John McCain just made a shocking statement about the anti-Trump dossier

Senator John McCain was the one who handed the so-called “Steele Dossier” to James Comey.

Comey then used the document to justify spying on the Trump campaign, but the allegations outlined in the dossier have been proven false.

Now John McCain is opening up about his role in uncovering the Steele Dossier and released this shocking statement.

McCain has released excerpts of his forthcoming book.

It’s looking more and more like an anti-Trump screed than a memoir for a statesman.

Regarding his role in using the anti-Trump dossier, McCain writes:

“Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.”

McCain later doubles down on his pure hatred for Trump, saying:

“I had no idea which if any were true. I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done.”

In 2016, McCain reportedly sent a trusted advisor to London to meet with British spy Christopher Steele to obtain a copy of his dirty dossier.

His first instinct was not to fact check it.

Instead he handed it over to never-Trumper James Comey to try and torpedo the Trump campaign and undermine his presidency.

McCain has long ruffled the feathers of conservatives.

But now he’s using his final days in the Senate to block Trump from making America great again.


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135 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    Who in the hell is running this site, John McCain is DEAD.

  2. Gordon says:

    “Then richly, and with ridiculous display
    The politician’s corpse was laid away
    While all of his acquaintance sneered and slanged,
    I wept, for I had longed to see him hanged.”

    Hilaire Belloc

  3. Roy says:

    It is time to lock them up.

  4. A old golfer says:

    I”ll bet a lot of you don’t know that during his time in the navy he dropped his payload on the deck of a carrier killing many sailors and was never charged with any wrong doing.

  5. Jan says:

    We all know that McCain is very ill and were all sorry for him. It is a shame they let there self get to this place and they loose so much respect. Your time is up retire and enjoy your life believe it or not life goes on without us. God Bless you and your entire family. Please don’t keep talking makes you look very bad.

    • John A. Frenz says:

      How is it that politicians can become so physically, mentally, ethically, morally, or emotionally decrepit and still occupy their “position”, opine, and vote on matters that essentially effect our entire country? (usually adversely)
      Physicians, airline pilots, and others with actual responsible jobs can be barred from their work for far lesser “afflictions”.
      When an impaired politician is permitted to function as if normal, they can cause immeasurable damage to our governmental systems and wreak horrific consequences upon not just their own constituents bur upon our entire citizenry.
      Many are those politicians who in most other walks of life would have been “turned out” years or decades earlier.
      Yes indeed, another of dozens of reasons for “term limits”.
      Anybody have other solutions.

  6. OLDF VET says:

    john is so bitter he can’t think straight hates Trump he got worst at doing his job not that he was any good at it in the 1st place he was always as- .he just wasted taxpayer money but got rich doing it .the only reason he is in office is because to many people felt sorry for him .you got what you wanted nothing OLD VET

    • Joann says:

      And he’s still hanging on. Not been to DC since December. He should be obligated to retire. He is not functionally useable anymore. Don’t understand why he thinks he’s so important.
      Retire, John, you’re too old and have brain cancer that affects your decisions. Stop thinking that you’re doing important things by way of your voting or non-voting. Let America get on with its business of MAGA. Stand down, McCain. Your usefulness is over.

  7. Bruce says:

    I am so tired of hearing locals here in Arizona praising this pile of crap that begged his way into his last election on the skirts of of our honorable lady governor, Jan Brewer ( the Iron Lady ). and because of her great leadership and the way McCain attached himself to her, re won his last term as senator. Many of us knew of his sponsorship and R I N O way. And I’ll bet not a lot of you knew that McCain started his political career as a Democrat but switched parties when he saw how the wind blew in Arizona.

    • Valentina says:

      Well said. I pray for his passingso we can have one less traitor anti American waste of space lying corrupt idiot who cost America millions for a lie with this Russia dossier. All involved should pay for all this long investigation that they created

    • I can not say for sure that he is not of sound mind or not. However, he seems to be showing signs of lost of facial features. Or
      expressions. I believe he should be he should retire and enjoy what time he has left of this life. He should stop trying to fight President Trump and try and work with him. Together they might get something to help America become great again. That is if the other Democrats and Republicans are willing to work together too!!!!

