Law enforcement released this video that just ended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never saw this one coming.

The socialist Congresswoman was riding high on the wave of media attention after calling illegal alien detention facilities “concentration camps.”

But law enforcement released this video that just ended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career.

Ocasio-Cortez whipped the media into a frenzy after she claimed she witnessed illegal aliens drinking water out of toilets during a tour of an El Paso border detention facility.

This was a lie.

Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats spread this false claim to pressure the Trump administration into releasing all the illegal aliens in their custody.

The Arizona Border Patrol proved Ocasio-Cortez a liar when the agency tweeted out a video tour of the facility exposing the false claims made by Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow anti-American activists.

The Daily Caller reports:

Arizona Border Patrol fired back Wednesday at claims made by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, offering a video tour of an Arizona processing facility.

“Here is a look at the inside of a #BorderPatrol processing center with Chief Patrol Agent of #TucsonSector Roy Villareal,” read the tweet from CBP Arizona’s official Twitter account.

Arizona Border Patrol fired back Wednesday at claims made by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, offering a video tour of an Arizona processing facility.

“Here is a look at the inside of a #BorderPatrol processing center with Chief Patrol Agent of #TucsonSector Roy Villareal,” read the tweet from CBP Arizona’s official Twitter account.

You can watch the video below:

Illegal aliens aren’t drinking out of toilets and the facilities they are being held in are not torturing them.

The media uncritically prints these lies because they are backed into a corner.

Journalists overwhelmingly support Ocasio-Cortez, but since she made the ridiculous concentration camp comparison the media has to scrounge around for any justification – even if it is a lie – to defend her claim.


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159 Responses

  1. William EARL Brown Jr. says:

    POS all of them…………

  2. john says:

    I am sure that if one of us had done the same thing, we would be headed for the slammer. Are they truely going to allow her to get away with this treasonous act?

  3. John D Kelly says:

    Everyone in Congress (Including AOC) who have advised illegals how to avoid court-ordered deportation have incriminated themselves by violating the oath they took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. The GOP members of Congress should move to impeach them and/or demand that they resign immediately.

  4. marleen davis says:

    This needs to get out to all the public, not just on the Conservative Blogs. Please someone do their do diligence to get this out to the vast audience of all people in the U.S.

  5. Sharon Collins says:

    It is a scary time with the AOC and Omar and even Harris trying to destroy Trump and therefore our country. These congresswomen have no respect or show any loyalty to America. It certainly is clear they want America citizens living under government control. I hope they realize their life will not be the same..opps they don’t care because they have the resources to survive. I do no and know there are thousands, millions who will suffer and be destroyed too. A civil war will come and life will change .. not for the good. They need to be removed; the democratic party is destroying us. We will become a country totally against the constitution and the freedom it has has provided for us.

    • buzz says:

      Totally agree. These people are divide and conquer types and America could even experience violence between the facions. As a former Marine infantry sergeant I dread such an occurrence on our soil Sharon. Great comment, thanks,

  6. buzz says:

    This news piece reminds me of how grateful I am. Grateful that AOC, Tliab & Omar are in such a minority of our elected officials. I welcome any foreigner into America if they come legally and have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they are not jihadists or sympathetic to such people. Just think what it would be like if we had 30 or 40 of these America haters in Congress. It is imperative for the survival of America and our culture that we keep such potential destroyers of our great country out of elected office and out of our nation if they are like AOC & her fellow travelers. It is not discriminatory to draw a line in the sand and say, ‘Those who would tear our nation apart are crossing that line and entering our country.’ The preservation of the United States for our people of all colors and all religions is our responsibility and first priority. God Bless America and all it’s people.

  7. trebor says:

    She won’t be around long. Andy Cuomo and Pelosi will see to that. Won’t survive a primary but will get her own bar.

  8. As a public figure the President is not allowed to block his twitter account to all who wish to read or respond to his remarks. Shouldn’t it then also be true that as a public figure, a sitting Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should not be lying to the public. Now from my perspective, a President who wants to block his twitter account, is a lot less serious than a sitting Congresswoman lying to the public.

