Maxine Waters revealed a truth that keeps Nancy Pelosi awake at night

Nancy Pelosi could not believe it.

She’s facing a growing problem that could topple her leadership.

And Maxine Waters revealed a truth that keeps Nancy Pelosi up at night.

Nancy Pelosi knows impeaching Donald Trump is a political death sentence for Democrats in 2020.

Polls show over 60 percent of voters oppose this attempt to nullify the results of the 2016 Presidential Election.

But Pelosi is facing another dilemma.

The lunatic fringe in her caucus is growing in strength and they are demanding an impeachment inquiry.

Maxine Waters – who was among the early supporters of the Trump impeachment scheme – went on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” and said the Democrat Party will impeach Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said there was “a growing unrest’ among House Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Waters said, “I think that we should continue down the path of exercising our responsibility for oversight and investigation. And at the same time, there is a growing unrest in the Democratic Caucus where there are some members who say simply let’s do an inquiry, a resolution of inquiry, which would give us the opportunity to have a decision made going through our committees about whether or not there is room for an impeachment.”

She added, “So I don’t think that you conclude that somehow because we have gotten these two court decisions that there is no need to think about impeachment. And I don’t think that our members will allow that decision to just go away. I think that there still will be a growing number who want to do at least an inquiry.”

Democrats will only put up with Pelosi’s slow walk of impeachment for so long.

Eventually there will be an impeachment inquiry followed by the Democrats passing articles of impeachment.

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76 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    Obama honest?? I’d love to see all the proof of your accusations against Trump. Just mouthing off the same old liberal gibberish just makes democrats look pathetic, hateful and desperate. What an embarrassment the democrats have become.

  2. Cindy says:

    Barking up the wrong tree. If there were grounds for impeachment believe me, they would have already done that. If our President was guilty of committing a crime or obstruction, after 2+ years of investigations and harassment, it doesn’t take a lot of brain power to know that Trump would have been ousted. Enough is enough. People get over it, he won the election and is our president. Please Congress, get to work on what we elected you for . It’s sad that you can’t accomplish and haven’t accomplished anything. We will hold our representatives accountable for this disgraceful congress and the next election will prove that.

  3. David Kennedy says:

    The only thing that obama left was a feeling around the world that the US was a whimpy country. He did nothing good for eight years. And still running on his popularity. Watets continurs to show her exteremly low iq, and willnever amount to anything but a wart on a frogs ass. I hope they push the impeachment issue. They will lose everything in 2020.

  4. William says:

    If you have evidence that Trump is a criminal, then the dems will be ecstatic to hear from you. Oh, you don’t? Then shut up.

  5. William says:

    Not is a million years will Trump be impeached. Go ahead and waste your time, Democrats. That will make the next election easy for Trump and suicide for dems up for relelection. Go Donald, Make America even Greater!!!!!!!!

  6. Betty says:

    So sorry for your inability to see the truth! I will pray for your cheng of heart before it is too late!

  7. Vera Morgan says:

    I totally agree RothEnberg to much losing trying to impeache our elected President.that we the people electeed.Hillary cheated,

    Lied and it back fired on her she lost,that’s farms and she cannot face it the America peoples are waking up and we are sick of all the corrupt ion..that’s going on in our government.and them wanting to change our constitution .our religion’s lifes..and ever thing we no as our look at the teens.they don’t respect their parents.don’t respect the elder.say we need to just go a head and are trying to kill or hurt their parents.

    And attacking them and the respect from them,now at 13 they thank they know ever thing .because cause they are not being made to respect ,the older class anymore.and the evil corrupt democrats.have Brainerd washed them in to thanking.they know what’s good for america.hell they don’t know what’s good for them must less knowing what’s good for america.

    That we the older generation has and our forefathers worked and die to build her what she was in till they the corrupt demon using democrats and Hillary.Pelosi soros.and the rest of the corrupt communist crazy.AOC Omars and others people like her are trying to over throw out President.that’s what’s ruining the young generation.makes me sick.

