Michelle Obama was humiliated when this horrible truth about her went public

Michelle Obama is touring America to promote her new book.

Some pundits cling to the idea that this is the launching pad for an eventual run for higher office.

But Michelle Obama was humiliated when this horrible truth about her went public.

On November 3, Michelle Obama will appear at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Democrats love to bill themselves as the party of the little guy.

And during the 2012 Presidential Election, Barack Obama and his allies savaged Mitt Romney as a creature of Wall Street fat cats while the Obama administration looked out for “main street.”

It was a lie then, and Michelle Obama exposed it as a fraud once and for all when her event charged $4,200 for the best seats in the house.

Breitbart reports:

Michelle Obama is charging as much as $4,200 for tickets to her upcoming event dubbed, “A Moderated Conversation with Michelle Obama,” according to the New York Post.

The former First Lady is scheduled to appear at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, for the November 3 event “A Moderated Conversation with Michelle Obama”:

The most expensive ticket is listed for $4,200, giving the attendee a “suite-level ducat,” according to the New York Post.

Meet and greet tickets are selling for $2,500. The VIP package allows groups of two to take a picture with Obama, but Ticketmaster specifies that individual pictures and autographs will not be permitted.

When Hillary Clinton ran for President, her lavish speaking fees became a major campaign issue.

Should Michelle Obama ever run for higher office, her raking in big bucks by charging extravagant ticket prices will surely become a point of contention.

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93 Responses

  1. Kathy K says:

    Hell is waiting for them, for sure

  2. Jan says:

    Sorry but truth be told I would not even walk next door to converse with her even if it were for free. She just comes across as very fake to me.

  3. OR-Patriot says:

    It’s not an insult to point out hypocrisy and over-the-top greed!!!

  4. Steve Scoutaris says:

    And of course calling Trump supporters a basket of deplorables was not an insult.
    It only goes one way I guess. I get where you’re coming from Alaska Woman.

  5. Jim Tierney says:

    Hey Alaska’s, facts and truth are always an insult to the party of death and the alphabet people.

  6. Douglas Mayne says:

    How about this Alaska woman I’m gonna repeat to you the exact words that came out of her mouth at the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama. She stated and I “for the 1st time in my life I’m proud to be an American” So she just stated the only reason she ever had to be proud to be an American was when Barack Obama was elected are you kidding me you and her can both go to hell

  7. Alaska Woman says:

    Why do you insult America’s law enforcement?

  8. AKLady says:

    Why do you have this need to insult everyone that puts their life in danger to protect you? The filth spewing from your mouth insults the CIA, the FBI, and the law-enforcement agencies of all 50 states and every city within them.

  9. Alaska Woman says:

    How old are you … 9, 10, 11 ???

  10. Alaska Woman says:

    You embarrass yourself and America.
    Always with the insult, usually sex related,
    Typical adolescent male behavior …
    They say so much about you, and nothing about her.

  11. Alaska Woman says:

    Insult insult, insult …
    It is all the extreme right ever has.

  12. Susan Youngblom says:

    These two girls were adopted. Part of the illusion of a normal family! It was all planned out years ago.

  13. Jimbob says:

    Michael, its name is Michael

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