Michelle Obama made an appearance that had everyone wondering about 2020

Since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has discovered her love for being in the limelight.

Between her deal with Netflix and her book tour, she is traveling the country to bolster her profile among Democrats.

And this week, Michelle Obama made an appearance that had everyone speculating about her 2020 plans.

Speculation that Michelle Obama is running for president is growing rapidly.

Hollywood celebrities are practically begging her to run for President in 2020.

They even invited her to the Grammy Awards where the media claimed she “stole the show.”

Vogue reports:

Alicia Keys may have hosted the Grammy Awards on Sunday night, but it was Michelle Obama who brought the house down: entering from offstage arm in arm with Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Jennifer Lopez, the former First Lady joined her compatriots in recounting exactly why music was so important.

It’s no secret that Michelle Obama is enjoying the attention and generating rumors around her potential presidential candidacy.

But what Michelle Obama isn’t talking about is how much money she is making by fueling this speculation.

Netflix struck a production deal with the Obamas valued around $100 million.

Michelle Obama’s nationwide book tour also generated millions of dollars.

Now, Hollywood is pushing her to run for president even after her husband’s disaster of a presidency.

Hollywood elites are completely out of touch with every day Americans and do not realize that they’re part of the reason why Trump won in 2016.

The same Left-wing celebrities scramble every year to make scripted get out the vote videos.

But the American people rejected them in 2016 and will again in 2020.

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64 Responses

  1. Linda Pepping says:

    Well said!

  2. Linda Pepping says:

    I agree ???? It is Michael Not Michelle! They are a joke! Look what Joan Rivers said then suddenly died during an elective surgery!

  3. Debra says:

    Jean, you got that right.

  4. Debra says:

    I have to agree with you. ”Michelle Obama” is ugly dressed and made up to try to appear to be a woman,, cause it is not a woman,, it is a MAN,, his name is Micheal Robinson, aka-Michelle Obama. Alot of things have happen in our country, the last 10 yrs. Things we never thought would have took place. And the hatred some show and express for our president, is the worst I have ever seen. I don’t understand why they are acting that way, cause our elections have always been a democrat verses a republican, and only one side wins. And one side loses. We have never acted this ugly before towards the winner, just because he or she was not the one we wanted. It’s not right and it shows a very ugly side to some people. Everybody will get thru it and there will be another election. Meanwhile I am enjoying my first great-grandson. He is almost 2 yrs old and so much fun. God Bless and take care.

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