Maxine Waters crossed a red line with an abuse of power that will make your blood boil

Donald Trump warned the Democrats.

But Maxine Waters ignored him.

And she just crossed a bright red line by issuing an ultimatum that will make your blood boil.

Waters – as well as other Democrat Committee Chairmen – are pursuing character assassinations by launching this ridiculous fishing expedition about the President and his banks being involved in Russian money laundering.

Politico reports:

The House Intelligence and Financial Services committees, which authorized the subpoenas, were expected to issue additional subpoenas targeting Trump’s finances soon, Democratic aides said.

Democrats are ratcheting up their coordinated investigations into Trump’s business dealings as the Justice Department prepares to release findings from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe on Thursday.

“As part of our oversight authority and authorized investigation into allegations of potential foreign influence on the U.S. political process, the House Intelligence Committee today issued subpoenas to multiple financial institutions in coordination with the House Financial Services Committee, including a friendly subpoena to Deutsche Bank, which has been cooperative with the Committees,” said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the House Intelligence chairman. “We look forward to their continued cooperation and compliance.”

This is an outrageous abuse of power.

Congressional committees are fact-finding bodies.

They are not criminal investigators.

And they don’t have the right to dig through Donald Trump’s finances just because they think there might be something politically embarrassing in there if their criminal allegations turn out to be fraudulent.

During the Mueller Probe, Trump said the special counsel sifting through his business empire was a red line.

Waters and other Democrats are about to barrel over it and this will lead to political war with the President.


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245 Responses

  1. I am sure she has a bunch of crimes of her own if she would check her closet……….But all the dems
    thank they are so pure with no sins they need to clean up thier lives before they start investigating
    other people………………………The dem party acts like little kids…….They have nothing to offer they
    just want to investigate other people………..As much as they investigate they could fit in with the
    crooked FBI [No shame] thank you

  2. Primo Antonucci says:

    She is the ultimate in being stupid and makes known to all. She should shut up and leave congress and stop making a fool of self and her party.

  3. Doug Hesseltine says:

    we cannot have a low intelligent baboon be in charge of anything in our government. She has showed she does not care about her own district, because she does not live in her district. time to throw the baboon out of office. Rosanne Barr was correct.

  4. Stephanie Porter says:

    I wonder why no Treason charges have been filed against these liberal Democrats. This failed coup de etat, is not only against the Constitution of the United States but it is also against every citizen who stands for that Constitution. It is reasonable and legal to expect our government to arrest those involved and charge them for the high crime of treason.

  5. Jamie says:

    These old senile washed up California raisins are getting out of control. They have been in office 28 to 30 years and they have done absolutely nothing. We just went through a 2 + year investigation based on fraudulent and false information and no other president has ever had to go through this in the United States this has set precedence because no other present in the United States has ever gone through this not even Watergate with Nixon. Now it’s time to put the presidents on the other foot and stop allowing them to get by with it. They continue the saga because they’ve been allowed to continue. These Representatives have done nothing but threatened the president and nothing has been done they have beyond crossed many boundaries and red lines and it’s time for them to pay the piper. they want to fire off another investigation because nothing was found in their bogus investigation with Mueller except all the crime and krupni sled back to the Obama administration and Obama himself.. again it’s time to pay the piper she was now on the other foot… CHECKMATE libtard azzes

    • Mary Brigman says:

      I agree 100%. They all need to be in jail starting with odummer and killary. They all are a bunch of lying RATS.

    • Robert Longoni, Jr. says:

      There is plenty of stuff in the Mueller report for other prosecutors and Congress to follow up on. There were instances in the Mueller report where President Trump asked staffers to do things that would have obstructed justice, but luckily for the President the staffers didn’t follow through.

  6. al says:

    I believe the wig is the problem. She got it from Al Sharpton, the other bigot and anti-Semite clown.

  7. Doug says:

    It is time we start to investigate the” How they got it” finances of the Millionaire Democrats who had nothing at the start of their Political term start, This is a MUST DO Them cry baby Democrats must be exposed as to how they became so Rich working on the Salary they received, Hell, They are all Millionaires upon leaving office.

  8. John J says:

    This chimp is held to the standards of a zoo animal, because that is the intelligence level, there will be no ramifications

    • Tom Hawk says:

      I agree 100% !

    • CHUCK says:

      How about some updated news?????????????????????

    • Michael Hayes says:

      You disgrace the intelligence of the zoo animals to this piece of garbage.

      • George "B says:

        YEAH, do not insult a poor dumb animal this POS Mad Maxi Pad is as dumb as AOC aka KOTEX and both of these people are only as smart as a used MAXI PAD.. If anyone needs to be investigated, it is this LOW LIFE POS MAXI PAD WATERS, She’s been a crook her whole life in politics and needs to be pt in PRISON for all her shady dealings..

      • Edwin Mack says:

        Maxcine Watters is still in Africa, uncaught, still untrained, still uneducated and her mouth still kicks in gear before her brain does. Poor black people!

    • JustKidding says:

      Maxine Waters doesn’t have an ounce of integrity or class. No one respects Maxine not even her peers!

  9. George says:

    SIlly wench MAD Max talking trash as usual and speaking of WRONG DOINGS.. how about her silly self get investigated for money laundering into her husbands ank matters and bailing him out with either campaign money and then there is the daughters problem which was paid for by using un appropriate funds. SIlly old bag of bones!!! YOU ARE NO CLEAN plate either… so stick it in your ear and RETIRE before your stupid self gets VOTED OUT and be embarrassed for your ignorance along with PEElosi too!!!

  10. Proud vet says:

    If we’re going to investigate monies of those in Congress we should go after Maxine Waters first as word there’s a nobody like Maxine Waters who is nothing but a pissy little soul servant get the kind of money she’s got on 100 and something thousand dollars a year as a civil servant. She should be investigated to the fullest and then go from there with the rest of them but we have amounts of money that shouldn’t have those amounts of money

  11. Mama says:

    Wow -‘smartbiscuits’ 0n the Move lol
    so am I. haha.
    OMG ‘smartbiscuits’ I BURNED U 0UT of
    my 0ven A long Time ago. Threw 0ut.
    & ‘critters’ Would not even eat & ‘Ran Away’ from
    the ‘stinky’. R U 4 Real ?
    Hey ‘biscuit’ i hope not ‘teeny biscuits’, BUT
    Mama “KNOWS stuff’ & Always Will.
    good nite.