  8. Gail says:

    Contrary to the point MCCain .No we are not the ones that will be seeing Hell for their actions of treason and murder .You will . It appears in America we have to wait for our elected politicians and judges to die in their seats before they can be replaced .Seems with his so called service as a politician and so called military he has never put this country above himself .He should have never been pardoned by Nixon .He is a vile vulgar filthy mouth man .Who called his wife every name in the book .And has slept with more things than Trump .Joseph Calley still sits in prison while the likes of this murderer and John Kerry who helped the Vietnamese kill our people are free. And both these men went on to even higher destructive actions .The only thing we have now is God is about to remove these two vile creatures from the face of the earth . And please don’t forget Hanoi Jane . I had too many Friends die because of them .

  9. Ron Fillmore says:

    Contrary to the myth, McCain has NEVER put the interests of this nation ahead of his own interests. And now we are witnessing him turning into a bitter, hate filled old man.

    • Jan says:

      He should spend his last days in prison for treason against his fellow Republicans AND Americans. I believe in KARMA and GOD works in mysterious ways. I don’t wish anyone suffering or death, but, he’s getting his…he has been a traitor for 50/60 years. He. Is not a Republican he is a closet demon-rat

  10. John A. Frenz says:

    Putting his RINO politics aside, I am sure is medical condition would preclude him flight duty or other assignments requiring soundness of mind, judgment, and physical abilities. Why does his medical condition not preclude him from what are supposed to be “important” government functions???? He is free to do whatever he wants and behave in a way that only effects him.
    BUT when what he does & says has such deleterious effects on so many of our countrymen its’s time to reign him in and turn him out.

  11. Nick says:

    It was time for songbird about 20 yrs ago. I don’t feel sorry he’s about to punch his
    time card out. I call him “Chipmunk Man” or Rino he wasn’t a hero, I think that was
    the reason why he didn’t want to get out of Nam early, after spilling his guts. You
    don’t know what he told “Charlie” while he was in the Hanio Hilton. I don’t think that
    our great President is upset about not being wanted at his funeral service as a matter of fact I’m not going either.

    • Ron Fillmore says:

      That isn’t the half of what McCain did while in the Navy. Anyone else without a father and grandfather as Admirals would have been court martial-ed long before he ever got shot down.

  12. Rhesa Cook says:

    What goes around comes around. He will pay somehow for all he is doing. If he is a believer at all he better be careful what he is saying and doing.

  13. Sandra Renee says:

    His hatred of Trump is so deep that he doesn’t care about the truth. He was prepared to do anything to bring down the President. And then he attempts to justify his actions (in his own mind) that he did it for the good of the nation’s security. Actually Trump has done more for our national security since he has been in office than McCain or Obama ever did.

  14. Archangel Mikey says:

    Where’s Dr. Kvorkian when you really need him? I keep wondering about the brains of these people in Arizona who kept voting this dinosaur back in.

    • James O. says:

      I didn’t vote for him. I voted for his democratic challenger and I’m a conservative Republican. I figured I’d rather vote for a democrat than a republican who says he’s a republican but acts and votes like a democrat.

  15. SJHPW says:

    McCain is a pathetic individual with the class and character of a snake. As far as his cancer and other health issues, karma has rained down on him for what he has done against our country and fellow srvicemen. He can scream his hatred from the depths of hell. The sooner he leaves his life on earth the better.

    • Joseph Ward says:

      I’m one of those ‘fellow servicemen’ and I was in Vietnam when he pulled his traitorous stunts there and he just got worse state-side.. No love lost here. SEMPER FI

  16. NavyDoc says:

    John McStain…
    If he weren’t dying from cancer, I’d be first in line to watch him hang for TREASON!
    He may have once held the esteemed title of “war hero,” but I know of a myriad of “HEROES…” That NEVER came home! This sorry EXCUSE of a man, a Senator, mind you…let that sink in for a second…a Senator, who acts like a spoiled brat, you’d think McStain would have a tad bit of decency left in him!
    Well, IMHO…he lost that card, that “esteemed title” a very long time ago!
    Absolutely pathetic!

