of that phenomenon.

      • snark says:

        Take ‘ANOTHER’ review of Mars.
        Find IT.

      • snark says:

        Mr. Sullivan.
        Mars IN the Milky Way GALAXY of which
        SUN IS Center to Particular. PLANET EARTH
        NOT Affecting MARS. ( UNLESS the ULTRA-
        High TECH IS ‘affecting’ & Presenting
        ‘A Narrative’. <<<

        • snark says:

          SUNSPOT ‘Activity’ DOES NOT
          Indicate ‘a melting’ of Mars
          ‘polar ice caps’.
          Therefore , your info from whatever
          ‘source’ Does NOT Hold True.

  5. Alan Doud says:

    Though most of us feel that Climate Change / Global Warming or whatever they call it now is a is not a valid concern, we do want to improve air quality. Creating more taxes that just get passed on to the citizens will not achieve this and would just end up in more government irresponsible management. Encouraging private enterprise to initiate solutions is a better bet. Any organization that could come up with a way of burning off carbon or changing the molecular structure would certainly gain the favor of the people and then congress could pas a law that required such controls. A lot less of a burden on the tax payer and I am sure the installation of the same would be a lot cheaper than the miss management of funds done by the government would be. in order to deter from favoritism the open domain to such a discovery with a rider that the originator should receive due residuals would curtail any monopoly . I am sure that the legal ramifications on patent to such a multibillion dollar endeavor could be worked out.

    • snark says:

      Think ‘Chem trails’. & At Large.
      Do DD. In Additon to normal pollution.

      • snark says:

        Carbon Dioxide IS NOT the
        REAL ISSUE. ( & ‘THEY’
        Know It)___

        • Andy says:

          Might consider choice of glbal nuclear wsste world war iii with massive destruction and unprecedented deaths of war deprivation starvation disease rape murders tortues thru out thos world including active war in this country as fools invite thru ignorance cowardliness. the world of enemies sees our weakness stupidity. Factories resources steel mills technologies etc all upon enemh shores preparing positioning buiding up war machinary as we fools in America fight among ourseves and give all power might and ability to self destruct.

          • snark says:

            Andy, I Read thru your ‘fragmentation’. Understood. —
            MACRO UNIVERSAL GALAXY ‘Climate’ IS Totally
            Different than MICRO Planet Earth.
            (Pollution). & Must STOP.
            Planet EARTH LIFE.
            > Carbon MONOXIDE (pollution) =
            Destruction to Humans /Planet.

  6. h8aliar says:

    I can say nothing good about this person. thanks Utah.

  7. Eva says:

    Mitt Romney, is a disgusting man! He MUST NOT BE REELECTED!
    HE IS NOT A PATRIOT, HE IS A TURN COAT, and Yes Agreed, a Double Talking , Back Stabber, when suits his ambitions! Thank You!

  8. forrest says:


  9. Colleen La Rose says:

    This jack-ass is still liking his wounds (&the libs asses) because he lost to the worst president ever!

  10. Mama says:

    Yellow vests in France RIOTED for months
    over Carbon Tax.
    Romney Is a Total SNAKE.

    • Mama says:

      0il co’s (if given the opp) WILL
      Manipulate Any0ne for Carbon Tax,
      in Next Presidency. NOT INCLUDING
      Mr. Pres DJT 4 more yrs. AFTER ‘that’
      Good Luck? / Blessings to Patriot Defenders.
      good nite.

  11. Ernst says:

    The true Mitt Romney political identity is Governor of Massachusetts. Romney is a closet leftist who backed “Medicare for All.” or “Single Payer” healthcare many years ago. Utah should be embarrassed at sending this corrupt, dishonest, sleazy politician to Congress.

  12. DD says:

    Romney in congress is one big azz MISTAKE, hopefully Utah will dump the POS next round.

  13. Ann says:

    Embarrassed to say I supported Romney when he was running for President. Since then he has disappointed me so many times, and I am sorry he won in Utah.
    I really thought he was a good guy, but don’t anymore. He thinks by backstabbing Trump he will get anywhere he’s crazy.

  14. SYLVIA J BATIE says:

    Been watching what all has been going on. Just a question about Senator Mitt Romney ( IF IN 2012 He would of defeated Pres. Obama- there is no way in this Swamp- (ROMNEY would of out lasted the machine). Done chewed him up and spit him out for Cayote bait. That is a fact. I do not think he ever thought about that fact. He could not been strong enough and SMART enough to last, and hold the line.
    Just look at the extremes the MACHINE went to try to get President Trump, by fraud, treason, a coup, and how many Departments are in the mess. This had better be a lesson tried and true for My America now and in the FUTURE, when they deal with the MACHINE.
    Just another comment. when a Congress person is elected that means he is serving all American voters and to work for the betterment of our Untied States of America. Not their pet ideas or wants.

    • hayward stewart says:

      Romney would have done just fine(for the other side) . Because he’s just another cog in the machine

  15. Statesman Patriot says:

    Problem with Utah voters is they get enamoured by big names, the rich and pretty hair! I can easily sell them shiny beads.
    And because he is a Mormon so the LDS sheople will blindly follow!