  12. Tetvet says:

    How about the so-called republicans left in congress that support this President stand up get some cojones and indict the demoncrat snakes that are pressing for impeachment. Get into the finances of all these snakes just as the opposition is dealing into the Presidents. These snakes are jealous of the fact that Trump made his business by using his knowledge. Instead of lying and cheating the people that these snakes were suppose to protect and help. REPUBLICANS GET OFF YOUR BUTTS AND KICK SOME DEMONCRAT SNAKE BUTT.

    • MARK says:

      the snakes you are talking about (demorats) shed their skins and turned into slimy,lying, cheating, bottom feeding scum sucking parasitic cockroaches. has a ring to it doesn’t it?

    • k.m. says:

      Yes, I agree. The Republicans do need to do what’s right and stand up for the people that put them there. We are sick and tired of their non-action. There’s no excuse, do your jobs or get out. Then we will put someone hopefully like Trump in there that has the guts and the love of country to do the job. The corruption has to end!! It’s so embarrassing that our reps. have become so money and power hungry that they are willing to give this country away.

  13. Nunyer Binnis says:

    US Space Command needs to shoot a planet buster right into the middle of this BLACK HOLE.

  14. $800 bonus says:

    She probably represents her constituents very well. Now think about it. There are a lot ,more at home just like her.

  15. Terry says:

    I think ALL Democrats need to be Investigated!!!!!! How many went into office with literally NO money, and come out Millionaire’s. The Clinton’s did!!!!

    • Cowgirl Diva says:

      So did Maxine Waters….!!

      • KATH says:


    • MARK says:

      they are way past investigation, they need to be exterminated, seep them all up and throw them over the border to mexico and put the wall up quick so they can’t throw them back

  16. Patrick Henry says:

    IMPEACH IMPEACH IMPEACH Waters and remove her from Office NOW!!! HOW do DUMMIES get into Congress to begin with anyway?????

    • gary says:

      Democrats and their tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES are showing more and more their anti-American agendas and the more they do the more they will loose and the more a President Trump wins! Republicans need to grow fast some courage against the anti-American democrats and their medias! the liberal lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all is a cancer to America!

    • Franco says:

      WHEN is some one going to put a rag In Liver Lips Maxine Waters” Mouth!
      Why is Congress allowing her to steal her campaign money?

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      You people and so used to lying Trump lies and abuse of power you do not realize when someone is not doing that. And as far as abusing lying Trump what a lie. Telling the truth on lying TRUMP is not abusing anything but telling the truth. The SDNY investigation cannot be controlled by lying Trump. Cannot wait for their report to come out and more of lying criminal trump deeds will be made known.

      • Cowgirl Diva says:

        Maxine Waters needs to be investigated…along with many other DEMONCRAPS…!!

      • Mama says:

        OMG ‘smartbiscuits’ I BURNED U 0UT of
        my 0ven A long Time ago. Threw 0ut.
        & ‘critters’ Would not even eat & ‘Ran Away’ from
        the ‘stinky’. R U 4 Real ?

      • Blondie says:

        Please furnish us with the list of Trump lies. The problem with you & those in whom you believe, are jealous as hell, because Trump brings out the REAL truth all the time. For 2 years all of you blabbed your mouths & make statements of how guilty was Trump & now you are all FOOLS. Please show us the truth with your FACTS, instead of your simple opinion. Fools speak with their opinions & not facts. Just another Trump hater & you don’t even know why you hate him.

        • Mysty says:

          Blondie, I’ll bet you can wait until pigs fly for “smart (stupid) biscuits to give us a list of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S lies…they NEVER answer questions because they NEVER have any answers. They can’t even tell you WHY they don’t like PRESIDENT TRUMP. Just a bunch of generic answers that have zero meaning.


      • Mysty says:

        SMART biscuits you’re not. Makes a person wonder why someone would call themselves “smartbiscuits”…
        you are half-baked at best and need to stick your head bac in the oven until you’re DONE.

      • Freddie says:

        Hey Smartbiscuits,did you ever think of changing your comment handle,to ‘Dumbbiscuits’?Makes a hell of a lot more sense!

      • Beamer says:

        Hey you “smart biscuits” , you don’t sound smart at all. Just the opposite! What did you have for breakfast? Weeds?

  17. Pedro says:

    Can you imagine if such fishing expedition was for anyone of us? We would be in the poor house. This is not fair behavior by Maxine and others. It’s also a waste of taxpayers money.

  18. forestRanger says:

    This is one Nigga bitch that has to go! time to impeach her!

    • Jay says:

      No constitutional provision for impeachment. Needs recall, indictment for criminal activity, or defeat at the polls.

    • DAVE THOMAS says:


    • Smartbiscuits says:

      A true bigot in heart. Lying Trump deserves to be impeached. And I hope it will come soon. History will record his lying deeds and that will not depend on the supporters being lied to and believing his lies.

      • Mysty says:

        you still haven’t listed his lies. Go ahead, I dare ya. I double-dog dare ya………………………….

      • k.m. says:

        Lies!!!! Who are you to complain about Trump’s lies when you should complain about all the lies and smears that the Dems. have done for not only two and half years about this Russia probe, but how about all the lies that they have told the American people for years and years. I use to be a Dem. about twenty years ago. Then I realized that the Dems. where nothing but liers. Lies that hide the harm that they are inflicting on the American people.

  19. Rickster says:

    Isnt anybody’s dam business what presidents taxes and bank accounts are! Your just jealous democraps ! Quit playing your Soros games you sore losers and do some real work! What have democraps done in last 2 years but stir trouble. Run to the news with fake facts! All democraps should be investigated! Check there bank records and taxes! They all become millionaires while in Congress! Drug cartels must pay well! Soros too! People need to show this trash who’s boss and never vote for the democrap clown show they have.

  20. Randall Clark says:

    Miss water buffalo, needs to be put out to pasture……permanently!!!

  21. Mike Morrow says:

    How does someone like Waters get elected? She’s a moron. I also would like to know how a Congressperson gets elected and claims not to have any money ( poor me) and by the end of their term, they halve millions on a salary of a few hundred thousand, Doesn’t compute.

    • Wyatt says:

      Proves the old saying . “Its not who you know , its who you BL*W that is obviously how she gets elected . And I think her witch hunt is just to divert attention from her crooked dealing

    • Smartbiscuits says:

      He same way lying Trump got elected, but with out Russia’s help. The MORON is lying trump.

      Lying Trump is not listed in the Historians Top 40 list of presidents. This is how history will report lying trump.