  9. Johnny g says:

    I think AOC should try a drink out of the toilet herself yet my water her dried out Braincel one she fried working at the bar can’t hurt

  10. Barb Brown says:

    That Dumb BIT-H oac is so STUPID and such a LIER………She doesn’t now or will ever have any credibility ……..I think besides being a lier, she is too STUPID to know the diference between a toilet and a water fountain..And she is too STUPID to ask….probably the biggest IDIOT in DC. and that’s saying something.

  11. Gene Hudson says:

    Well, the Bobblehead has about worn this one out, wonder what outrageous lie she will come up with now to get her face out there. Dems are so stupid the think this is helping the party but in reality reasonable people know shes lying and it only alienates voters. At least we dont see Pelosi and Maxine Watters horsefaces too much anymore.

  12. patricia l rentz says:


  13. Will it post says:

    I have tried three times now to make this statement about AOC and her phony end of the world chicken Little cry the globe is warming it has been warming since before mankind was on the planet it is going through a cycle study the history of the planet ice ages and you will see we are nearing the top of a global warming. . period which will peek in 12 to 15 years go figure chicken little things they’re going to save the planet know the plan it will start cooling again on its own and complete his cycle wake up world she’s a liar she’s a fake so is her entire process of thought what a sucker anyone must be who follows her stand up speak up tell her to shut up and then throw your ass the hell out of the country

  14. Wayne Alsip says:

    stop with the sensationalism. every damn thing you post is sensationalized with misleading headlines.

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      I agree Wayne…so much is always insinuated in the headlines, yet everyone already knows the left are lying greedy criminals that will probably never be charged with anything, & the goofy libs aren’t going to allow their own to go down for their BS… nothing new, just the same Ole same as always.

  15. Stephen says:

    I am soooo tired of these so called conservative rags That turn out to be no better than the liberal rags. “Breaking! Watch the video of So n So’s career ending fill in the blanks. I’m fixing to label these BS sites as Spam, because that is exactly what they are

  16. K razie says:

    Getting tired of all of this sensationalism of the news so if this article did not “just ended Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career” I’m going to unsubscribe from you.,.. You are not CNN

  17. Marty says:

    Well, I don’t know if this will end her “career.” You vastly overestimate the gullibility of the animals in her district!

  18. Zaw Soe says:


  19. Off2shop says:

    Democrats are famous for “stuffing our ballet boxes” ! Folks, AOC is a product of George Soro’s voting machines and those democrats that stuff ballet boxes! I don’t know for sure, but I think this is how AOC got to congress.

  20. N says:

    ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal Muslim pedophilia demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  21. Fred says:

    Ms. AOC and her Anti-Americanism and Anti-American Allies like Ms. Omar, Ms. Tliab, Ms. Harris) Friends, needs their US Citizenship (her Anti-US Constitutional Illegal Immigrant-Alien Followers, who did NOT get vetted Thoroughly Enough, examples, who will NOT conform to the USA’s way of life) and their Congressional Membership’s CANCELED and DEPORTATION PROCESS STARTED AT THE VERY SECOND THEY SET FOOT ON US SOIL!

  22. Chuck says:

    Anally Orally-Confused is an Imbecile, a Liar, and a Fraud. Every time she opens her mouth, more ignorant, uneducated socio-communist drivel spews forth like the vomit it is. Her constituents need to get their sh*t togeth and their ducks in a row and vote this Stupid, Obfuscating Failed Abortion out of office.

  23. DOUG says:


  24. Pauline Kasper says:

    Little Ms. Occasional-Cotex needs to be removed from office ASAP. She is a phony who thinks she is such an expert on everything! I know what a phony is! I was a supervisor for 28 years.

  25. john says:

    aoc is should be impeached or thown out of congress !,She needs to shout up .ubless the facts back her up , you would never hear another word out of her liberal bs mouth

  26. Why is AOC afraid to go on REAL TV to show how smart she is.
    I wonder!!!

  27. Eliot says:

    AOC is a subversive, anti-American lesbian with many lovers she has group sex with! Her lovers are Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg, Maria Cardona, Amber Phillips, Jen Mendoza and Nathaly Ariola!

