Mike Pence made one choice on inauguration day that left Trump red with rage

Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump’s relationship is cracking.

But Wednesday was the final straw.

And Mike Pence made one choice on inauguration day that left Trump red with rage.

On Wednesday morning, President Trump departed Washington, D.C. aboard Air Force One for the final time as President.

Before the President left for Florida, Trump delivered remarks to a crowd of supporters to celebrate his legacy and the country’s future.

But even though the President invited Mike Pence, the Vice President snubbed the President claiming he could not make the ten minute helicopter flight back to the Capitol in time for Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The Hill reported:

Pence is slated to attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, and as a result will not be at the Air Force base. Officials cited the logistical challenges of getting between the two events. Biden is scheduled to be sworn in at noon Wednesday.

The top two Republicans in Congress — House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (Ky.) — are also not planning to attend Trump’s send-off. McCarthy and McConnell have also been invited by Biden to attend a pre-inauguration church service Wednesday morning.

This was a noticeable slap in the face to Donald Trump.

And it came as the rest of the GOP establishment tried to cleave Trump and his voters from the rest of the Republican Party.

Mike Pence was not the only Republican leader snubbing the President.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell both skipped Trump’s sendoff to attend a bipartisan mass with Joe Biden.

When Donald Trump plucked Mike Pence out of Indiana four years ago it was an open question if Pence would even win his re-election campaign for Governor.

Pence had infuriated conservatives there by caving into the social justice warriors and rescinding a religious freedom law.

Without Donald Trump Mike Pence has no political future.

And many Trump supporters were upset with how Pence paid Trump back.

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