    • Lolajmay says:

      NavycCDoc McCain is NOT a war hero. He may have been the only one so say that! He was a traitor to his POW military members. He ratted on them for favors from the captors. I remember that as if it were this year. How sad that he is going out still with all that hate. I believe that hate was fueled by his attempt to cover up the truth about his NAVY DAYS, which was exposed by candidate Trump. Trump was bashed because of that, but many eventually found out Trump was right.

    • I do agree with this Gentleman 100% John McCain should have never ever being politician due to too many wrong statement.

  17. Reuben says:

    John Mc Cain is a liberal Democrat and should just get out of all Government decisions because he is out of touch with reality

  18. Kelly K Archer says:

    He was a disgraceful Naval Officer, his fellow officers hated him because it was always about him and his Admiral father. He did survive years in a POW camp and that does speak volumes for him. Unfortunately, he has moved very much to the left. Please retire immediately and leave the country to those who still love it and will do anything to protect our sovereignty and preserve and protect our way of life. Respectfully; a 30 year Naval Aviation retiree.

  19. Bill says:

    I feel sorry for McCain in that he has cancer, other that that he is a real DICK, he betrayed all Republicans and his hatred of Trump is screwing the people.

  20. CaptTurbo says:

    Looks like the odds are that McCain might be in hell before the millions he suggested should go there.

  21. MaraLyn Lill says:

    He’s a sick vengeful man. I doubt Trump would want to go to his funeral anyways so McCain is just wanting attention. He’s on a cruise of hateful acts and words. Go home, settle down Nd try to die with dignity!

  22. John Soroka says:

    One of many reasons I have never never ever liked or trusted John McCain.

  23. Jim says:

    If true then McCain is responsible for costing the American Taxpayers millions of dollars! Just because the American people don’t like him or want him for President he does this childish stunt! This is beyond belief even moreso because he is supposed to be a loyal Republican.

  24. Herbert Chapman says:

    I voted no on McCain because I want to see him defeated and hopefully scandalized for all he has done to the American people.

  25. giz says:

    McCain…you’re burned toast…so long and good riddance.

  26. GySgt Lew says:

    What goes around – comes around – it just has taken to long to happen. Soon I hope…

  27. Capn Jack says:

    Impeach the senile SOB. He’s done nothing but drag his feet on issues since Trump was elected.

  28. Joanna says:

    Hillary, McCain are too absorb with themselves!!! to be objective about anything …. especially about LOSING

  29. Bob Hunt says:

    Why are we still being bombarded with John McCain stuff? The more McCain says the more he sounds like a liberal Democrat! I guess its rough when you lose but most of us get over it fairly quickly and I don’t see why McCain and Hillary cant!

    • The Man Called X says:

      No integrity. Anyone with integrity would have fact checked the document ,and made sure that the facts were straight before taking any action,then they would have at least contacted the candidate and informed them that such underhanded actions were being preformed . Even if they didn’t like the candidate. McCain has neither integrity or love of country.

  30. Joanna says:

    What a vicious , mean old bitter man McCain became…. Most put best foot forward when going to meet their maker!!!

  31. GySgt Lew says:

    I don’t understand why McCain is still considered an American Citizen? “Songbird McCain and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda were traitors during the Vietnam War. Why haven’t they been prosecuted as War criminals> Why are they still in the USA? What is the matter with US?

    • Charles says:

      The big question is why did President Nixon find the need to pardon this so called war hero John Sidney McCain ? Could it be that the Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton John Sidney McCain betrayed his country wile prisoner of war during the Vietnam war ?

  32. Floyd Lehman says:

    I pray he joins his god satin real soon

  33. Edward Halford says:

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure McCain was a Democrat who decided to run as a Republican and ever since has voted against the Republican party.

  34. Jayvee says:

    I honor and salute McCain for his distinguished service and patriotism. I truly regret his illness.

    With that said, it does not mitigate his reputation as a vindictive SOB driven by his utter hatred of Donald Trump, conveniebtly masked by his bipartisan reputation as a maverick. He is a tired, very old and very sick man with a fatal brain illness voting on critical issues that could have long term impact on this nation and global peace. He is totally opposed to any Trump initiative, even if it is a solid plus for the USA. He should resign and devote his remaining time to trying to heal himself physically and spiritually, instead of focusing on Trump. Leave the planet, Senator, with your dignity in tact instead of indulging in cheap shots. I wish you recovery and good health nonetheless.

