Kamala Harris looked like a fool after what this Democrat said about her on TV

Democrats hold Kamala Harris in very little regard.

That becomes apparent every day.

And Kamala Harris looked like a fool after what this Democrat said about her on TV.

Bexar County Democrat Sheriff Julio Salazar became a national figure overnight by launching a witch hunt against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Salazar initiated a baseless and politically motivated criminal investigation into Ron DeSantis for flying 50 illegal aliens from El Paso, Texas, to Martha’s Vineyard.

But in an interview on CNN, not even Salazar could defend Kamala Harris’ big lie on Meet the Press that the border was secure.

Salazar mocked the idea that Harris and other Democrats could claim the border was secure from Washington, D.C., as they had no idea the depth of the crisis on the ground in Texas.

“I don’t think that the border is as secure as the folks in D.C. might believe,” Salazar declared. “You know, I’ve talked to lots of my fellow sheriffs here in the state of Texas, Republican and Democrat. With regard to Texas sheriffs, it’s not about Red or Blue with us, it’s about the gold on our badge and it’s about the knowledge that if any part of our state — in other words, our little piece of the pie, our county — is weak, then the whole state is weak. So we work together really well across Party lines.”

Salazar also took a shot at the President for never visiting the border, telling CNN that Biden and Harris would not be able to make false claims about the border being secure if they actually visited the areas of Texas plagued by illegal immigration.

“And yeah, I think if the White House came down and got an eye on Texas and saw firsthand, which is what I’ve been asking them to do for awhile, come down here and get an eye on the problem, I would beg to differ,” Salazar added. “I don’t think that the border is as secure as what folks are maybe telling them. With that being said, I think there’s some solutions to be had, but it’s going to start with somebody from D.C. making the trip down here and talking to us.”

Even a partisan fanatic like Salazar understands Americans know the border is not secure.

More than two-million illegal aliens will attempt to enter the country in 2022.

By any definition, that means the border is not secure.

And it is a major political problem for Democrats.

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