    • Wattsup says:

      I live in UT and I am a Mormon and I can not stand Mitt and I hope that the rest of the people here will wake up and kick him to the curb without love.

      • Larry says:

        In Idaho but same, don’t know anyone voting for him, only difference is if only choice is a Hillary type as opponent. Hope never to be in that situation of choosing one evil less then the other.

    • To a point, yes! But that point is a GOOD distance from me, as I did NOT vote for that globalist POS.

    • Dora says:

      I hope the church has realize how stupid he actually is OMG They should see the evilness of this actual demon wearing that suit and tie. I have friends that were allowing the missionaries make regular visits and were planning on joining the church but have changed their mind due to MItty.

      • Andy says:

        The CHURCH does not support Mitt, some crazies spread word as that and know nothing. Harry Reed was suppose to be LDS Too and was no where close to acceptance in church, but can’t quite kick him out for political reasons and who are all the Catholic democrats? Can’t blame some religion, for some who claim membership, not as LDS, Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, or any other and anyone who you claim was thinking of joining and not because of Mitt had no understanding of the principles of the LDS Church in the first place. When fools start fighting each other instead of standing together we will all be doomed. The democrats care nothing of any principles, values, religion, radicalism, perversions, etc. only stand united as ONE on every cause to get their own demands regardless of any other radical demands from others. The Republicans have proven not capable of standing united, could have passed all the legeslation that came before them, wall, immigration, health care, etc. but always some republican that goes against the party regardless, no unity and you fools that use the excuse of LDS as angle against each other you are dooming all the country. The Natives never understood that, if all stopped fighting each other could easily have defeated any invasion but fought each other empowering the Europeans to over whelm. Same goes for this nation, and Republicans, stand together or fall apart. Loose all or join as one.

  16. Cecelia says:

    When Romney stopped fighting when he ran for President, I thought that he had sold out then. I’ve never trusted him since. He had Obama on the ropes in the debates and became soft and weak before my very eyes. I just can’t trust him now.

  17. Maxx says:

    Romney, the phony republican should never have been elected in the first place. What the hell is wrong with the people of Utah??? Romney only wanted to get into a position where he could get revenge on Trump for rejecting him for any position in Trumps administration.

    • Larry says:

      Lots of politicians get elected by posing a false front, look at every politician now, promises and say what they think the pubic wants to hear. BUT for Romney, few I would not of would make that mistake again. BUT what if he would be running as only choice between him and one as Hillary? Sometimes the best is not good but better then alternative. At least that is what most like of Trump, he says, does and is who he presents himself making so many enemies that expected him to fail and fall in line.

    • Dora says:

      That is the truth he wanted, like the Mule, an appointment andwas rejected he went on a BIG temper tantrum. That darn Trump didn’t give him the sucker he wanted poor baby and he’s got a dirty diaper.

  18. mormonramney says:

    hey ramneymormon you are very handicaped mintal and you are nothing for this country AMERICA

  19. Gene Gawryleski says:

    Mother nature got rid of McCain, just to have this leaker show up!

  20. Southern Patriot says:

    Mitt is a bone fide RINO/CINO with Trump Derangement Syndrome. He does not keep his word, and has absolutely no core conservative values.

  21. Fred says:

    Mr. Romney is like all of those FAKE RHINO Republicans, for example Mr. Flake, The Deceased Mr. McCain, Mr. Ahmed, who acts like those Extremely Radical Islamic Muslimists, who continuously LIE like Mrs. HRC and #44 and other PLCSI Demoturds, who would rather Ignorantly follow Stalin’s Lead!!!

    • hayward stewart says:

      MISTER(MR.) is a term of respect ! We should never use it on those that don’t deserve it. I’d like to apologize to the dirty diapers of the world. I mistakenly compared romney to one.

  22. Jeannie says:

    I live in Utah. I ask alot of people if they voted for romney? I have not yet got a yes answer. He is so much the dumocrates that i think he cheated. The lds church would help him. But now he in there the church will make sre he stays. To many mormons in this state to change that.. what the lds church wants they get. The most corrupt religion on this earth.

    • Reader says:

      Webster Tarpley wrote a book about Romney and LDS I hope to read. Veterans Today online has presented clandestine intelligence about Romney. He’s really plastic in sense of fake.

    • Larry says:

      Your quite prejudiced attitude and remarks are far from reality. If you invaders to Utah etc. bring your attitude and messes with you where you destroyed your own place, then you want to destroy the history, culture, standards to bring to the same destruction as where you left. The LDS Church does not support Romney, most LDS I know are not supporting him and disgusted how he went against Trump, even if it meant electing Hillary. You know nothing of what you spit out as garbage. I have been around the world a few times, fought for this country and do all I can where ever I can to do my part, and it is the LDS that does most for others around the world without recognition, requirements, demands, etc. Live your religion if you have one, all will be accounted for soon.

    • Harvey Schneider aka ConservativeOne says:

      I believe your post hit the Bullseye. You apparently took Logic 101 and Logic 102.

      Maybe you a graduate of Rush’s Institute of Conservative Learning.

      Thanks for your great post.

