Mike Pence just got passed over by this rising star Republican

Mike Pence wants to run for President in 2024.

But the former Vice President got some bad news.

That’s because Mike Pence just got passed over by this rising star Republican.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough remarked at the differing receptions for Pence and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit.

Scarborough remarked that he spoke to someone involved in GOP politics for decades and they reported back that while the audience gave Pence a polite reception, the crowd showered DeSantis with the approval of a “conquering king” saying rank and file GOP voters treated DeSantis like Ronald Reagan in 1980.

“I asked, I said, how was Pence received? And they said, ‘Well, here’s the deal. It was respectful. They know Mike Pence. They’ve loved him for 20 years. He got three standing ovations.’ But it was muted. He would have had 15 standing ovations last year. He’s had a long way to go, right? But then, this one person said, ‘But my God, you should have seen the response for Ron DeSantis. He was like a conquering king.’ And this person who’s been in Republican politics for 40, 45 years said, ‘I haven’t seen anything since Reagan in ‘80. He was unbelievable,” Scarborough stated.

Scarborough remarked that DeSantis looked like a new leader of the Republican Party.

“Ron DeSantis,” Scarborough added. “And I keep hearing this. Just rockstar status. This guy is taking over the Republican Party.”

There is some data to back this up.

At the 2021 Western Conservative Summit DeSantis actually scored a higher approval rating in the event’s straw poll than Donald Trump.

DeSantis’ rising star in Republican circles is owed to the fact that he largely resisted statewide COVID lockdowns and never imposed a mask mandate.

The corporate-controlled media tried to batter DeSantis with a series of lies and hit pieces, but DeSantis’ ability to fight back against a left-wing media smear campaign only further endeared him to Republican voters.

There is a long time to go until 2024.

And if Donald Trump runs for President, Ron DeSantis will likely sit the race out.

But if Donald Trump does not run for President the GOP has a clear frontrunner.

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