    • Joanna says:

      McCain is that ill??? …..Sure could of fooled me111

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Jayvee, How can you say that you: honor and salute McCain for his distinguished service and patriotism. Read my above comment. They are proven facts – check it out. Even his fellow POWs told their stories about the Traitor McCain… and why he was given the nickname “SONGBIRD”

    • Carleen Hogan says:

      His. Military would also be I. Question if all that has been shown is true. As well as this father and grandfather for what they did for him. Mc Cain was just another not head. Killed a lot of soldiers as well as not taking care of the MIA’s. This all is not for a great reputation. He is acting now like Hillary. I should have won. Well is it not enough you did not get the votes. McCain you need to move on. Quit crying about the past and stop making us the citizens who voted you into the position you. Now have pay for your hatred. Be a man instead of a mouse.

    • Bob Hunt says:

      I don’t think you’ve been paying attention Jayvee, McCain’s service was far from distinguished and patriotism would not be found in his vocabulary! He failed to follow orders as a Navy fighter Pilot and endangered his comrades with flying dangerously and when he got shot down and became a POW the other POW’s nicknamed him “Songbird” for cooperating with the enemy! So The Senator was no hero!

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      You don’t research much, do you. McSwine sold out his own people. He should die a long slow painful death. I guess you missed his nick name. Songbird.

    • Parduc says:

      Parasite McCain should go to hell and take his globalist buddies with him. Forget “saluting”, I will gladly piss on their graves.

      • Jim says:

        If only the American people knew the true John McCain and all that he has done to screw the American people and especially his Navy and Air Force ‘buddies’ they would gladly drag him out of his home and hang him from the closest tree or lamppost.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Jayvee, check this out:
      Check out McCain’s time at the Han Hilton. See what his fellow POWs
      said about him – check it out on the Internet. Type “John ‘Songbird’
      McCain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And POW’s As A Liar And A Fraud
      (Video)” and read this:
      Veterans voice their disgust for John “Songbird” McCain who spilled
      his guts to get out of being tortured. There is evidence that McCain
      received ‘special’ medical treatment from a Soviet physician and other
      ‘considerations’ to avoid being tortured just so he could come home.
      Also this: McCain admits that three to four days after he was captured,
      he promised the Vietnamese, “I’ll give you military information if you
      will take me to the hospital.” – McCain says he violated the Code of Conduct
      only when the North Vietnamese brutally tortured him.
      On Dec 1, 2011: John McCain was Exposed By Vietnam Vets and his fellow
      POW’s… Also the Hanoi Hilton’s Vietnamese Commandant.. What more do
      you need?

      • Jim says:

        GySgt Lew, we might add that McCain would have washed out of flight school if his Daddy was not an Admiral. Additionally McCain was responsible for the disaster onboard the USS Forrestal because he was playing around and doing what they called a “Wet Start” in order to scare others by making a large fireball behind him. He screwed up big time because that was why that Zuni rocket fired off, raced across the deck and struck another jet causing an explosion and fire that cost millions to repair the ship an killed 144 Sailors. That is why they hustled him off that ship and to another carrier to avoid problems. Oh, did I mention that while in flight school McCain took a training jet to a unauthorized airstrip and landed so he could meet his girlfriend? Anyone else would have gone to a General Court Marshall for that. Not the son of two Admirals though.

    • If you would dig into mccains military service you would not honor him a bit more than fellow officers did when he cost lives by hotdoggung aboard the aircraft carrier he was on, the only reason he got away with it was because his father and grandfather were admirals, also talk to fellow prisoners who were with him in Vietnam, he didn’t get the name songbird by accident, it was said by fellow prisoners that he ratted on them for special treatment, I got my information from a friend who was in Vietnam, also see the lolajmay comment above

  35. Joseph says:

    I don’t like what he done and he can also go to hell.I never wished anything bad on anyone but I am thinking he can rot in hell for what he done to my President.Maybe the man above is punishing him for all the crap he has done to our President and he rightfully deserves it.