      • Larry says:

        The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints does not tell any how to vote, rarely come out on an issue believing people must be self educated and stand their own. The faith is very conservative, but I recall as Kennedy was running first, about to loose when the Catholic Church stood behind him, all the Catholics voted for him. People tend to trust what they believe is more like themselves. Many were fooled, and disappointed by Romney, if not just disgusted. Lesson must be, Stand together as conservatives, stop dividing, stand a common ground as the Democrats do, care notnhing of how corrupt, or other interest as long as they get their individual demands. Promise all, take all, control all, enslave all for the weakness of promises of Socliasm taking care of everyone, no work or sacrifice required, just sit back and be taken care of. The further point is the Democratic Party as a whole are in full collusion with all of South America, and others, to invade, destroy our entire election process, deliberately encourage, and help, illegal voters. Where is the cry for treason and collusion of the admitted democratic party.

      • Joe the Plumber says:

        With your name you are also probably a Nazi

  23. Geneww38 says:

    With minimal research (most pulled from the web) it is easy to show Traitor Romney did the money laundering prior to the Iran-Contra scandal when Bill Clinton was the major drug distributor from the CIA air drops operating out of the Mena AK airbase.
    Don’t be lazy, look it up and learn something.

  24. Aztex77 says:

    The only reason he’s a Senator is because he
    moved to Utah and he’s Mormon. It’s a Mormon thing, they like one of their in Congress and if it has to be Mitt, so be it.
    Look how long they tolerated the last Senate
    Majority leader. Mitt is shallow, sore loser,
    jealous and petty, just like McShame.

  25. Fred says:

    I’m from Massachusetts and am ashamed to say at one time I support Mitt????????????

  26. Jim says:

    Mitt has shown his true blue upper class Rino views time after time yet he keeps getting jobs, stay home and count your money Mitt.

    • Maxx says:

      Romney gets $175,000 a year to be the same old fake republican he was doing for free. Now he gets the benefit of getting revenge on Trump who knew too well to stay away from this SLUG.

  27. DonRS says:

    Actually, calling Romney a “RINO” is WRONG. Romney is a far left, DISHONEST, PETTY, BITTER, SPINELESS, NO CHARACTER, John McCain “ACT ALIKE”, CARPETBAGGER. He finally found a place, Utah, that seems to place higher value on his “Mormonism” that any HARM he will do as one of their 2 Senators!

  28. Don Poggendorf says:

    Trump actually helped Mitt get elected by not trashing him when he ran for the job in Utah and now he still stabs him in the back every chance he gets! Mitt has been known his whole life to be a lying backstabber and he is never going to stop!

  29. ray says:

    Mitt needs to crawl back on Jacob Rothschilds lap and keep giving him head……………………

    romney is as corrupt as ROTHSCHILD if not more and damn sure more stupid……….

  30. James says:

    Add his name to the list to vote against traitor Romney you POS ANTI AMERICAN HE’S # 9 TRUMP 2020.

  31. Peter John Carter says:

    Mitt Romney is another John McCain trators to the NRC, and so was BUSH SR. I am over all these life long politicians.

  32. Daniel Mount says:

    I think Mitt Romney is a Democrat in Republican Clothing. As well as A lying dirtbag Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Christian Satanist.

  33. Grandmas Mad says:

    I was behind him 100% when he was running for Pres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Donated….put his yard sign up…ETC….etc,,,,
    Boy…..I was fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ginette says:

      So was I. So sorry I trusted him and sent him money.!
      He should refund that money back to us since he was a fake Republican!
      Mitt is definitely a Dem in Republican clothing never to be trusted!!

  34. Dee says:

    2016 I donates to him ! look’s like I’m misjudged of him ! Until he made it to Utah State to the Congress again , has to many negative about from all his comments & what’s he doing to against his party & President , I was totally shock ! surprisingly I’m making all mistakes about him won’t cooperate attitude just like all the DEMs ! why sticking with Republicans again ? don’t make any sense ! he is ruining his career for sure as political candidates . well ! just go away you’re done as a Republican Senate .

    • Larry says:

      At times it is not a choice of who is best, but who is worst. I have voted many times for someone I did not like at all, but better far then alternatives. I do hope he does not win any primary, but if between him and the likes of a Hillary type, or Harry Reed, etc. what choice, in hopes that at least some control could be maintained at worst case.

  35. ruth says:

    to Blue and Ronald – you are right on The POS/ PHONEY, DOUBLE TALKIN, BACK STABBIN JERK cant stand the man — he is like the to faces of eve dont know what face you will see at an moment– hopefully some one from UTAH with some Ball will run against he and win

  36. Blue says:

    That question, Do I think romney is a rino? No, I think romney is a POS!

  37. Timothy Toroian says:

    A carbon tax is a measure for the government to REALLY AND TERRIBLY control our lives!!!

    • Maxx says:

      Wait until you get a whiff of the “anti-cash” agenda of the Federal Reserve. If you think a carbon tax is control, you haven’t seen anything yet. Once cash is banned and that is the focus of the plan, the government has everybody by the balls. They tried with ObamaCare. This is far more insidious.

  38. Ronald A Armstrong says:


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