    • Johnny g says:

      Let’s see if it will post my comment this time I said AOC should be a registered sex offender and anybody who supports the LGBT movement should also have to register these are sexual offenses they are openly flirting them in front of our children there is no place for them in public I live in a small town in Washington state outside of SedroWoolley Washington And I and a bunch of my friends are fed up with the left and AOC and the LGBT movement putting a gay float in our local parade has gone to far towns people up river are fed up please speak up throw AOC under the bus and her lesbian lifestyle along with her lesbian friends and sex buddies There is no place for people like this in our government throw their asses the hell out of our country and the officers date then falsely elected to buy the media and illegal aliens

    • ROSE says:


  28. Richard Hilliard says:

    WHO was stupid enough to elect this 28 year old punk in the first place? Well, these are the same individuals who will recall her or vote for her again. Look at the idiots in congress right now like Omar – elected by the same idiots who voted for them in the first place. DUMB and DUMBER. THESE are the people who need to make the change.

  29. Johnny g says:

    AOC is like a Nike product put her in a trashcan where she belongs and she can ride with the rest of the garbage

  30. Phillp Owens SFC Ret says:

    If I were a resident of her district I would start a recall petition!
    AOC is a disgrace!

    • JHD says:

      Be Serious! You see the make up of her district? Can’t read or write. Garbage district; same type that elected Obama (twice).

  31. Tony Bell says:

    I wonder when American citizens are going to demand that those representatives in congress that lie and deceive the public be held accountable. There is no place for that type of behavior in our representative government. Representatives are there to represent us, we are not liars and deceivers, therefore their actions are reprehensible and very worth of repercussion. Removal if they continue that behavior. Where is our “ethics” committee members, what are the doing?

    • Ted says:

      You are correct, Tony, they swear an oath to get into office and as soon as they get in they ignore the constitution and our laws. This woman must be impeached sooner than later. We will be paying her salary for life. After she leaves the office she will get full salary for life.

  32. Sarah says:

    I have to wonder just exactly how Cortez and a few others got elected to start with. I don’t believe that there are actually enough Americans that are deluded enough to vote her in. When ever I see the people around her and most of these Dems running for office, it’s not hard to figure out. These elected are tools in the hands of them who have the true agenda to destroy our Great Constitution. While we observe the happenings, we should not become part of the hate movements that are dividing our country. Then they win and America looses.
    Listen and watch carefully and be careful at what and who is doing and saying what. Know what makes America strong and free.
    Trump 2020!

    As far as our southern border…I know what detention centers are, worked in some. What this CBP showed you is correct and true.
    I also know that “ramparts” still exist around the world.
    Build the Wall!

    • greyfox says:

      AOC is starting to become an annoyance, a mosquito on an elephants back, she is heading for a fall. She does not represent, anything that resembles America. Americ allows her the right to be stupid.

    • chuck says:

      The supplies he showed would take care of a few dozen people no thousands..

      • Were you there? Did they have a warehouse to back them up? Why don’t you fill up transfer truck and take additional supplies to the authorities so they will have them. Help keep the aliens out until they can be taken care of in our country. If you (or anyone) are not willing to help, then you know words won’t do it.

    • Ted rigger says:

      She is from a district in NY that is heavily Hispanic. That is how she got elected into office. That is also why the Dems want all these illegals into our country, they all vote democRAT. They will tilt the balance for years to come.

  33. Ted says:

    All democrats, muslims, and illegals should be destroyed like the rabid animals they are.

  34. T. Bell says:

    AOC should be defeated for being a stupid cunt !

  35. Patricia Overbey says:

    There just are not enough right words to describe this nut case, Her eyes bulge out of her head every time she opens her mouth. Speaking of her lying mouth she has so much dark lip stick on she looks like a clown. How do they sleep at night with all the lies they tell. God bless America & God bless President Donald Trump Trump 2020.

    • Brady says:

      Please re-elect her, the republicans and our GREAT PRESIDENT need her.