  22. ED YUNG says:


    • Carmella says:

      I agree Ed Yung….they’re as nutty as nutty can be.. what an embarrassment to the United States.

  23. DSC says:

    Isn’t this harrassement? Or is this the new political way? This woman is suppose to be under investigation for financial wrong doings so why don’t we hear about that. These people are ridiculous.

    • Bryce Thompson says:

      Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,124 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

  24. I don’t have to read this stupidity to understand the she is an idiot, explain how she become in congress is a mystery. I think this is sufficient, no more needs to be said.

  25. Pat says:

    House “Intelligence” Committee — That’s an oxymoron if there ever was one.

    • Phyllis says:

      You are 100% correct. The people who need to be investigated, are people like Schiff, Pelosi, and Watters, who continue to try to smear the President. The President is fighting to keeps the wolves at Bay, and is constantly, by the very hypocrites who are trying to destroy the country.

      • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

        Phyllis you are so right. It is time for a ivestation in to how they are worth millions on a 177, 000 salary. Something stinks and it needs to be looked into. SEMPER FI USMC

        • Phyllis says:

          The liberals , who have escaped from the insane asylum, would never allow that, because they would all be implicated . They believe we are to stupid to see how evil and destructive they are. They have become the biggest threat to the American people. Look into Schiffs, Pelosi’s and Waters eyes. They don’t even have to open their mouths for us to see how truly deranged they are.

          Master gunny sgt, Thank you for your service.

      • Carmella says:

        The dems need to go after the REAL criminals… Hillary, Obama, comey and all the other TRAITORS whose mission is to DESTROY America. But, no, they want to persecute President Trump whose done more for this country and us REAL Americans than obamination did in eight years just crawling on his knees to the Mideastern terrorist countries apologizing forAmerica… that was his mission… sad!!!

    • Phyllis says:


  26. reality check says:

    A former minister once told me that every time you point your finger at another, you point three back at yourself. That’s all you seem to do at “Patriot” Pulse is vilify Maxine Waters, AOC, the Obamas or the Clintons . . . all the while conveniently refusing to admit any faults of your own or your horrible president. Just came back from Europe – – boy is Trump held in extremely low regard in the world.

    • Lisa says:

      He may be held in low regard, everyone can’t like him. But you are referring to criminals, anti-Semitic and the unamerican, and non-stop loud broken record. I’ll let you guess who’s who. MW as head of finances called the head of the big banks in to inquire what they are doing to help control student debt, not aware that none of them have provided student loans for years. Does that sound smart?
      This is a conservative site. If I go to all news stations save one, I will hear the same thing you complain about. Your side does it and did it first. I pray for the day the criminals in high positions of Obama’s term are handcuffed and charged.

    • Probably because of his trade policy. Apparently the European market had not finished their RAPE of our country and are hurting because of the new trade agreement. And I’m sure they weren’t finished unloading their criminals on us. Too bad, close the flood gates! We’ve had enough!

    • Paul says:

      I have comments from people in other countries that understand we are a Republic who hold him in high regard Ut’s fake news marxusts and Muslims whorlte him and rely on people’s ignorance who spout the vile you do.

    • glock19fan says:

      Reality Check, you must have been a “Flower Child” when growing up because you are a blooming idiot now. Your support for the crooks in the Clinton regime and that of Obama makes one wonder if you were behind the door when the brains were passed out. The Clintons, the Obamas and Mad Maxine Have been trying to take total control and trash the Constitution that protects your right to say stupid things.

    • John conway says:


    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Maxi pad s dumb ass bitch that hates this great country. She is in no dout ln my military mine a commie along with others in t he house. Semper Fi

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      You are dumb ass commie.

    • Ed says:

      Trump refuses to sign deals or honor deals which are detrimental to the US. So because he won’t go along with the NWO’s plans to destroy the US so they can take the peoples power away over their leadership, the rest of the world has a low opinion of him. Our horrible president who in 2 years with a microscope on his life hasn’t been found to have broken any laws. He kept his campaign promises also!!! So what’s your problem with our President? Does he need to lie to you, steal your rights from you, and hand the power of this country into the NWO’s hands for him to be liked by the likes of you?

    • Absolutely “AMAZING” (NOT!) how GODLESS, ATHIEST, PSYCHOTIC LOSERS like the above ALWAYS, somehow, find a way to invoke “religion” – their warped version of it anyway! – in “discussions” like this… Notice that it’s also a “former minister” delivering “the message”… WHY? Because he’s, NOW, given his “life” over to Satan… Oh, and, BTW: I wonder… EXACTLY HOW MANY FINGERS ARE POINTING BACK AT SICK-LIL’-OLE’ “Smartbiscuits” there, RIGHT NOW, with his/her/its’ GROSSY HYPOCRITICAL “statement”-of-PROJECTION, LAUNCHED AGAINST US AND OUR DULY-ELECTED PRESIDENT? (Rhetorical, of course… Answer to “HOW MANY FINGERS…?: ALL OF THEM, FOLKS… ALL OF THEM!) — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

      • Sorry Folks… I MEANT “reality check” above, not “smartbiscuits”… Err… but, WHAT-THE-HEAY, HUH?! They’re ALL OUTTA’ THE “SAME DISTORTED, DEFECTIVE MOLD” anyway… Uhh… RIGHT?? YEAH, THEY SURE ARE! — “EXCELSIOR!!”, W.F.B.

  27. Richard says:

    I liked your statement

  28. Alan says:

    All of these people in congress who want to see Trump’s tax returns should be required to release their tax returns too for the same number of years they want to see Trump’s returns.

    • Lisa says:

      They would look at his underwear if they thought there was a note in them telling them how to further berate the President. Mueller’s report is out with nothing on Trump, so they report that Trump said the F word. Wow! They finally have a reason to impeach!

      • Karen says:


    • Bryce Thompson says:

      Nibiru, the 10th planet that circles the our sun about every 5,124 years came last year closest to us in Nov. and is circling the sun now, and will be coming close to us around July 4, and causing asteroid impacts, it is bigger that Jupiter, as stated in Revelations, a lot of destruction here, keep an eye out for it, and prepare to survive.

      “Look, the average democrat voter is just plain stupid. They’re easy to manipulate. That’s the easy part.” ~ Hillary Clinton in Rewriting History 2005

  29. Sick and Tired says:

    Blame Nancy, she gave them the DAM job Maxine,Jerry and Adam.
    Doesn’t it make you sick to have to listen to these (4) ASSHOLES.

