Mike Pence said the one thing national anthem protesters did not want to hear

The NFL was overtaken by Black Lives Matter activists protesting the national anthem.

These anti-American demonstrators alienated fans and destroyed the league’s reputation.

Mike Pence had the final say when he said the one thing the anthem protesters didn’t want to hear.

When Pence spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference he crushed the America-hating football players in his own humble way.

The Vice President noted that the attendees stood with the conservative movement and ad libbed that they also stood for the flag and the anthem.

The Daily Caller reports:

“It is great to be back at CPAC,” Pence opened. “And I stand here today with profound gratitude.”

After rattling off the adminsitration’s victories over the past year, VPOTUS said he “[stands] with President Trump.”

“We stand with the conservative movement,” he continued. “And come to think of it, we always stand for our flag and our national anthem as well.”

The crowd immediately broke out into cheers of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” while Pence smiled from the podium.”

Pence’s remarks on athletes protests followed a controversy over U.S. Olympic team athletes who put their hatred for the President and Vice President ahead of their love of country.

Lindsey Vonn and homosexual figure skater Adam Rippon both trashed the administration and stated they would refuse to meet with them.

Vonn took home a disappointing bronze medal and Rippon performed poorly and finished in tenth place.

Feuding with the Trump administration did not work out well for any athletes.

Maybe it is a sign that they should stink to sports.

But the sports media is filled with wild eyed leftists who hate America so they will continually push for athletes to share their anti-Trump views.


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50 Responses

  1. TOM says:


  2. John Decker says:

    I used to follow football, but now it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Can someone please explain how this situation came about? Kolin Cayperdick (I know how to spell it, I’m trying to annoy him)
    according to this article, is not on the roster of any NFL team. If that is true then what in Hell is he doing siting on the team bench WEARING A UNIFORM!? He never plays, he’s already shown his lack of talent, so why isn’t he in the stands with the rest of the fans? He’s costing the league a ton of money, all the teams, not just his own. All the team owners are millionaires, they could easily make a donation to the Clinton Foundation and have him buried next to
    Seth Rich, yet they do nothing. Can someone please explain this to me? Use small words, I’m getting slow as I get older. Thank you.

  3. Bonnie says:

    That Yourgan needs to yank his Organ. Nasty guy.

  4. Bonnie says:

    I’m not giving up my football for some but head, that doesn’t respect our beloved flag.

  5. Susan Dix says:

    I don’t watch anything that degrades our President, Vice President, or flag, anthem, and country.
    I am way beyond sick and tired of the detractors who go against out American way of life.
    America is my home, and I love our country. If people hate America, they can always leave and go elsewhere.
    Many promised to leave when President Trump was elected. Most of the people have gone back on their word.
    President Trump is attempting to keep his word. He has accomplished a great deal, even with so much opposition.

  6. Dennis says:

    My entertainment these days is reading books, perusing the internet, watching some You Tube stuff, playing interactive games on the computer, bumping around in the vast Pacific Northwest forests where I grew up and still live, enjoying my son and daughter, my wife and our grandkids, maintaining a couple of blogs, shooting guns at targets in a reasonable, safe manner, picking up garbage left behind in our forests by fools, reloading ammo and just simply hanging out with family, friends, pets. I gave up on professional sports when they gave up on me. I guess that makes me one selfish, ornery, old bastahd but hey, I’m good to go with that. I get a whole lot more enjoyment out of real life stuff. I learned I don’t need the b.s. that accompanies those who believe they’re our role models. I don’t have, don’t want, don’t need any role model. My father’s dead but he put me on the right path long before he died. At least, in my eyes. I only hope I can pay it forward to my family as well as Dad and Mom paid it forward to us. Nope, there’s never been a need for any role model in my life. I always had two and four more if you want to throw in my older brothers.

    • cliff says:

      MY LORD!! You sound EXACTLY LIKE ME!! I am up here in the COMMUNIST STATE of N.Y. (Adirondacks) Living in a camp handed down to me by a Father that did the same as yours, and taught me how to survive on my own. I too, no longer watch sports on the one-eyed monster.. I Hunt, Fish, target shoot, and ALSO reload ALL my ammo. (except 22LR) I belong to a Hunting Club up here that the “State” is trying to take away from us to let “tourists” in here to TRASH the forest. (for MONEY of course) They call them “easements” I call them INVADERS that they let in, to ruin our precious forest land…. I too, pick up BAGS OF GARBAGE left behind by MORONS that could care less about the forest all they see it as is a “playground” to TRASH and then leave.

  7. Wendy M says:

    I will go and have a meal with President Trump. I will take the place of any individual who refuses to have any meal with President Trump. I will take a homeless individual or family with me.