    • J. says:

      Patricia Overbey,

      God bless you and your loved ones. Stay strong.

      President Donald J, Trump 2020 and beyond!

    • Felipe G. says:

      Exactly! Why wait for the next election to get rid of her? She’s a 5150! In dereliction of her duties in office. Incompetent and ignorant. Unqualified to do the job! A proven nut case on live video and in front of everyone on the planet! That fool must be fired! Then put in a observation chamber then in a rubber room and throw away the key!

      • J. says:

        Felipe G.,

        You are correct about AOC – she’s a hateful, incompetent trash bag liar. But, she should probably be deported to someplace like Iran for the rest of her evil life.

    • Jim Tierney says:

      I just realized that the demonrats and muslims do have something in common. They both believe their god, one of which is power the other is a fictional entity, encourages lying if it aids in furthering their agenda. These people are just not capable of telling the truth because they would not recognize The Truth if He stood right in front of them.

  36. Sulig says:

    Too good for Cortez and Omar to stay. Omar needs to be deported and Cortez also needs to leave the US. Plan to see they are nothing good about them. Omar married her brother? What a witch!!! She hates our country!! These 2 are implants from the deep state. No doubt!! They started these illegals coming. We have never seen anything like this! Dee[State is tick off because Demo,s didn’t win and it messed them up with all their corruption. Watch and we will see what happens when President Trump’s next 4 years. Pelosi needs to get the hell out too. She is no doubt run by the deep state and works with the fake news channels..Now in her “position” one day she was aggravated. It was because of something good President Trump had done for us. Aggravated she told fake news reporters to go talk about the health insurance. Must have been fake news coming because I turned it to the fake news channels. OMG!! It was like it was rehearsed and it was breaking news. Did anyone seen this with Pelosi on T.V? If not It was unbelievable!! You can tell she was placed for destruction. She didn’t,t realize camera back some from her. Then when she was put back in she stated on TV that most of her votes came in at the end. Very shortly later Judicial Watch in California cleaned out 12.5 million illegal fake voters and he cleared every one of them out and at that time was going to Georgia! I pray President Trump has police patrol at these voting booths election day. They also need a [lan for computer voting!!

    a next 4 years.

    • J. says:

      AOC looks like a mad reptile with rabies and is as crazy as one. She is a hateful, ignorant idiot yet a darling of New York – it figures.

  37. Johnny g says:

    You say peers on her level she has no level she is so low she must reach up to touch the bottom that’s her level she’s already halfway in the pits of hell and she’s trying to dig them deeper and take as many people with her as possible don’t be a sucker tell the Democrats that you know to walk away Their party has left them behind and AOC is leading the way I am dragging them down with them

  38. Johnny g says:

    Good news good news people i’ve met two people this weekend who have switched sides from the Democrats to the Republican because of the border situation they are a Mexican American couple legally migrated from southern Mexico and they claim to have many friends who are doing the same the left is losing and they lost a lot on the Fourth of July God bless America again

    • NickP says:

      Legal immigrants who went through the citizenship process are not happy about the border disaster.
      But then under Democrat rule today there is no longer any reason to be a US citizen. You get more as a noon citizen.

      • Felipe G. says:

        Idiot! What a stupid train of thought? Must be a Democrat? Your days are numbered. So is the Illegal Alien clowns days of hiding out! It’s like a light switch going on at night! Every time they know there’s a raid. They disappear off the streets into the nooks and crannies. What a joke! They gave a temporary reprieve because s a dirty Rat topped them off! That’s fine. We’ll get ‘em next time. ????????????????????????????????

    • Linda M. says:

      Johnny g: Well it’s a start!But unfortunately too many average Democratic voters are still buying into the propaganda their party is spewing out. It doesn’t help that the media is so corrupt and supports their nonsense as well. We can only hope come 2020 that President Trump will be reelected and get rid of the traitors like AOC and get back to keeping our country strong and great….

  39. Karen L Bailey says:

    We do Not need these kind of people in our government. They Don’t believe in our constitution, they should be disqualified to run in any government office. If they Don’t like it HERE, then L E A V E……!

