Mike Pence made a confession about hydroxychloroquine that no one saw coming

The Fake News Media and Democrats are pounding President Trump after the President admitted to taking hydroxychloroquine.

Now the story took another twist.

And that happened after Mike Pence went on Fox News and made a confession about hydroxychloroquine that no one saw coming.

The Fake News Media and Democrats continue to promote the false story that the entire medical community believes hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and that President Trump is threatening to kill Americans by promoting it.

In fact, multiple studies in Italy, France, and China showed some benefit in treating the coronavirus.

The FDA also approved the drug to be safely used to treat malaria and lupus decades ago.

Mike Pence addressed this controversy in an interview on Fox News.

Pence admitted that he was not taking hydroxychloroquine as the President was, but that it was safe for Americans to take in consultation with their doctor.

“I’m not but I would never begrudge any American taking the advice of their physician. hydroxychloroquine is a dug that has been around for more than 40 years for the treatment of malaria. Early in this process the FDA approved what’s called off label use, that physicians could prescribe hydroxychloroquine in terms that they deemed appropriate,” Pence told Fox News.

Pence also added that if his doctor recommended it, he would take hydroxychloroquine no questions asked.

“My physician hasn’t recommended that, but I wouldn’t hesitate to take the council of my doctor,” Pence added.

The uproar over hydroxychloroquine is just the latest example of how the Fake News Media would rather hate Donald Trump and see him fail than they would see hydroxychloroquine turn out to be an effective treatment for the coronavirus.

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38 Responses

  1. A S K says:

    Voter ID for voting. One can’t do anything without ID. Free stuff to get requires ID even for illegal aliens.

  2. Kendall says:

    I so appreciate all your highly scientific master minds having such an educated response to the alphabet media channel’s drill down on what they want you to think. Just to have you so frightened and willing to repeat their bias and hate. Good going, you are playing right into their hands! Fear, hate, and response to repeat.

  3. Cappy says:

    Mail-in voting ballots in Michigan are only supposed to be used by certain people as per State law.

    If the SOS has the authority to mass mail applications for mail-in ballots, show us where exactly in the law it comes from.

  4. SmellyWalmartShopper says:

    Trump doesn’t need to wear no stinken mask. Trump is the president, he can do whatever he damn well wants. All you pinheads need to focus on what’s important and stop your petty pissing and moaning like little girls. Grow up!

  5. willie says:

    No money in it….Besides they want to force you to take the poison vaccine….

  6. H Lee says:

    Why do I get a notice of posting too quick/too often?

  7. The drug has been around for at least 40 years !! All this hype is just more Dem controlled media BS !!

  8. Rick says:

    Mike Pence does not belong in the office. Mike Pence is part of the criminal World Health Organization.

  9. Miriam Coates says:

    i think people are just scared just like people took lysol when thump said to in a supposed joke people will take Hydrocloroquine there are many docters saying more people dying after taking this drug trump running around without a mask when he is suppose to set an example is the craziest thing i ever saw This thump is running on Ego not Logic

  10. Beverly says:

    HCQ 50+ years on the market. Used to treat several conditions. If there were contraindications I think we would know by now. Of course it’s not an over the counter drug and like all drugs need to be prescribed by your physician. That is a decision between you and your doctor. Where the lame stream media gets in the middle of this is pure hubris.

  11. Lincoln says:

    Many believe the earth was flat, but that did not make it so. The evidence is that in a study of 96,000 people. using this drug lead to an 411% increase in heart problems compared to those who did not use it, and it is ineffective against prevention of treatment of COVID-19.

  12. Ken says:

    I would have no problem with helping the USPS except that so much mail is lost in one way or another and we pay for that. Since the rates went up and pension too maybe they need to re-evaluate the rules. Now as far as the states if any of them goes bankrupt the pensions could be gone , just like what happened to United Airlines after 911. Some people would have received 4K a month and after the loss they get under $400.00 a month. So if you can move the money from pensions to something else I would suggest to do it .

  13. LOL says:

    How come Mikey “kiss ass” Pence, then, is not taking it?

  14. Dougie Sherwin says:

    Pence is wrong. The FDA never approves drugs for “off-label” usage. That’s a blatant contradiction.

    Pence clearly misunderstands how the FDA works.

  15. Brian Barry says:

    Why do you think Pence’s doctor or Trump’s doctor for that matter aren’t recommending it. Because it doesn’t work!

  16. T says:

    Obviously a doctor needs to prescribe it, but so far nearly everyone taking who has covid has had heart problems or ended up on a ventelator or both. That’s why people say it’s not safe.

  17. Esther says:

    I think she used the USPS to show her support for a service all of us need and use and would be paralyzed if we lost that service. Wake up Nancy, haven’t you heard of email, texting home delivery, online payments etc.. the only thing you can’t do online is vote fraudulently. And why she wants the USPS up and running smoothly. She is such a hypocrite…..and stunningly stupid.

  18. sharon says:

    Keith-that is a good thought. I hadn’t made the connection but I agree with you.

  19. FluffyPillowFive says:

    Democrats display their hypocrisy every day.
    They castigate Trump for not following the advice of DOCTOR Fauci,
    and they castigate Trump for following the advice of his own DOCTOR.
    No matter what Trump does they hate him for it.

  20. Nancy Pelosi obviously is thru. The old dried up prune knows that her time is short. Not only in Congress but her days are numbered. She is trying everything and anythin to take down the righteous of this country. I was sub contracted by the US Postal services. I have witnessed a few bad Post master’s doing some very terrible things to customer’s they didn’t like. One was just as psycho as Nancy Pelosi! She caused so much kaios in our small community she was transfered across the state. We gave them a big heads up on the crook. She was caught and jailed! Now, why does Nancy want to include Post Offices in the next round of the stimulus package? Maybe the “Vote by mail?” Think about it folks…

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