  30. Tim Shepperson says:

    People this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to live.

  31. NOBODY says:

    WATERS IS A DOG! and I bet she dosn’t want some one digging through her stufrf, cause I know she has skeletons in her closets

  32. Nunyer Binnis says:

    I thought you couldn’t see a Black Hole, much less hear one.

  33. nate says:

    Maxine has no business threatening others in regards to banking laws? Ones she herself is guilty manipulating for her husband’s dealings. Why does this idiot have such power, in your words, to concern others. Why give her the time of day!

  34. John Nice says:

    I totally fail to understand why, after urging riot and civil disobedience by verbally and physically confronting conservatives, she is not behind bars for inciting riot.

    • Carol says:

      farrakhanite prodigy…..can do no wrong amongst guilt complex idiots…
      double whammy…..racial and cult…

    • David Burnam says:

      Because she is a Democrat.

    • Ann says:

      You are right about this she should be in prison right now for what she did by inciting riot. If any of us average citizens had done this of course we would be there. What is that old saying money talks. These people have enough money to buy their out of anything they could do wrong. Her day will come soon enough if not here then on judgement day.

    • JIM DAVIS says:









      • Anna Dailey says:

        You’re absolutely right, Mr. Davis but people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk! Action is necessary……..

        • David Dench says:

          I call Washington almost every day. I don’t care what they say, call, call, call. Drive them crazy and mail letters also. Don’t let their stooge butt boys interrupt you either. You are being recorded anyway so when they try to interrupt, remind them THEY WOEK FOR YOU,and to be quiet and let you talk. I’ve been harassing skelitor, , pewlowsi for years.

      • Lisa says:

        You are true. Why are we not out protesting at all? There is a point, I believe, where the Conservatives will have had enough. We will all reach the point of enough at one time. The Dems don’t consider that, not do they consider whose side God is on.

    • Betty S. says:

      Simply because she is a demoncrat!

    • Lisa says:

      That’s what I say!? Nothing is like it used to be? When I was young, these people would be picked up and interrogated for harrassing the president? This stuff would not have flown at all?

  35. Linda J Kyle says:

    If you don’t start investigating Maxine on her illegal businesses where she got her money and how; check her out as well! The Dems are doing this to keep us distracted on their corruption! We the people need to file a law suite against Democratic party for abuse of power using tax payers money. This is cart blanc for them to sit around and spent tax money for their gain whether it is for parties and now they are using it to get votes from people by destroying this country in so many ways. I am so sick of their stupidity as well as those who fall for their games at our expense. FED UP AMERICAN!!!

    • Marcus says:

      @Linda , I agree and also feel your pain , But it is far from stupidity , It is their overall Agenda that terrifies Me , Do some research on who and what these Animals are , Watch = Agenda ,Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers , Enemies Within by Trevor Louden , Agenda Two , So many others , If I had my way I would designate the Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats as a Domestic Terrorist Organization and The Domestic Enemy of The United States and of coarse their allies as well

      • Lisa says:

        They are planning the One World Government, as has been planned for years. Controlled food and resources so we are sustained and suppossedly to offset Climate Change. One currency, UN police force, no more sovereignty. Pretty much what AOC advocates, but she only gives a piece away.
        What I want to know, is if we are all going to perish in twelve years and can prevent it, as she claims, what happens if instead Ebola becomes active everywhere? Or we are hit by a huge asteroid? Or one of the huge volcanoes blow and send us into Ash winter forever till death? How do they plan on controlling these acts of nature? It’s all a facade that we can control anything. The Dems mistake themselves for God.

        • Marcus says:

          Watch a movie called = Amerigeddon , It is not exactly the best of movies , But the plot is very possible , A Man made disaster is more likely , A well organized collapse makes more sense at this point

    • Jjay says:

      She became rich right after her husband took all that money from his bank where he worked or should I say. Embodied the money for him self and Maxine .Before that she was poor as shut .Investigate her and her fat sister.

  36. Frank says:

    Mad Maxine is an idiot. She saved a bank that her and her husband had a financial interest with a 12 million dollar infusion of money. Then they pulled out their money before, knowing that the bank was going to go to crap. She and her husband should both be investigated and locked away gor a long time.

    • Johannes Odijk says:

      Surprises me the ‘ho is still in congress.

    • Anna M. Dailey says:

      Yes, these are the people in office who should be investigated and brought down for using the tax payers’ money to better their own bank accounts. We don’t need these people in Congress, we need to throw them out and put some new blood in there. People like Waters, Pelosi and so many others have been in office way too many years openly sucking off of the citizens to fatten their bank rolls. Surely someone high up can start weeding out these dishonest people.

  37. If they were truth full they would call it the United states Democrat communist party, {usdcp} but then we know that every thing they say is a lie. For 8 years every time Barack opened his mouth lies flowed out like water & every thing he did hurt America & divided the people of America. That was the plan of Democrat communist party & it is a plan they will never give up’ we must defeat these people every election, they will not discuss different ideas or compromise to get things done.
    It’s there way or the highway! but what they don’t know is the American people are coming down that highway to run them & there ideas over.

    • Lisa says:

      But they cheat. At elections, at protests, at leaks, at bring criminals, at everything. I am concerned if Trump is not proactive concerning 2020, we know they will cheat cheat cheat for the election.

  38. B. Holly says:

    Does Maxine work for the Paris fire department?

  39. Paul says:

    It’s time for we the people to start filing charges against any and all politicians that are not up holding their oath of office, the Constitution, abuse of office/ power and double standards. Any one charged and found guilty looses all benefits, any and all retirement benefits, pulls time in a max security prison with the big boys

  40. Pissed off Deplorable says:

    How about investigating the Democrats finances and business dealings!!! They have become multi-millionaires on a government salary.

    • kathy says:


  41. Valerie santaniello says:

    Where is the proof that Donald Trump! Did anything with Russian! You can’t go into people’s bank accounts with no proof,!

  42. David Kennedy says:

    Its a disgrace that she is in the house. The people in her district have the brain of a two year old. Total abuse of power, when hate consumes you you end end up doing stupid ignorant things. Waters is case and point. I wish these assholes would get to the business of taking care of the country, instead of fighting windmills.

  43. JC says:

    One thing for sure the American people should not be paying her for shooting off her big mouth and wasting prime Congressional time and effort chasing a dead rabbit down her pie hole! Why are these fools in charge of the important committees in Congress? There is something drastically wrong with Democrats!