  8. Wendy M says:

    I was a fan of many individuals including Meryl Streep and others who have the same views. I will never watch another movie of hers or any of her friends. The Emmys, Oscars, or team sport outings, is NOT a place for politics. If their behavior continues, they need to pick a county of their choice and they need to leave the USA. There are many countries to choose from who have the same anti-American views as them. These individuals hide their anti-American views behind their acts of bashing President Trump and Vice-President Pence. Make no mistake, Streep and those with similar views are anti-American.

    • Bonnie says:

      The elite Hollywood’s actors are in the left wing to deeo. I decided today to boycott them. When dis they become the voice of our America !

  9. Jack says:

    Back in the 60’s a group called the ‘Chicago 7, I believe left the country. Years later one was interviewed after he came back. His quote and I have to paraphrase was ‘I have been to many countries and this is still the best.’ I too will support one way tickets to anyone not wanting to live in America with all its benefits. Just make sure they do not come back.

  10. Gloria Wedemeyer says:

    Most people watch award shows, movies, concerts and sports because they want to be entertained. That is not the case anymore.
    If they want to protest, let them do it on their own time, not when I am paying money for entertainment.

  11. BobbyL says:

    Thank-you Cliff…
    i am so angry, and I couldn’t have said it any better!!!

  12. Steve says:

    For those who diss our flag and are not proud of this country, I blame their parents, coaches and family members who told them how great they were since the age of 2 and did not instill love of country and humility in their lives. Absolutely shameful.

  13. Timothy Yorgan says:

    All you people should listen to and accept my political views by virtue of the athletic prowess displayed in the sport of my choice. That logic is no different than saying you must become a democrat because I won a spelling bee. Carry that rational to its conclusion…serial killers should run the country because they’re good at what they do and don’t tell me murder is not a prerequisite for political acuity…abortionists make that claim all the time…they just redefine what murder is.

  14. Wayne says:

    Your sexual preference means “squat” to me!!! Shut the hell up and dispose of your political rhetoric and compete. If every person had the same venue level to unload their political views that would be great. We don’t, so keep your obnoxious and odious comments to yourself and out of the game. Sadly you have perverted everything the Olympic Games represent.

    • Bill says:

      These pro athletes, mostly black should kiss the ground and thank their lucky stars they live in America, instead of the jungles their ancestors did centuries ago. i’m so sick and tired of reading about these ungrateful ‘savages’ disrespecting the country that made them multimillionaires. maybe they hgould go to russia or china or like dennis rodman north korea, then they’d change their tune real quick, move on

    • Bonnie says:

      That Yourgan needs to yank his Organ. Nasty guy.

  15. The sports figures should stick to their area of expertise as should all the actors/actresses and artists. Otherwise they risk alienating those very people who help pay their huge paychecks. Like Jennifer Lawrence, I really liked her until she opened her mouth and started badmouthing President Trump! Now, not so much.

  16. Doug says:

    BLM and the NFL are hate groups and nothing more. The supposed athletes are poor examples of humanity and nothing more while BLM is a joke, non of them were slaves and could not survive in Africa.

  17. Anne says:

    Neither were the candidates who might qualify as his father. Only one, Davis was an American. He was a card carrying communist and his grandparents sent him to him to act as a mentor. The other candidates were all foreign. The only surragate who appears to have treated him decently was Mr Soetoro, his adopted father who gave him Indonesian Citizenship.

    • Bonnie says:

      That is wickedly weird. My maiden name is Davis. I ‘am white. My father’s family settled here a long long time ago. Early. Glad to say NOT RELATED!!!

  18. NFL—–NO FANS LEFT!!!!—–No more needs to be said!!!!

  19. cc says:

    Vonn is a snowflake who is very very good at what she does. Unfortunately, her intellect has not kept pace with her physical abilities. Maybe when she grows up a little more it might catch up (it’s not age related) or not. There are plenty of” mature” intellects that are still very childish……..

    Rippon is too busy being “gay” to be anything else……………………

  20. sagstealers says:

    to rippon and vonn! no soup for you,come back 4 years!

  21. JayCee Scott says:

    Just think, those athletes turned gangsta’s might have to get out and polish their own 28″ rims.
    Oh’ the humanities…

  22. john fudacz says:

    most of them so called african americans,never been to africa, real african americans realize the freedoms they have here! Most work normal jobs!

  23. Reverend1 says:

    Black Lives Don’t Matter if they don’t respect our country. Get out and go back to Africa. Take the ex coon an chief with you.

    • Anne says:

      Please fund an exchage.we take Africans and give one way tickets to those who Afroamericans who wish to go.When they get off the planes they will be taken to Customs and will learn their citizenship has been cancelled. That way they will be motivated to get with whatever plan their new government proposes. They can then hunt down the family of whatever Paramount Chief enslaved them and he can send them to the local muslim Imam.