  8. David says:


  9. David Butler says:

    Agree with you 100%

  10. Lawrence says:

    Barry Soetoro and the rest of the demonRATs should be executed for treason!

  11. Beverly says:

    U are another one of the deplorable Democrats. U take the chance of trying to I,peach my/our president by betraying him. He has done nothing but GOOD FOR THE American people. THERE ISNT ONE OF THE 24 DEMS RUNNING THAQT HAVE ANY IDEA OF HOW TO BE president than I do. According to the polls it says that the Dems won’t stand a chance. They have done absolutely nothing for the people except to yell, IMPEACH 45. It is not going to bring the Dems a win. Trump has much to show for his 2 1/2 yrs. for the people. Democrats 0. The Dems are going farther and farther to the left with the “GANG” of 3, AOC, OMAR, an Talib from Mich. The are all Benedict Arnolds.

  12. Vasu Murti says:

    The petition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats reads:

    “It is past time for the House of Representatives to act. Use the full scope of Congress’ investigatory and subpoena powers and immediately begin impeachment proceedings.”

    This morning, Robert Mueller made another impeachment referral to Congress. We need to make sure Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats hear his message loud and clear.

    In his first public speech about his investigation, Mueller gave us a couple of powerful reminders:

    “If we had had confidence that the president had clearly not committed a crime, we would have said so.”

    “The Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing.”

    Congress has the constitutional authority and moral responsibility to hold Trump accountable, but Speaker Pelosi has been holding back instead of boldly leading. Now is not the time for timidity or political calculations, it is time to defend our democracy.

    Tell Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats: Start an impeachment inquiry now.

    The Mueller investigation should never have been our only line of defense against Trump’s threats to our democracy. It is past time for Democrats to use the full scope of their investigatory and subpoena powers to defend not only our democracy but our families and communities. Every Democrat in the House of Representatives should co-sponsor Rashida Tlaib’s H.Res.257, which would start an impeachment inquiry in the House Committee on the Judiciary. And Speaker Pelosi and her team of naysayers, including House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler, need to stop acting like cowards and start leading.

    Our job is to remind Democrats that there is massive support for impeachment. They need to know that we will have their backs if they lead boldly, but will hold them accountable for their cowardice if they fail to lead.

    Will you sign the petition now to tell Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats to start an impeachment investigation against Trump?

    Tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats: Start an impeachment inquiry now. Click the link below to sign the petition:

    Thanks for fighting back,

  13. Henry Sammy says:

    The black people voting in 2020 are no longer following democrats in previous elections. Their eyes have been opened by many righting black leaders & they know Trump is for them

  14. B. Holly says:

    If she is the face of black America she better get a good surgeon.

  15. Guns Nuts of America says:

    You’re a sick evil punk.

  16. Grampa says:

    the people who represent the left do not want to govern they want to rule. when this rule is opposed they react in may ways. the most popular is removal of the opposition.because they have had little success their tolerance for civility within themselves has become nonexistant. at this point many who like Watters who enjoyed control find it slipping away with it her self control. not having viable answers that will return her to her glory strike out in any direction that will get them another moment in the spotlight. even if her power is tenious and fleetng. Wattersis only the tip of the iceburg and he lack of self control is only the crick begonning to show on the left. oyjers have more self control because they have help of staff that direct their actions. we see as with Miss Polisi the efforts she takes trying to choose her words carefully and with exagurated hand guesters to emphisize her statments. her long pauses and misuse of words show the strain she has to remain in control. she is the face of the left if she represents that is this what we can expect from the left? then I remember she is but a face and not true control. so we see the distraction with the puppetts dancing in front of the cameras I do wonder whatis next. at this point they havent a chance to impeach this president so I see something something more perminant, more violent to insure the 2020 election———-Grampa

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