  44. Breaker 19 says:

    I don’t understand. Congress is supposed to be working for the American people and this country. Why do they think they are getting their enormous salaries and benefits. I think they have gotten the idea that we are supposed to be working for them.
    With all the problems we have in this country, nobody is doing anything about them except President Trump. These people are acting like idiots. They have only one idea in their heads, and that is to find something that they can use against President Trump. He is our president and needs to be treated like he is president.
    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with him on something, but when it comes to something that helps the people or this country, they should be behind him 100%. If not, they need to get out.
    We don’t need obstructionist in Congress. Neither Democrat or Republican. We need people who will do the job we are paying them to do, and that is to represent us, Not the party. If one party comes up with something the other party doesn’t like, if it’s something that will help the people or this country, the other party should submit something they think is better, not just trash it completely. The party’s do not know what Bi-partisan is any more. Everybody in one party votes against everything anybody in the other party submits. They are beginning to be a worthless piece of crap, both party’s are. We need to clean house in Washington, As Preside3nt Trump said, “drain the swamp”.

  45. “House Intelligence” = always “thought” that this word had “something” to with “smarts”, KNOW HOW”…..SKILLS….???? Well, I am clearly “DISAPPOINTED”, sounds MORE like “EVIL” being run by CRIMINALS who belong in PRISON…..!!!!!

  46. Maybe SHE should run for “president”….ALWAYS coming up with “new” ideas…..!!! BAD ideas….BUT “better” than NONE….!!!!!

  47. Caesar says:

    Fat, black, and dumb. Send her back to California before it’s too late.

    • Pat says:

      How can you belong to a party that supports this dumb, evil corrupt person? The democrats are now the PARTY OF HATE, EVIL AND STUPIDITY!

    • Lisa says:

      Ceasar, allow me to say, when you talk like that, it appears you are a bigot, just as the Dems constantly call conservatives. This way of thinking was obsolete, or at least if people thought that way, they were quiet. Now we are back to bad Race relations. We have gone backwards in history, which is exactly what Obama and our enemies, Russia, Nation of Islam, and more, want. They pushed it along. I prefer not to accommodate them.

  48. These crazy democrats seems like they have nothing to do……For the last two years all they have done
    is to tear down Trump……..Dems is that all you want your congress to do?What about the Dems no.
    two project…doing all they can do to flood the country with immigrants..Also they want to investate
    but they are investigating the wrong party seems they are doing nothing but causing trouble…..

  49. Ernst says:

    Congress will do everything possible to irritate President Trump, not least in the hope of having him overreact and do something foolish. Pelosi and her minions cannot really hurt Trump. I just hope he realizes this and keeps on doing his work.

  50. Gregory Sullivan says:

    This isn’t the end as the leftist’s burning hatred for Trump that will last throughout his presidency and they will gain absolutely nothing from it and turn people away from their communist ideology. They are digging their own grave and I’ll help them dig it and as far I’m concerned GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • Mike says:

      I hope so. I have never loathed the Let as much as I do now. They all HATE Trump, & are endlessly digging for ANYTHING to embarrass him or impeach him on. To have a quote from Schiff , is ridiculous. Schiff hates Trump, which is proven in the recorded conversation he had with some FAKE Russians who were saying they had “dirt” on Trump. Schiff was so interested in the “dirt” & couldn’t wait for it! He has trump Derangement Syndrome, therefor EVERYTHING has says & does is in direct opposition to Trump’s presidency & everything & anything he does.

      • carmelita says:

        people who hides something are afraid they will get caught so they will create distraction it is like a cheater who cheated on a spouse and blame the other while they are the one committing fraud

      • Lisa says:

        Hahaha! That was so funny! He was salivating over that guy with that horrid fake Russian accent! Talking about the prostitutes and peeing and Schiff eating g it up! Obviously at that juncture he did not know the doccier was all fiction!

  51. Greg says:

    Ahhh the robotic judicial pinhead. Beaters of dead horses everywhere.

  52. Terry Moore says:

    OK, the Republicans want Obama’s, Bill and Hilary’s, plus their foundation, Nancy’s, Chuck’s, Maxine’s, Schumer’s, Sharpton’s, Schiff’s, heck let’s check them all.

  53. Gregory Sullivan says:

    The only reason that they want Trump’s tax returns as they couldn’t find any evidence of Russian Collusion in the 2016 election and obstruction of justice. Out of extremely desperation they want to look at his tax returns with an electron microscope to find the slightest amount of cheating on his taxes to use it as grounds for his impeachment. Why hasn’t anyone demanded the tax returns of Barblockhead Obah-bah black sheep’s. There is a double standard here in that if you’re a Democrook, your tax returns won’t be examined but if your a republican that’s a horse of a different colour.

  54. Latina says:

    Over my dead body! Will never give up my guns! I’m almost finish and getting the hell out of California. All my life but, can not live in this third world country anymore.

  55. steve evans says:

    the democrats are coming for your guns in California, Florida and other states. They call the bill (RED FLAG), this allows them (Democrats) the right by LAW to take your weapon, leaving you with no way to defend yourself or your family or a stranger. Look out folks here come the NAZIS, right through your front door. I guess those folks in those other states are going through a stage of MEMORY LOSS, we fought a war against those people, now what was their name, got it NAZIS !!!!!

    • Skip says:

      Not in Florida as long as our 2d Amendment Governor & Senator are in office.

      • Jayne Dough says:

        Skip: Not for nothing and I do like FL’s governor but he made a big mistake signing that awful Red Flag Bill; it’s not a friend at all to the 2nd Amendment. That bill is the start of illegal gun confiscation.


    • Skip says:

      Read History of Southern Rebellion, Vol 2, pg 75. History is repeating itself.

    • Lisa says:

      Who and when was this law passed? I am NRA member and they raise money every time Congress starts talking about the next law controlling firearms, and I have not read it heard any states are having firearms collected.

    • Liss says:

      I think you missed the part about your family has to petition court for firearms to be removed temporarily in cases where mental illness is a concern. Like the shooter at the high school was crazy and said he needed help, and he had access to a bunch of guns while he was homicidal. I happen to know of other instances where sick people didn’t need guns.

      • David Dench says:

        I call Washington almost every day. I don’t care what they say, call, call, call. Drive them crazy and mail letters also. Don’t let their stooge butt boys interrupt you either. You are being recorded anyway so when they try to interrupt, remind them THEY WOEK FOR YOU,and to be quiet and let you talk. I’ve been harassing skelitor, , pewlowsi for years.