    • Ted rigger says:

      The sad part, Karen is every time I see this woman holding a town meeting it’s with 7 & 8-year-olds. Can you imagine what this idiot is doing to young minds? She has these kis scared crapless thinking the world is going to end in twelve years. (she is very dangerous)

  40. Johnny says:

    Everyone needs to tell the leftist if that don’t like our form of government thay should leave our country. Say it loud in public and embarrass them with there own discust

    • Johnny says:

      Perhaps We should say what you’re a Democrat oh my God you’ve got to be kidding must suck to be like you say it loud in public let them know they are disgusting and an insult to America and America’s values

    • John says:

      Perhaps We should say what you’re a Democrat oh my God you’ve got to be kidding must suck to be like you say it loud in public let them know they are disgusting and an insult to America and America’s values

  41. June Arnett says:

    This woman has been proven to be a habitual liar She has no business being in office! We need honest truth telling people in office! The Democrats have been lying for years now and it needs to stop!

  42. Brian says:

    If AOC has broken laws then enough with the talk indight her and let stand before a jury of her piers. We have laws for a reason and the laws are not there to be overlooked because the person is in the public a lot. Clinton has violated many laws some are even international but nothing happens to her because of all her buddies like Jeff Sessions protecting her. Let’s move forward and defend our legal system and we do this by indighting people who break those laws. All the people.

    • Shell says:

      If all the LIES the progressive DEMOCRATS are spreading about the conditions of the USA treating the ILLEGAL INTRUDERS were true why are they willing to risk their lives to make the trip through Mexico which has offered them asylum? It would be great for the USA if they did believe the horrors the LEFT was treating the media to and the refugee trains would stop, turn around and go back home. We are really FED UP with the law breakers!

    • Patricia Lady says:

      Peers? Does she have any on her level????

    • jim says:

      these democrats that break laws don’t care because the are truly communists and they only understand lying and cheating not the laws of the United States

    • Felipe G. says:

      The reason these fool’s get away with their crimes? Is they controlled things! But. Now they have been exposed and the tables have been turned on them. They are in panic mode and freaking out! They are out of ammo and now taking it in the ass. It’s pay back time!

    • Ted rigger says:

      She has broken laws, Brian. The problem is her peers are the democRATS in office and won’t indite her.

  43. kunquoda says:

    Folks listen, This country is facing another war, another civil war, but this time the churches will get involved. It’s going to be as bloody as any war can get. I hate to think this way but the signs are everywhere. Do yoursleves and your families a favor and get ready, get that weapon cleaned and ready to go and make sure you have plenty of ammo. You’re going to need it. Store food, water, and medical supplies. have a plan for the family that doesn’t live close by to join you right away when the SHTF. The more help you have the better your chances are for the survival of all. Read all survival articles you can find and remember plan, plan, plan. Good luck and God bless

    • Felipe G. says:

      If it is a civil war? They are the ones getting bloody! You have no clue what you are saying! Seriously! You have no clue? For one they are only 26% of the population. A bunch of weenies. With no actual skills. They screw with a majority of people with toyz! Killing experience and skill’s. Experts etc.. Many with lots of practice. Plus all the fancy toyz! Get a clue? What are they going to do throw crap bags etc.. So what if a few have a pop gun here and there? No experts or anything! Noodle armed weenies and soy Boy’z. GTF outta here with that crap! It would be realistically about a week before it’s all over for them. Game over!

  44. George says:

    Boot AOC out of America.. This mess has been the results of Democrats..America’s Real Enemy..

  45. John M says:

    I doubt that she will be defeated in her re-election effort. She’s saying what her constituents want to hear. They may be lies, but that doesn’t matter.
    Whatever became of the FEC investigation into her campaign financing?

    • You are sadly correct again John … God Bless Brother.

