Kellyanne Conway revealed the one issue Brett Kavanaugh will change the most

Republicans confirmed Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Democrats are panicking.

And then Kellyanne Conway went on TV and revealed the one issue that the Supreme Court could change forever.

Ever since the Supreme Court wrongly decided Roe v. Wade, conservatives fought to install a pro-life majority on the Supreme Court.

That way, any state level laws that restricted or banned abortion would survive a legal challenge.

Kellyanne Conway went on ABC’s This Week and declared that states would start passing fetal pain laws and other measures to prevent abortion.

Breitbart reports:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said now that Brett Kavanaugh had been confirmed to the Supreme Court, state lawmakers will look at abortion laws.

Conway said, “To be pro-choice in 2018 means that you are for sex-selection abortion, that you’re for late-term abortion, taxpayer-funded abortion, abortion after you detect a heartbeat.”

She continued, “People are going to look at state law and circuit law, and they’re now going to look at issues like late-term abortion. They are going to look at sex-selection abortion. They are certainly going to look at abortion after non-partisan scientists and doctors say a fetus can feel pain. This whole matter on the left of abortion anytime, anyone, anywhere, on demand, with absolutely no common sense applied to it whatsoever. The fact that Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer funding, and then turns around and uses it to support Democrats is not what most Americans think of when they think of Planned Parenthood.”

There are no more excuses for establishment Republicans.

They can’t hide behind the fact that there is not a pro-life majority on the court.

Republican voters elected them to pass laws to end the horror of abortion in America.

Now they must make good on that trust.

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107 Responses

  1. claudia says:

    thank you for your support of all women its our bodies our choise with our drs

  2. zee says:

    > 1/2 $ BILLION courtesy taxpayers to PPH
    State by STATE. Period. PPL Must KNOW the
    ‘True HORRIFIC Agenda & What IS Going 0n here.
    Please.__ (ASK, = I Tell.) ___
    > Kelly ‘lives & walks’ a ‘divided Personal home’.
    Know her ‘husband’ what he does ( hint Attorney)
    & what he ‘stands for’. That’s All i gotta say___

  3. Dr Dallas Johnson says:

    Good advice !!!!

  4. Dr Dallas Johnson says:

    You have never reached an educational level to understand that many if not most of our common law in America comes from precedent. In common law legal systems a precedent or authority,is a principle or rule established in a previous legal case that is either binding on or persuasive for court or other tribbunal when deciding susequent cases with similar issues or facts. secular social progressives that have taken over the” democratic” party, do not care about truch or facts or evern the basic morals or mores in our society. watch them in action on any legitimate station outside the main stream media which is now totally controlled by Soros backed dollars.

  5. Ralph says:

    With birth control method good and readily available, any responsible individual should be able to control what she does with their body, without bringing the baby into the world to slaughter like just another animal. In my mind being lazy is not a reason to committing Murder. Seems like we have enough murder in the world without killing the innocents.

  6. Helen says:

    No, it between HER and her God!

  7. Helen says:

    No, it between HER and her God!

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