  56. John Bloxson Jr. says:

    Sooner or Latter She will stand before a Holy JESUS CHRIST to be judged for her evil ways she will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where the AntiChrist his False Prophet Death and Hades, and Satan will spend eternity as inmates.

    • Jayne Dough says:

      John Blaxson Jr: Mad Maxine cannot head off to stand before St. Peter at the Pearly Gates soon enough for me. She’s going to be shocked to find herself escorted to the express elevator straight down. She’ll be in good company though with the likes of NObama, Hillary, Slick Willie, Comey, Pelosi, Reid, Brennan, and tons of others too numerous to mention.

  57. Pat says:

    This whole Democrat mess is pathetic!!!! The Dems have turned into a bunch of pigs rooting around in the mud trying to find whatever bit of dirt they can find and expose on any and everyone!!! Have they no shame?? Apparently not!!! By their words and deeds….shame is not something they would understand even if it slapped them in the face. These people are completely out-of-control…..and wasting taxpayers money!!! The voters who put them in office should be held responsible for their actions….and if they have any common decency will hopefully vote these poor excuse for leadership people out of office their next election!!

    • Eleanor Maus says:

      I don’t think you have to wait for the next election to recall a crazy person for gross dereliction of duty.
      Start the recalls, people..,,the sooner, the better!

      • Pat says:

        Not much hope when the crazy ones are in control and blocking any and all common sense actions!! It would take the whole country coming together to achieve a recall and I’m not sure the country is ready for that. We wouldn’t be in this mess if ALL Americans had stepped up to the plate last election.

  58. Gregory Sullivan says:

    In Max’s twisted mind is that if you’re a white male and especially wealthy, you are a bigoted racist and you are guilty until proven innocent and even then you are still expected of being the above.

  59. Rodney says:


  60. DR Richard says:

    gorilla waters needs to be put back in the zoo with KING KONG watch him stomp her ugly mug

    • Ingrid Colello says:

      I agree. FB suspended me for saying something about Obama that was similar! I’m so sick of FB. Maxine Waters is a criminal and everything else you said!

    • Alleccs says:

      Maxine needs to be raped by KING KONG 100 times consecutively! After the rapes she needs to be gassed and cremated a la Auschwitz. The sooner the better!

    • Lisa says:

      You can’t be a doctor. When you act like that it makes the Dems correct!? And it chases African Americans away from being conservative or voting for Trump. I don’t get talking about stupid people acting stupid!?

  61. starman says:

    These dirty rinorats an demorats are all Treasonist Traitor pigs to America!!!! They sold us out to our enimies for power an money !!!!! We need vote them out of office an take back America before its to late. Our freedom is so presious. Lets not lose it.

  62. neo says:

    Someone needs to investigate Maxie-Pad-Waters and how she can afford a multi million dollar home where her mortgage payments seem to be 20 to30 thousand more a year than she makes….not counting taxes, upkeep, utilities , and food….How do you do it Maxie in the James Brown wig?

    • John says:

      neo: She and other democrats want to see six years of Trump’s tax information to look for dirt. I’m agreeable to that, IF, and ONLY IF, the same requirement is applied to ALL members of both houses of congress, house of representatives and senate, without exception. I prefer to include all heads of departments, agencies, and bureaus in the federal government. After all we must be fair. I wonder how many democrats are going to keep yelling for Trump’s tax information when they, and all their fellow members of congress will have to cough up their own six years of tax information (heh).

  63. JIM DAVIS says:

    Amazing how many people piss and moan, but NEVER take any real action!

    In fact 99.5% of Americans find time to post on news outlets, social media only pissing and moaning and saying how this or that should have been done.

    How many employers any where in the world hire staff and walk off? NONE! Except right here in the United States. Just because you vote your job is not over, in fact it’s just the beginning.

    If you’re not calling your reps at least once a week but find the time to post all over social media or on news outlets, then there is something seriously wrong!

    And your not taking any action is granting every member in Congress permission to do as they damn well please.


    Instead of sitting back and not taking action, or coming up with more excuses than carter has pills, why not do something?

    You can call TOLL FREE 24/7 866-272-6622…

  64. Nick says:

    I like many others are fed up with all these people in Congress and the Senate. The time has come to rein in these so called leaders to go back to work and run the Nation. Enough of this baloney about Trump working with this Nation or that one! Either you as a Congress member or a Member of the Senate work on the job of running the Government! Forget this nonsense of Black Reparation Pay, Enough off this nonsense about not wanting to offend anyone. Grow up and be a Man or Women and think of the betterment of our Great Nation. What is this baloney about a safe Room? Total nonsense! Either you are an American or you want too be one and do it Legally or get the hell out!To our supposed leaders either Either do your jobs that you were elected for or get the hell out! Don’t like Trump? Too bad either find a way to work with President Trump or get the hell out. You elected officials were sent to Washington, NOT for your own benefit , But! to try to make this Country a better place in which to live But also to try and make the world as a whole a better place for all. You are not there to place illegals with-in our towns and cities but rather too insure our safety. You are supposed to insure that you will place our safety and welfare above that of illegal persons coming here. Yet you are so inept at doing your jobs, so inept that it is beyond words or explanation why we are in this situation. Congress and Senate are a disgrace to our Nation and our Great Country you both truly are inept at doing the jobs you are supposed to be doing. Just look at these inept individuals A.O. Cortez, Hank Johnson, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Jackson, Cummings,and a host of Others! truly remarkable that our Great Nation has survived this long with these nimcompoops in office. There was a time when states men and women were held in High esteem, No More! and you wonder why? Really? We have statesmen and Stateswomen that come out with crack pot ideas like we have to cut down on the methane that is caused buy cattle releasing gas Really and this person is a member of Congress?How about the Jackass that was worried that a Island might tip over? Yep That was Hank Johnson!!! How about we have a White Caucus and we demand that every black person pay reparation for the Black Population that has ever been on Welfare? Now there is Bernie Sanders what has his contribution been to this Great Nation. Has he ever tried to defend the U.S.A.? No, matter of fact he Ran, demonstrated against our own nation, He Bernie claims that Communism is sooooo wonderful then why is he still here? Could it be that he has never had a real job? HMMMM How many bills has uncle Bernie worked that would better the lif of Americans as a Whole?
    It is time that we ass Americans throw out these ne’er do gooders, throw out those that are sitting in the House Of Congress and the Senate and are NOT for our way of life, Time to get rid of those that fee;l we should accommodate the Muslims or anyone else that does not our way of life after all We Americans DID NOT ASK THEM TO COME HERE> Wake up America!
    Should anyone that wants to come and be a good citizen AND COME HERE LEGALLY I SAY GOD BLESS AND LET US HELP THEM!