    • Laurel says:

      John, I completely agree with your comment that Always Obnoxious C… is saying what her people ( Trump haters) want to hear!They will re-elect her or Demoncraps will scheme some way to keep her. Why she has so much attention as a freshman is beyond me.She has a mouthy talent but reminds me of a 14 year old that needs a slap

  46. Joe blow says:

    So you say you and law enforcement have got a video of daria mouth aholeaol,is this some kind of a joke or the same bs corrupt cops, when you hit on it it say the computer operator that set it up refused to show it, this is someone that knows the inside of law scrum don’t trust everything they say because there corrupt and want everyone in this country behind bars, WHICH MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

    • Brenda says:

      I watched the video things are nothing like Liar Muslin Cortez says. However Cortez is doing exactly as the Qu’ran dictates.
      To lie deny deceive distort distract create havoc and use any trickery needed to sway the moreless weak stupid infidels

    • Patricia Ann Bizich says:

      odd !L ook at the time I am posting. I just watched it

  47. Mary says:

    When will Pelosa stand up and put them in their place? What good is she to allow this to continue we are tired of it. Do your job or give it to someone else.

    • Brenda says:

      Pelosi is afraid of the Muslim proxies.
      They need to be expelled from Congress.
      Their corrupt campaign fraud and other crimes and the fact they admit to hating America. Muslims hate all infidels according to the Qu’ran!

  48. Paul says:

    AOC has moved up a notch in becoming the “Most Hated Woman in America”. She may even overtake Pelosi and Waters. She won by only 1500 votes. Votes in here district were bought by affluent supporters. She needs to go back to doing what she does “BEST?” Bartending.

    • trebor says:

      She is history, Andy Cuomo will see to that. Any Democrat will do, she is outta here.

    • Me America says:

      She’s not fit to be a bartender make her a homeless person on the street in San Francisco in front of Pelosi’s house that’s where she needs to be along with all the other Democrats that are currently sitting in the Congress of the United States put them on the street in San Francisco let them find out what they do to countries and what they are doing to America make them live on the street and then let them bitch About how we treat illegal aliens at our border other countries would execute them and in prison them for years we give them everything they need to the best of our ability and Congress is stopping us from doing better

  49. LOL says:

    So lets see. A video custom made to prove a point. Or I guess disprove the one AOC was trying to make. Yup, that’s real proof there. Your video is about as convincing as the one I have of lil dee trump taking a dump in the White House Rose Garden because somebody told him his lover Kim Jong Un uses human excrement to fertilize crops in North korea.

  50. CLIFF says:


  51. Joann says:

    She does not know what she is talking about on so many subjects. I cannot believe she has a degree. It obviously did her no good to waste her money on a college education. As far as I can tell she isn’t any smarter than a 3rd grader.
    It truly amazes me she got elected. Whoever voted for her must be as stupid as she is. This country has to get a better understanding of the people that are running for office.

  52. Steve says:

    She is just like ALL the liberals & rinos , paid criminal puppets of the NAZI / NWO criminal soros .

    • Gary Von Neida says:

      Call it what it really is : world wide communist control–THE NEW ROMAN EMPIRE , where everything is government from cradle to grave—-an early grave if You dare defy the government—Look vey closely at Tiwan—what was once Formosa.

  53. Art Crosby says:

    Crimanals are Heros now!! Typical dems

    • Ganavar says:

      AOC is the classic female sicko – imagining that everything that pops into her head is a stroke of genius and of course, if you don’t agree with her, you are a sexist. Don’t listen to such as this boys, but begin to understand that feminization really is evil. And its coming at you, and started by the democrat instruction to “get in touch with your feminine side”. Let’s instead get in touch with our masculine side.

  54. R B says:

    This video is helpful but a lot of Democrats are not going to accept it as proof and say that it was made after conditions were improved.
    What needs to be shown is the actual surveillance video of the tour. We all know how AOC loves to be the center of attraction, so there should be plenty of press videos available (if the press was allowed to attend), or if not a press video then actual surveillance video made by Border Patrol. We’ve been told that these videos exist, why not show them to prove beyond the shadow of doubt that AOC made all of this up?

  55. John says:

    Impeach the lying CUNT
    All dumbocrats are lying assholes as well

  56. Mike Flanagan says:

    AOC and Stupid people like this never get what they deserve besides they are too stupid to know their stupid.