  36. Ann says:

    I wouldn’t waste my money on his book. He is such a liar & a jerk. Hero my Aunt Fannie!!

  37. J Ford says:

    Just because he was a p ow doesn’t give him the credential s to be a great politician . I
    commend hi m for his service to our country but I think he should leave politics and enjoy the rest of his life enjoying the work being done by PresidentTrump.

  38. WO USN Retired says:

    A sick, angry man who should be pittied for the illness he faces. I have to believe his illness is having an effect on his behavior and he cannot control himself. Because he is and has been a Senator for years he feels totally slighted by President Trumps statements about him when Trump was just a common Citizen and not equal to McCane the Senator . It seems to me Senator McCane should step away and retire. Be the man he was and not the individual he has become.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      McCain has proven over and over and over he is a menace to America…Why can’t anyone shut the fool up????? His brain is full of cancer and now he tells the truth about what a traitor he has always been..Remove traitor McCain now and put in prison where he beonged all these long tedious years…His daughter is so much like him…Watch out for her….

    • Bob Hunt says:

      Wo, the man he was and the man he is are the same, he has always been this way. He would have been drummed out of the Navy in a heartbeat had his Father not been an Admiral! I thought all this was common knowledge but I guess it isn’t.

  39. Karin baker says:

    God will do what is right for him,and what he deserves.

  40. Ken says:

    He is a Traitor and should go to Hell for his Scum-bag ways I hope he takes Soros with him.

  41. Rodger Shull says:

    DEAD MAN WALKING and TALKING, nothing to see here , move on.

  42. Ernesto says:

    AMERICA!! Here is this Democrat Puppet, trying to make himself look good. This SWAMP SCUM, nothing will make him look good, reason being … WE ALL know the Traitor, Murderous, Treasonous Scum Bastard that he is!! A liar, and the scum of the earth. A democrat, and a puppet to the Obama’s, The Clinton’s, and the rest of the corrupted scum of this earth, Have you wondered why he picked Obama and this other idiot to speak at his funeral????????? That should be enough to let you know this is an murderous democrat, dressed in republicans clothing. But that Ok, God Works in mysterious ways, and pay back is Hell!!
    By the way …. His statement …. would you say that is just what a Democrat would say …. same as saying DO IT MY WAY … NO OTHER OPTION!! Guess he got some pretty good teaching from Hillary , and her class of schooling, to sell this country out and people!!

    • MARYANN33 says:

      Right On Ernesto!!!! Bravo…Get the truth about this evil sad traitor out now…His dad could never be proud of his son…He was total disgrace all his life..His ex wife is the lucky one to have been freed of him while his rich wife made a great mistake in marrying this hero wanna be traitor..Born that way…

      • GySgt Lew says:

        I see that I’m not the only one that knows what he did during the Vietnam War – More people should check out this information to see what a TRAITOR he really was………

  43. Grizz Mann says:

    John, glad that you personally vetted the documents. Well done. You’re a great RINO.

  44. For a man who purportedly considered himself to be a strong American for so long, he is showing himself to be wanting. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt considering his illness. But this has got to stop. Take the feedbag off and go home. Don’t come back.

  45. The donald 1 says:

    I see McCain far from being a hero. He belongs with the ilk of the Clinton’s. He was not a maverick, but a loose cannon. From his irresponsible behavior on the Forrestal, his embarrassing performance in Spain, his traitor behavior in the Hanoi Hilton, to the screw ups on congress. He was so enamored with the prospect of being president, he sucked up to both Bush and Obama and can’t handle the fact that Trump won the presidency and he didn’t. And now to use the Clinton tactic of blaming it on so many other things, including Sara Palin. She would have made twice the president as him. At least she has real balls. He is an embarrassment to his state, country and family. The Mc Cain name will not be looked upon with honor, but disdain.

    • Invisible Man says:

      McCain is a CFR member, and lifetime Globalist enemy of this Country. When he dies, he will descend into Hell, where all the other One Worlders go when they croak. He should be praying for redemption, rather than saying who can go to his funeral, the way a spoiled child says who can’t play with his toy.