  65. krymson says:

    Imagine that…a Democrat trying to enrage President Trump! First, tax records are personal and can only be “given” by the owner, of which the IRS is not. He IRS will be in violation of U.S. law should they release any of Donald Trump’s IRS tax records. Secondly, tax records do not fall under interpreting The Constitution; therefore, the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in this matter. Thirdly, this action shows how disgustingly vile and anti-constitution Representative Waters is. Waters cares nothing about our laws, the Constitution, our citizens, protocol, and common decency. She is all about power….at all costs! Waters is dangerous and a threat to this nation. That is treason and she should be tried for her actions. I demand the Supreme Court to do their job and refuse to accept this challenge as being unlawful in form and unethical in nature. If Waters, Pelosi, Talib, Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, et al, would spend as much time seeking to right the wrongs Democrats have stacked against the working American citizen as they do seeking to impeach President Trump, perhaps Congress would have accomplished something since regaining control of The House!

  66. Tmothy Toroian says:

    If these dinks in Congress think they are tougher than the IRS they LIVE in a rabbit hole. The IRS probably hated Trump long before these 2-bit despots and audited the living crap out of him. Has Maxine had a recent comprehensive physical? That found any dementia.

    • James says:

      Wow, being investigated by the three-time voted most corrupt person in Congress Maxine Waters, God help us. I’m so sick of this old ugly ass hag.

  67. Gregory Sullivan says:

    There should be a law that makes members of congress subject to the same rules as the president which could make them convicted of impeachable offensives. Max would’ve been impeached for her hatred and her slanderous lies as well as threats, against our president .

  68. Kimberly says:

    Whoever has the power to remove her needs to do so immediately. Enough is enough.

  69. Dean says:

    Chris McDonnell…total in agreement with you. They need to be investigated and have their tax returns checked in detail

  70. Charlie says:

    She should be brought to trial. What she is doing to Trump is in my opinion a hate crime against a white president. All one has to do is look at the past history of this Waters person in the past time that Trtump has been in office and even before he was elected.

  71. mark says:

    how is it that some one who was voted to be the most corrupt person in congress and who has made over fifty million dollars as a congress woman (to prove this point) is put in charge of over seeing the banks and wall street ?

  72. carl says:


    • Betty says:

      Hey, carl. It’s spelled LET, not lat, Damm, not damen, Doormat, not domrat, investigate not investgate & not Democrat but Democrats with the letter S added on. Are you really that much of a republican RETARD?

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Dear Betty Boop you have the brains of a retarded amoeba. You are a disgrace to the human race. Take your anti-Trump communist hatred with you and drop dead you Hellary and Obama loving piece of dog feces bitch!

  73. Cookie says:

    Idiots like her should not have any power in politics at all, she’s an evil vicious person

    • Denny says:

      I can not add to your post. You are totally correct!Q

    • Wondering Woman says:

      AMEN! Looks like all the demoncrats are infected with some unknown disease that makes one spew hatred at everyone who doesn’t think like they do. Wonder if it is a disease or is it new world order brainwashing to make then insiders and hate all outsiders.
      Personally think it is a case of they sold their souls to the devil and can’t believe everyone else isn’t ruled by the love of money and as criminal and corrupt as they are.

  74. Kevin says:

    U know this is straight up an abuse of power!! They R suppose 2 B working 4 the people not some dumb ass witch hunt!!!
    Some how there has 2B a way 2 stop the BS. I think a line is gonna B crossed and they won’t be able step back from it, they R Already destroying there party, which nobody gives a RATS ASS about anyway, but they R bringing down the fabric of our society and our Country with….
    They R destroying US 2 get 2 POTUS and they don’t give a DAMN about U and I getting screwed in the process!!!????????????

  75. Chris McDonnell says:


  76. Noel Mellen says:

    Nothing will happen to Waters. Nothing happened to Hillary and countless others. We have as conservatives lost our will to fight, not only back, but also to go on to the offensive and we have not demanded that this effort by a national party to destroy a sitting President be punished.
    Unless we face the music our Republic will cease to exist. Enough exists that we could demand a serious investigation into many Democrats’ activities and certainly into the DNC and their candidate in the 2016 election.

    I do not believe we will do so. What we will do is rant and rave and perhaps bluster about the terrible injustice done to our nation by a major party and nothing will be accomplished.

  77. Nghia says:

    They are lawmakers but they do not understand laws.

  78. Larry Allen says:

    This woman needs to be fired and kicked out of the position she now holds in the Government. Plwease do it soon before it’s too late.

  79. sharon moore says:

    If these people want to check everyone’s tax returns…then they should have to fork over theirs!!! I think they should make sure their skirts are clean before stalking others. Let’s see Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Beto O,Rourke, …AOC, etc. They are just on a witch hunt!!!!! How about the last administration…? Can we see theirs? President Trump is doing a great job. Leave him alone. The Democrats need to get some work done…for the people they represent. They have done nothing but waste the taxpayers money. No salary without a real job effort.

  80. Dixon Tom says:

    Why is she not being investigated for fraud and money laundering to her daughter with campaign funds and federal funds for her aides?

  81. JoAnn says:

    Maxine is an absolute joke. I hope we see her sucked down the drain hole with the rest of President Trumps abusers…

  82. John Decker says:

    Waters has no business doing this. She , Schumer, Schitt, and others have lost their minds with their hatred of Trump. I don’t think they even realize how this asinine abuse looks to the American public. They seem to be trying to start another Civil War. If that comes to pass they will lose. And they will be sorry. They are willing to destroy this nation over their insane hatred of Trump.

    • D.A.N. says:

      Swalwell says he is going to ban ” military style assault weapons”. Anyone that has one will have to turn it in to the government. Or keep it at a gun range. I say that if he wants to try that, he should volunteer to be the one to go out and collect them. I’d say give him the Lead bullets first. Yes the leftist want to start a civil war. But what they forget is that those who own the most guns will be the ones that win that war and it won’t be them. I won’t be using a “msaw” on them. I’ll be using a full blown ex-military rifle. Something with a range that if they even get as close to the house as the front gate will hit them with more force than their puny little 5.56 has at the muzzle. And it just might be ex-US Gov’t ammo that is used on them too. One other thing he forgets. When you become a felon because you own one, there is no reason why that you shouldn’t own a weapon that is full auto/burst mode capable too.