  57. AOC /AKA AIRHEAD OF CONGRESS—the hateful Democraps hate real patriotic Americans that LOVE our country–and RESPECT and LOVE our duly elected Presodent AWESOME TRUMP and Awesome VP Mike PENCE they are jealous that us Republicans have true values and we have integrity unlike them–that dont mind people who break the law and Democraps want to legalize prostituition and 16yr old votes–STOP THEM NOW AMERICA TRUMP/PENCE 2020 MAGA Watch FOXNEWS HANNITY/PIRRO

  58. Wayne Graham says:

    This cu*t needs to be kicked out of Washington D.C. Kicked out of this country sounds better. The retards of New York voted her in. They should lose Government funding.

  59. Robert Morrow says:

    Anyone who thinks Cortes is real, just search her Handlers on the Justice Democrats who found her on a Hollywood type Casting call. Please check out Alexandra Rojas , Executive Director and Her Handler Corin Trend now her aide in Congress. She is a puppet zombie who is controlled by the Justice Democrats who has an ambition to destroy the Republic of USA which is the greatest ever. Even the New Yorker had an article on the subject. Then this will fall on deaf ears of the Idiots in this country. Besides most were trained under common core non educational system and cannot read above “see spot run” or even do math or know true History. I am 90 years old Veteran and live in many Countries and with the culture and found that our Republic is still the Greatest Every.

    • newhon63 says:

      Why do forums like this make the stupid claim that “So and so have this video that will end this person’s career.” ? AOC is not going anywhere. They need to stop playing the stupid claims like this and tell the truth. AOC is a regular chipmunk. She chatters but has no ideas what she is talking about.

      But I would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers. I would play “Hide the Salami” and then kick her out of bed and sleep on the floor.

  60. Rodney says:

    I am tired of talking about this twit. No credibility, no moral compass and no love of country.

  61. Mary Lynn says:

    Yes gm…”bring them to reality check for what they have done”. Now is the time to stand up with tough love, standing with firm resolve to remove the blinders of their corruption.

  62. Linda M. says:

    We keep hearing over and over again how this poor excuse of a human being lies and spreads her hate for Trump EVERY TIME she opens her mouth.Not to mention trying to start riots. She is truly is dumber than a box of rocks!! So could someone please tell me WHY she is still in congress??She, and several others, should be expelled immediately and not be entitled their huge salaries , after they are expelled!!
    I voted for Trump and will again in 2020, but when is he going to drain the swamp??? Enough is enough with these creatures that represent the Democratic party! And that ridiculous Walters dumbo wants to sue us for disrespecting them on the internet? Maybe if they DID THEIR JOBS and stopped acting like two year olds throwing temper tantrums, maybe no one would have derogatory comments about them…

    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Good morning darling Linda
      How was your 4th? I had a GREAT day!
      OK on to the issue here….1st off the detention center is not suppose to be Hyatt Regency suites that the bitch AOL stays at when she’s not out making propoganda videos for the ignorant masses that actually believe her lies. The detention center is exactly what a detention center is suppose to be. I have been a resident at a detention center for a few years myself, & what is seen on this video is the same as where I resided for a few years. The commode is connected to the sink, but never did I opt to drink toilet water when the sink has plenty of water to get water from. In fact the illegals have it much better than I did, where was AOL & her goons for us non-illegals but yes we were also criminals. As for who’s to blame for the influx of these detainees. ..well that lies at the feet of the libs. They are the ones promising the illegals the good life in America, & trying to give them all they can ever want at the expense of the American tax payers. It is the libs funding the caravans that are illegally crossing the borders. It was on obummass watch that the so called cages were erected for the over flow of migrant children. If the illegals don’t like it where they end up…then they need to take President Trump’s advice, & STAY in their own countries. We don’t want them here!