      Trump should have said, “I had no intention of going to your funeral, Johnny, and Mr. Pence won’t be there, either.” McCain has this grand vision of his own self importance. He should know the truth of it all.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      He has always been a traitor and crook..He never represented anyone but himself….

  46. Charles Williams says:

    I think that Senator John McCain is a sore loser because he lose the Election against Obama in 2008. He didn’t want Donald Trump to beat his lady Hillary Clinton the other sore loser. Who ran two election and couldn’t read behind the line that the American people never trusted her just like McCain. Both Hillary and John McCain will go to hell with the devil after their gone because of their sin. Neither of them could be trusted to run the office of the President. Because they were gone for the wrong reason. Both were no good for the office. McCain need to ask for Donald Trump forgiveness for all his wrong doing. He Assume Donald Trump was corrupted he didn’t know that he will be remember as the great President since Abe Lincoln who was a Republician and freed the slaves The Demeocrats was against this action they wanted Slavery to still exist.

  47. Kent Sinclair says:

    McCain you’ll be in hell long time before me ,you traitorous piece of stomped on canine fecal matter.

  48. J. Greenlee says:

    A disgusting and disgraceful old man who served only himself and no one else. Throw him out of Congress and march him off the the parade grounds with shackles dragging. A pathetic mental case looking for someone with which to share his deceitful persona, so as to lessen the burning as he fades into infamy.

  49. Frankieboy says:

    McCain’s picture in the book of history, will be along side of the “Definition of Scum Bag”.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      Can anyone please give me the date of his funeral so we can proclaim a national holiday of celebration…Free at last Thank God we will be free at last of crooked McCain…Hope he reads what America thinks of him totally.

      • Invisible Man says:

        I will bring enjoying my favorite Scotch, or Irish Whiskey, while drinking a toast to his death; the same way that I drank to that pig from Chappaquiddick, Ted Kennedy’s death, as well as that other sack of crap, Robert Byrd. To be honest, I can’t think of too many Politicians that I would drink to their health, because most just suck.

  50. Ronald Mitchell says:

    This man is a worthless piece of crap. Not only did he act like an ass while in a pow camp but just as hateful since he has be out. Just Google his name and see what you get. He recently said “if anyone doesn’t like what i did, can go to hell” Guess who is going to hell first.

  51. Robert neal says:

    I served with John McCain, during the Vietnam War, aboard the USS Oriskany, CVA-34. He had just come aboard from the USS Forrestall, where he was very involved in a flight deck fire, that eventually killed 44 sailors! At one time, he was a hero to me, and to the men that walk that deck everyday. He has sure changed my mind, and will never have my vote nor sympathy again!

    • Kent Sinclair says:

      He killed those men by trying to wet start his jet it blew up killing those men .His daddy pulled his out of the fire for that one. He committed treason while a POW and Nixon pardoned him due to his fathers influence.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Robert – One act does not make him a Hero – you of all people had to know what he did in the Hanoi Hilton – check it out. His POWs gave him the nickname “Songbird” for what he did.

  52. Jan13 says:

    Senator McCain should have retired after his brain cancer diagnosis, at least after the mid terms, AZ and the US will have two new GOP senators. I just hope neither will be RINOS.

  53. Paul Arnold says:

    Why was he the only republican to vote no on getting rid of Obamacare.Was he having trouble with his brain back then.

  54. CHeryl says:

    He is over the top INSANE!

    • Helen Hollingsworth says:

      A very bitter and sick guy crying for attention …he is so jealous…God is on our side ….

  55. McCain Was all about America in Nam too wasn’t he.

    • GySgt Lew says:

      Donald – evidently you are living in a shell/bubble, read the comments – they are easily checked out… He has always been about Himself.

  56. Herbert Drew says:

    I don’t wish McCain any ill will but he is a crature of the swamp and needs to be gone. He isn’t a hero in my opinion. Hr was shot down in Nam and was a prisoner of the viet cong. There were others that were heros in that war.

    • jug says:

      None of the 3 planes that he lost HAD ANY BULLET HOLES IN THEM!

      They got close, shooting at him and the coward bailed out!

