Michelle Obama admitted one thing on national TV that will infuriate you

Former First Lady Michelle Obama rarely gives interviews.

There is a reason why.

And Michelle Obama admitted one thing on national TV that will infuriate you.

On Kelly Clarkson’s syndicated talk show, Michelle Obama claimed she was sick of coronavirus quarantines and was tired of listening to Barack talk.

The former First Lady declared how she just wanted to get out of the house and go to a Broadway play or see a movie.

“The first thing I want to do is get back out in the world. I want to go to a concert. I want to go to Broadway. I want to see a play. I want to be with people. I want to sit in a movie theater. I’m tired of my husband. I have heard everything he has to say, and it’s really fascinating. It really is. But I just need some other energy,” Obama claimed.

But it was Michelle Obama and her fellow Democrats who supported these senseless lockdowns and oppressive mask mandates that kept everyone cooped up in their house and away from fellow human beings.

There was no science to support lockdowns or six feet of separation for social distancing.
Economic and human activities could have continued on, but Democrats, the media, and so-called “public health experts” exploited COVID to attack Donald Trump politically.

The economy was Donald Trump’s greatest strength in the 2020 elections so his enemies worked to make it a weakness by shutting down the economy.

After Democrats exploited this strategy to get power in 2020, Michelle Obama is now lamenting the downsides of closing down the economy and telling people it’s dangerous to hug your children or be in a room with your friends.

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