      • Linda M. says:

        Collen La Rose: This will be the second time I’ve tried to leave you a comment.So here we go again…
        Good morning my dear friend!
        I truly believe there is something seriously wrong with AOC brain! Did she really think that the border patrol would not show us the REAL truth as to what these detention centers encompasses ? Very clean and very well stocked . All thanks to the USA tax payers..We cannot support or hold this massive influx of aliens storming our country.I truly do feel sorry for anyone wanting a better life. But we can give anyone else a free ride.Or allow anyone entering our country without going through the proper channels. And this we once again thank the Democratic party for.Deceiving and lying to everyone just to disrupt the running of our country.The Democratic party truly does not have ANY moral compass….
        Did you see Patriot pulse’s blog about that Marine trying to save our American flag from being burnt by the PAID radicals disrupting President Trump’s 4th of July parade? Disgusting!!!
        Hope to catch up with you again, my friend!!!

        • Colleen La Rose says:

          Darn I missed that one, but I am going to look for it after I respond to you. I am sure that bartender whore AOC don’t give a rats ass about her lie being debunked. ..she got her 5 minutes of fame & that’s all she wanted. Truth be known, it is the ignorant liberal pigs that refuse to fund for making their slaves (the misinformed illegals ) more comfy in their detention centers. What a bunch of moronic greedy bastards they are. But GOD willing, all their schemes & crimes will be brought to light, & they will have to answer for them.

          • Linda M. says:

            Colleen La Rose: Well, we will never be able to stop her 5 minutes of fame because the corrupt media is right up the Democratic butts. Making sure all their lies ans deceit are broadcasted DAILY. It’s called brainwashing….GOD only knows when HE will intervene but we will have to keep up the good fight until then , won’t we??

          • Guns Nuts of America says:

            All you who condemn AOC don’t have 1% of her skill, intelligence, kindness, class or perseverance.

          • Justice forTrump says:

            I never saw two women who like complimenting each other all the time about their hateful and stupid comments.

        • marshallr says:


    • Colleen La Rose says:

      Ok I saw & commented on that disgracefull video. Thank GOD for men/women like that marine. I know I am not supposed to advocate violence but I would not loose a minutes sleep if those paid for protesters were all killed! This type of BS is 1 reason I have backed away from these blogs some…I just feel rage, hatred & want to do terrible things to all these deranged libs!
      But yes Linda, we will keep fighting the good fight.

      • Justice forTrump says:

        It’s lose not loose You are advocating violence you sick bitch.

        • Linda M. says:

          Justice for Trump.:Hateful little no body. Our comments are stupid? Read what a whole bunch of rational people say about you?? You know what you are doing is stalking don’t you? You must spend your WHOLE time searching what we post, just to be an ass by TRYING to insult us.You are an insufficient creature that has no bearing on my life and who I am. So have a good time you idiot…….You and your comments mean nothing…….

  63. Ron says:

    Sick lying Democrats will say anything to get a VOTE from a illegal alien and destroy America ,

  64. Timothy Toroian says:

    What the hell is wrong with Democrats who want to give our country away!!!! When we took in immigrants in the distant past there was homesteading available and wide open space for people to settle. In the 62 years, Ellis Island was open 12 million entered the country and another million from Angel Island on the west coast. These clowns would let in 12 million more in a year! In the early 20th century we didn’t already have 15 or so million illegals among a total population of 350 million or so. They are out of their minds! We would need to think about medical care for them if they weren’t here in the first place. Or catching diseases from them. For you leftists, just remember they don’t get vaccinated as kids the way we do.

  65. Terry L Earl says:

    So will the left try to load her district with illegals to get her reelected???

  66. Terry L Earl says:

    This woman is more than just despicable. She is a monster!!

  67. JHD says:


    C -_- T

  68. gm says:

    Most msm play political games along with democrats to heightened levels of intensity using this crisis to blame Trump. This is your dirty demon democrat devils disruption. However, sedition, treason and subversion continue without any charges being laid or culprits being apprehended, we remain a quagmire of lawlessness. It tells democrats and some republicans, see we can do what we want and get away with it, we are above the law, we don’t recognize this president and it will be played out till the 2020. These miscreants know one thing when you stand up and throw-the-book at them and bring them to reality for what they have done. Tough-love!

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