Michelle Obama let loose about Meghan Markle in this jaw-dropping interview

Meghan Markle tried to cancel the British Royal Family in an interview with Oprah.

Now there are rumors that the Duchess of Sussex may be planning a 2024 Presidential campaign.

And Michelle Obama let loose about Meghan Markle in this jaw-dropping interview.

In an interview with NBC News, Obama defended Meghan Markle’s unsubstantiated claims of racism in the British Royal Family.

Obama attacked the Royal Family as bigots after Markle claimed unnamed members of the Royal Family did not want to bestow the title of prince on her son Archie because of his dark skin.

“I could never understand how it wouldn’t be seen as an added benefit and a reflection of the world today, especially right now, to go how inclusive is that that you can see someone who looks like you in this family, much less someone who was born into it,” Obama told NBC.

“I feel like that was heartbreaking to hear, that she felt like she was in her own family — her own family thought differently of her,” the former First Lady added.

Obama played the “woke” card casting the British Royal Family as part of a systemically racist western civilization.

“As I said before, race isn’t a new construct in this world for people of color, and so it wasn’t a complete surprise to hear her feelings and to have them articulated,” Obama added.

It’s not surprising to hear Michelle Obama talk this way.

During her speech at the Democrat National Convention this past summer she attacked America as an evil and racist country.

In the last two years, the Left has become more aggressive in how they talk about race and use identity politics to silence their opposition by smearing them as racists.

And now it’s going global.

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