  24. Sam says:

    BLM has help ruin the NFL . Personnely it has pointed out to me that the NFL is not diverse enough . It,s players should represent the whole cross sections of society like all other business does . PLayers try to push how fast they are ,. but if all teams must meet the same cross section ,then all things be equal , and after all that,s what black people say they want , equality . Does not really matter to me , like thousands more , I am finish with the NFL , and its show boat over paid know nothings . I know that does not aplie top all players but it does to the ones who started all of this bull crap !

    • sensrbtch says:

      remember that the players were not allowed into the opening ceremonies for many years.until recently; they are on the field, and this is the reason they were disallowed in the first place. the players are not influenced by black lives don’t matter, they were there from birth. they were trained too do this, as the black pussies have been since the Nam. listen to melania standing next too mooshell; know the difference!

      • Hydro says:

        Remember it was Mooshell who said with her husband being elected president of America – it was the first time she felt proud of being American. Melania is thankful for the opportunities America has offered her. Mooshell has the option to retreat to Kenya and take her gay dark state excuse for an American with her

    • sensrbtch says:

      remember that the players were listen to melania standing next too mooshell; know the difference!

  25. Dianne says:

    U.S. Olympic team athletes that aren’t proud of America shouldn’t be there representing us. Hope they all do poorly, we don’t need people like that getting special recognition.

  26. Judy says:

    Thank the Obama administration for the entitled, irresponsible, race card playing adult babies.

    • cliff says:

      You are exactly CORRECT! These “entitled OSCUMBG- loving children” have played THAT same card so many times people all across America are smartening up and getting TIRED of hearing the same TIRED DEMOCOMMUNIST rhetoric… Time to put THAT “deck of cards” away, And GROW THE HELL UP. (or stand to LOSE more “fans” and Money.)

    • David in MA says:

      Hey, it worked for Obama in the ghetto when he was a “community organizer”, between “professorships”.
      But it must be a little harder threatening the government than private businesses when your claims are bogus. LOL, Obama a “community organizer”, a “professor” and an illegal immigrant who conned his way into the presidency and he isn’t even an American citizen….., the fools won the booby prize with him. Now the rest of us have to straighten his screw-up’s up.

      • Anne says:

        Neither were the candidates who might qualify as his father. Only one, Davis was an American. He was a card carrying communist and his grandparents sent him to him to act as a mentor. The other candidates were all foreign. The only surragate who appears to have treated him decently was Mr Soetoro, his adopted father who gave him Indonesian Citizenship.

      • glnman says:

        Yes, this is just a small portion of the damage Obama has done to this country. I believe he was elected both time via vote fraud. If I’m wrong it means there are so many brain dead people here who vote that I fear we are done as a nation. Either way, it will be a long time, if ever, before we recover from all this hatred of the greatest nation on God’s green earth!

        • cliff says:

          You are correct. There has been an independent study of “voter fraud” and it has been PROVEN that there was INDEED MUCH FRAUD,
          (more people “voting”) that actually lived in the area, “dead people” that “voted” (absentee ballot) I guess you could say they were ABSENT
          pre-programmed SOROS company “touch screen voting machines” to change you “vote” (that was supposedly a “glitch and was supposedly “fixed” ILLEGALS not only “ALLOWED, But “ENCOURAGED” to “vote”… MULTIPLE “voters” were bused from State to State ,county to county to “ensure” a DEMOCOMMUNIST “WIN” …Too bad… didn’t work…We the “forgotten came out in droves and out voted the SCAMMERS and CHEATS. The time to clean up this “MESS” is NOW. (before the 2018 midterms or we will be right back in the same boat again.)
          BUT THAT is what the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are “counting on” (and the ONLY way they can “win”)

        • Hydro says:

          Thanks to President Trump we are reversing the Communist policies of Obummer and America has replaced the fraud Moshell with a true immigrant American patriot with more class in her little finger than Moshell has in her whole body.

    • Sam says:

      That was his only accomplishment in eight years . Every thing else is coming out now was he is as crooked as a snake . Worst President ever , and I mean Carter looks like a genious now .

  27. cliff says:

    These overpaid BLACK LIES MATTER “entitled SPOILED children” need to RESPECT OUR COUNTRY, ANTHEM, AND FLAG, or use another one of our FREEDOMS and LEAVE… go back to “AFRICA” because THAT is where you all say you are from. Then see if THAT COUNTRY will pay you SPOILED BRATS exorbitant amounts of money to chase a ball there. …..ME I am AN AMERICAN…. PERIOD

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