  83. debi j. says:

    I honestly can’t take much more of the Trump hate from the Dems/left and their hate for people like me, as well. I don’t know how my President Trump deals with all this day after day….

  84. Andy Wood says:

    I would tell her to kiss my a–

  85. Pete says:

    Release the hounds Mr. President! The largest investigative agencies in the country work for the Executive Branch. Oh! And start sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities and states tomorrow.

  86. Ronsch says:

    What she’s not looking for is “politically embarrassing” but is corruption. Why are you all so worried about her investigation? Do you really think she’ll find corruption? If not, they why are you so worried? Maybe you’re worried because she will find corruption, and apparently none of you care about Trump being found corrupt.

    • Maybe everyone is tired of all the waisted tax dollars as well as waisted time that the voted representatives are doing rather than focusing on country issues needing looked at. Immigration reform, emergency funds for the flooded midwest and so much more.

    • Terrence says:

      Who cares if she finds something. It is none of her business. Why doesn’t she look into her corrupt banking business with her husband. Get off the President’s back you bunch of hypocrites. I have had it to my neck with people who hated this man from day 1. He is the only President who works for nothing, donates his salary to charity. He paid for his campaign. No other does. Leave him alone you bunch of phonies and baby killers. Worry about the millions of children you murder every year. Take care of that How can you sleep at night with our children’s blood on your hands I pity all of you murderers when you stand before God. Take care of this and leave my President alone. You should b impeached not him

    • T.H.E.Bear says:

      Ronch you old commie idiot. How kind of you to confirm that demonRATS will break any law and have no moral compunction about breaking any laws for political gain. The real corruption in DC lies with the DEMONICRATS AND THEIR LUST FOR POWER AT ALL COSTS. Useful idiots like you help perpetuate this criminality.

    • Gregory M Harnett says:

      Don’t be a fool. Two years investigation showed no involvement in obstruction and no involvement in Russia and campaign fixing. Democrats have done absolutely nothing for going on 3 years except whine and bitch. Nothing else.
      Could that be because THEY have nothing else to offer the country?

  87. Raymond Charron says:

    Maxipad, the most corrupt politician in our history has no business looking into anyone’s tax returns and business dealings. The dems hate for Trump is turning the dems into hitlerisms. They really need to stop or they will find themselves in a political mess with Trump. I’m a Trump supporter and I date her to dig into my personal business dealings. She’ll find out real fast who I am.

    • Ronsch says:

      Republicans in the Ways and Means Committee a couple of years ago demanded and got the tax returns of a number of liberal groups, and you’re upset about this Committee asking for Trump’s tax returns? What hypocrisy.

  88. Maynard Altizer says:

    Mad Maxine crosses any Red Line of common sense put before her and steps into the abyss of stupidity.

    • Betty says:

      Hey, maynard, in your above comment, did you mean Maxine Waters or CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, that Oval Office Blond Haired, Brain Dead Orangutan Ape?

      • Gregory Sullivan says:

        Why don’t you just drop dead and spare us all of your burning hatred of Donald Trump . You are an ignorant and stupid less than a retarded a hole bitch! Who wanted Hellary to be our next president I’m glad that didn’t happen as our country would’ve been a third world toilet.

  89. M.A. White says:

    Ever notice the Dems have picked the absolute most corrupt & stupid of their members to head up “committees” in the House.

    • Al says:

      You are absolutely correct. That is how they get their control by using yes people to use their means to control the majority, leaving them more or less out of problems they created. Example; Look at Omar and her latest remark about 9/11 “oh someone did something” then asking Pelose for protection because of threats and trying to blame the President . She shouldn’t have received any and should be held accountable for her remarks. If the families of victims of 9/11 could get their hands on her she would need more than protection. What a shame to have a representative of her caliber in the halls of congress, better yet is to have a room full of gutless people that will not stand up for our country and take action against her and others who show disrespect for the people and the United States of America. Is this what it’s about or is to remember all those who fought and died for our country to keep it free of this sort thing? We the people have to get up and tell all those dead beets in Washington to get off their back sides and forget about making money and to do what is expected of them. Al I can say is that they are sorry lot and not worthy to lick our Presidents boots. Remember it’s all about money folks and until that changes Washington won’t! God Bless America Write and demand Action

  90. Karin says:

    Ms. Waters is going to take one step too far. She is the voice of unrest, calculated misconduct, and treason to America for her whipping up the public to harass every Trump supporter. Now because she is the head honcho of the House Financial Services Committee, she is at the same level of the Mueller investigation, got the name, now let’s create a crime.

    • master gunny sgt USMC retired says:

      Big lips is a traitor to our country and people. 2020 election is going to bite the commie treason demogogs inthe ass. They have not done a damn thing for two and a half years for this great country but bitch and mone. Yoou are losers. SEMPER FI US MARINE

  91. everyone know’s waters hates trump day one, now that pelosi has put her in a seat she is using it just like the democratic party has and still does. so whay would this be unexpected, it is true she has no investigating prowess by law just a fact finding statuet the president has the right to sue and send this information to the doj on the presiss waters is doing an abuse of power where her seat has no right to do. as with everything since late 2015 the democratic party has and will not stop and tryand turn every pebble unturned to find just one misused word to try and use it to unseat the president, by this time you would think they would stop, at each turn they are denied any way for americans to believe what they say or do.

  92. Rodney says:

    Moron Waters is utilizing the old communist methods of destroying your opponents by searching for crimes with no suspicion of or evidence of a crime.” Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.” Lavrentiy Beria head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police.

    • Susan says:

      Why hasn’t anyone done a serious Background Check on this old evil Vile Corrupt diseased pile of Dung!? I’m sure she has many many skeletons in her closet!!!!! She IS the most corrupt Politician there is!? And how does this Satanist keep getting voted back in!?!? Is it Money!? It couldn’t be her record of accomplishments!!!! What has she done for any ONE American!?!? …anyone know!?!?…………….?

  93. Patricia Farmer says:

    Maxine mouth has no idea she is coming to close to this!

  94. Derek McGowan says:

    Maxine Waters is established to be a corrupt Congresswoman in her own right. She should have been fired from Congress years ago. Democrats simply love corruption and have no sense of what is right or wrong.

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