Journalists admitted they covered up this damning story about Joe Biden

Photo by Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0,, via Wikimedia

The media is always any Democrat President’s last line of defense.

But Joe Biden’s firewall is now crumbling.

And journalists admitted they covered up this damning story about Joe Biden.

In his bombshell report, Special Counsel Robert Hur explained he could never win a criminal conviction against President Joe Biden for stealing classified documents because he isn’t mentally competent to stand trial.

In light of the report, journalists are now admitting they purposefully didn’t report on Biden’s growing senility out of fear it would help Donald Trump win a second term.

Puck News’ Dylan Byers’ story about White House correspondents confessing they spent three years doing the opposite of journalism reads as much as a damning indictment of the media as it does Biden’s mental decline.

“The President obviously looks and sounds like he’s lost a step—understandably so!—and neither the gratuity of Hur’s report nor the myriad threats posed by a second Trump Presidency can negate it. And this all has a number of journalists covering the President second-guessing some of their reporting decisions and looking at their subject with fresh eyes,” Byers wrote.

One reporter told Byers everyone could see Biden was senile and that their own experiences with an “elderly parent” could lead to one conclusion.

“Anyone who covers this White House knows he’s showing the signs of his age—he whispers, he shuffles, he misremembers,” one correspondent told Byers. “Anyone with an elderly parent knows what this is.”

But Byers reported that the reporters lied to the readers by omission and never made Biden’s senility an issue because it would make a Democrat President look bad.

“Nevertheless, several of the journalists I spoke with said the true significance and importance of that issue, as they observed it, was not reflected in the coverage—often due to the sense that it was sensitive or unseemly, or because there was no obvious evidence that it had affected his performance as President beyond optics,” Byers wrote.

“It was something that felt indelicate to talk about,” another White House correspondent told Byers. 

“The amount of time we spent talking about it versus the time we spent reporting on it was not the same,” one of the reporters said. “There should have been tougher, more scrutinizing coverage of his age earlier.”

When Donald Trump was President, the media tried to claim he had dementia and was in decline due to one time he walked slowly down a ramp and another based on how he drank a glass of water.

But these White House reporters – who fashion themselves brave truth-tellers and the guard dogs of democracy – went to sleep on the job and refused to report the facts about Joe Biden’s cognitive state because they knew the truth would boost Donald Trump’s poll numbers.

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