  57. Jim koenig says:

    I liked McCain in the beginning. Now I think he is a traitor and a criminal. He should spend his last days in prison

    • MARYANN33 says:

      Yes, he should die in prison where he belonged all these years…Shut the madman up please….so sick of this slimy guy

  58. Sue jb says:

    Never liked John McCain he was a super rino plain and simple and that goes for all the rino.

  59. Shirley says:

    He will rot you know where He is a traitor to the USA.

  60. Shirley says:

    He will rot in you know where.

  61. Jeff says:

    Time for the bastard to meet his maker.. Satan.

    • Leo says:

      Retiring? He should have been kicked out long time ago, what wrong with thre voters in that State?
      He was NEVER a Repunlican. A Hero never, find out from people who very in captivity with him!

  62. Rivahmitch says:

    This old ‘Nam vet just wishes the McLame bass turd would die so I can live long enough to pizz on its grave.

  63. Susan says:

    John McCain you are just pure EVIL you were in on this FAKE DOSSIER you RINO you ruined healthcare for every American citizen, you are a sorry excuse for a so called republican I’m embarrassed that you are with this party! You would use something fake to get back at our president because you LOST you lost to Donald Trump and are still having a snowflake meltdown because of it! You are acting like a two year old throwing a tantrum! Your vote should not count because you are not in your right mind you should be referred to a doctor of Congress choice before you ever vote with republicans again! Not fair to republicans!! You need replaced NOW!

  64. Dianna says:

    Time for mccain to die! Hope God makes it painful! That way he can feel how tge American people feel b/c he is a TRAITIR TO AMERICA!

  65. Joe says:

    McCain would have better served his country as an MIA than a POW

    • Frank says:

      Singing McCain gave the NVA all our air defenses and flight paths while a POW. Sixty pilots believed to have lost their lives because of this information.

      • GySgt Lew says:

        Right on Frank – I was in the Nam when “Songbird McCain and “Hanoi Jane” Fonda did their thing… They should have been shot…

        • Invisible Man says:

          Gunny, Tell me why McCain, and that bitch, Jane Fonda weren’t tried for Treason, for their sympathies, and aid given, to the Communist Vietnamese enemies? The same can be asked of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn, two of the Weather Underground Communist Terrorist scumbags, that killed Police Officers in San Francisco, and bombed several Federal Buildings, including the Pentagon? Why are they walking around, and not at the end of a Hangman’s noose?

  66. True Believer says:

    What an evil human being if you can call him that. I don’t think he was angry because Mr. Trump won the presidency as much as the comment Mr. Trump made about him something to the effect that I don’t like people who get shot down. I forget the exact wording but when I heard that I knew he Mr. Trump knew that McCain was no hero. McCain should never have run and all of his misdeeds would never have come out and normal people would have thought of him as hero. But karma is hell!

  67. Tom Martin says:

    Those that served with him knew he was no good. No one would listen to us. Some fool in Florida that said he was a pow with McCain and MCCain was a great man. He must be a traitor to and enjoyed the perks MCCain got selling us out. I want the man to die a natural painful death, but I hope it is soon. The man should be impeached immediately.

  68. William Richards says:

    McCains “expiration date” can’t come soon enough.

  69. s.Grimm says:

    He should resign the sooner the better. he is a evil old man

  70. DENNIS A HELLER says:


    • GySgt Lew says:

      Dennis – you will have to wait a very – very long time because it will be very long line ahead of you at the grave..

  71. SJHPW says:

    Soros is taking care of McCain. McCain should have never been anywhere but in prison for what he did in the military and ensured it was all covered up. He committed treason while a POW and some of our men (POWs) were killed because of him. I normally don’t wish bad things to anyone but I hope he burns in hell for what he has done. He never was a hero and the sooner he succumbs to his brain cancer the better – karma alive and well.

  72. Cp123 says:

    His mind is as sick as his body at this point. Evil eats your soul.

  73. Joanna says:

    McCain part of it..sad all because he wasn’t elected..Still holds animosity towards America ..Wonder how much he got paid?? Hope he makes peace with God before he departs..Think the cancer is unbearable and he’s been lashing out..hasn’t been himself. Dont wish anyone ill will; just don’t agree with him

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