Maxine Waters let one secret slip about impeaching Donald Trump

Democrats are not going to wait around for Robert Mueller to finish his investigation.

They are getting right down to business in removing Donald Trump from office.

And one closed door meeting revealed Maxine Waters is leading this plan to impeach the President.

During the run up to the election, Democrats claimed they were not rushing in to impeach Donald Trump.

Led by Nancy Pelosi, Democrats told voters that they would wait for Robert Mueller’s report before talking action.

That is no longer operative.

One Democrat member of the House briefed their allies in the media on how the new House Majority – with Maxine Waters’ Financial Services Committee leading the way – will investigate the President’s private business affairs.

Axios reports:

Here’s the congressional blueprint, as outlined by the member:

• At least three committees are already involved: The House Intelligence Committee is taking the lead, coordinating with House Financial Services on money-laundering questions and with House Foreign Affairs on Russia.

• Democrats are considering ways to uncover what was said in a Trump private meeting with Putin, “whether that’s subpoenaing the notes or subpoenaing the interpreter or other steps.”

On Trump family finances, the member said the president is “not in a position to draw red lines.”

This new push by the Democrats makes one thing crystal clear: Democrats and the media no longer believe Robert Mueller will find Donald Trump committed any impeachable offenses.

Mueller’s report – if he even issues one – will conclude there was no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

That leaves Democrats in a bind.

They want to remove Trump, but they were counting on Mueller.

Now that Mueller failed, the Democrats – led by Maxine Waters – will take matters into their own hands.

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189 Responses

  1. Ryan says:

    I’m enjoying all the way to the bank

  2. linda says:


  3. Anglo America says:

    Rocco Supino Ditto on that!

  4. Anglo America says:


  5. Anglo America says:

    Maybe what you say is like somebody writing on the topic and doesn’t know how to properly word their response as in (than v. Their).

  6. Chuck says:

    If I had enough crayons I could explain it to you open your eyes to the Democrat party hell they even screw over their own. (ask bernie) What a bunch of worthless people at the head of that party. My God what a joke. Why does anyone vote for them. Mostly illegals that don’t even know who they’re voting for. But that’s what the dems want cause they know if they knew them, they wouldn’t get any votes at all

  7. Sitala says:

    This is a very difficult comment to read. Where did you go to school? In a democratic state? This is where we’re heading….”allot of people”?
    Maybe more people should be looking at Maxine Waters and her illegal activity. It appears to be about more money in her pocket so she can maintain the wall she has around her house.

  8. Rod says:

    Wow, what a sense of humor. Yes, let’s see how long it takes. Or OCA talking about the effects on the environment.

  9. Ken R says:

    The way to shut this blow-hard leftist dumb-dumb up, is to engage her in a basic discussion re: anything factual and she will start mumbling , slobbering and become discombobuulated. This woman hasn’t made sense in the last decade, why should we expect her to start now, just look where she’s from, the state that gave us Pelose, Finegold, Brown, Schiff, Swalwell, Newsom and Harris. One of the most mismanaged states is the USA, they’re past bankrupt, billions is the red, keep their hands off America’s successful direction.

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