John McCain admitted the one thing about Trump no one ever thought they would hear

John McCain is in score settling mode.

The Arizona Senator released a new book where he takes on Donald Trump.

But McCain ended up admitting one thing that no one expected.

During the campaign, Donald Trump routinely railed against the Iraq War as a mistake.

Trump’s America First foreign policy helped propel him to victory.

But it also set him up for conflict with John McCain, the leading cheerleader for endless foreign interventions in Congress.

In his book, however, McCain was forced to admit Trump was right.

McCain finally conceded that the Iraq War – which was sold on faulty intelligence provided by the Deep State – was a mistake.

The Daily Caller reports:

“GOP Sen. John McCain of Arizona admitted Friday that the Iraq War was a mistake.

“The principal reason for invading Iraq, that Saddam had WMD, was wrong,” McCain wrote in his new book. “The war, with its cost in lives and treasure and security, can’t be judged as anything other than a mistake, a very serious one, and I have to accept my share of the blame for it.”

McCain was one of the biggest supporters of the initial surge into Iraq in 2003 and was actually one of the first Republicans to get behind it. The Arizona senator has previously stated that his support for the Iraq War rested with his experience during Vietnam, where he was captured as a prisoner of war. McCain believes America could have won.”

No one thought McCain would ever renounce the Iraq War.

By doing so he admitted something that Donald Trump – and millions of other Americans – had already known to be correct – the Iraq War was a mistake.


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71 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    One thing about old Saddam! He kept those Camel jockey goat screwers in there place and in control!! They got out of line he shot em!! Like it should be! U.S. got bad info from deep state, they like to create war! Then give those countries are money! Was a big mistake going into iraq!! All that wasted money and lives! For what!! They created Taliban as we know, which led to the other camel jockey! Obama’s twin! Bin ladin!! Put a head sock and beard on Obama and you have bin ladin! Might be same guy!! Or twin! All these wars in camel heaven we have no business being there! We put our boys in to much danger! For what!! Our guys dont need to be on ground in those places! Jets, Drones, Apaches and bombs will do the trick! Thanks to Obama the ones we had in Gitmo got released and back there to join there groups!!

  2. Roger says:

    Old post. Saw this today from Fox News’ Chris Wallace: “Remember though, that the recusal of Sessions did not lead to the special counsel, it was the firing of Comey, of James Comey the FBI Director that lead to the appointment of the special counsel,” Wallace said in a segment on Fox News on Friday.

    “The only person the president can blame for that is himself,” Wallace added.

  3. Marlene says:

    Cindy McCain has no business taking over her husbands place. She knows nothing it should be a election not just give it to her . Other senators have to be voted in she should to. She is nothing special as far as I can see.

    • Debra says:

      I totally agree. We did NOT elect her. This is like just letting someone walk in off the street I don’t like it. But there are alot of things going on lately (the last 10 yrs that don’t seem to be what they should be. ) We did not vote her in , to do that. She did not have our permission.

  4. Jarhead says:

    Poor stupid McCain has had that severe brain tumor for years…..cut him some slack and get him into a psycho ward fast.

    • Wondering Woman says:

      Stupid John McCain became deep state establishment traitor decades before he had brain cancer – no slack deserved for him.

  5. Nunyer Binnis says:

    So, you admitted it. You’re STILL neocon scum, Songbird.

  6. George V Rowe says:

    Iraq was loaded with Weapons of Mass Destruction in the form of poison gasses.
    I have heard reports of them still being found there. How many were sent to other nations?

  7. Rich Kenny says:

    Death bed confessions do not discolor his hatred of America and its military personnel, which he persecuted during his days as a pow…. he feathered his own bed by singing the woes of his fellow military while in pow camps…. and causing his commrads untold injuries and yes, even death… He will pay on the other side… no redemption for his sorry sole .

    • Batguanna says:

      He was and has been so crooked and only for him his entire life; he will have to be screwed into the ground when he dies!! Traitor!!

  8. True Believer says:

    Hey folks, just read that Cindy McCain, John’s second wife is going to run to take his seat in the Senate. Isn’t this hilarious. If Arizona even puts her on the ballot instead of the two or three others that are qualified, and Arizona votes for her in a primary to run against a democrat for the seat, I personally will never ever even visit Arizona again. I know that won’t make much difference, but hey!.

    • Vernon says:

      I wonder if she’s a RINO too

    • Juanito Ibanez says:

      Tru Believer wrote: “Hey folks, just read that Cindy McCain, John’s second wife is going to run to take his seat in the Senate.”

      Actually, she’s counting on him lasting until June 2nd, any time after which she expects to be appointed to John’s senator seat by the AZ governor, to serve until the 2020 General Election, where she would face opposition in the Primary Election.

  9. Joyce says:

    Remove him!!

  10. Bruce says:

    Another flaming liberal. I guess your going to tell me you belong to the NRA and believe And your on target lady probably knows more than you do

  11. Nan says:

    i don’t care what mccain thinks or says. he’s a petty child with his rants and revenge on our president. no matter what, he should be supporting our country and this president who is repairing so much damage done by the EX-president who wants america to be a 3rd world nation. the BIGGEST HOAX ever perpetrated on our beloved nation …

    • MARYANN33 says:

      McCain is the traitor poster boy for what not to do and say on your way to the hell he earned over many ungodly years. He makes a bigger and bigger fool of himself every post I read…Not the way to get ready to meet your maker…or did the devil make McCain?

    • Debra says:

      You got that right.

  12. zee says:

    > the GUILT<> mccain’/ghosts arising. WELL,
    we don’t buy it.

  13. Zackary Odom says:

    Bye Bye , take Mitch With you

  14. ray says:

    McCain and Kerry are both embarrassments to patriotic Americans. McCain abandoned his first wife because he could not deal with her injuries. He had no respect among his fellow captors and Trump was right when he said he was not a hero. Trump was only chastised because most Americans don’t know the truth about McCain. He is the true definition of a RINO

  15. James in Texas says:

    The facts are, after McCain is buried more people than countable will forget anything/everything McCain ever did in his life. He was a failure in Naval service, he was a huge failure as a Senator and he has been a large cause of the near destruction of the Republican Party, Period!

  16. Peter Klopfenstein says:

    Theres something wrong with McCain, I used to think he was a hero but now I think he is a Manchurian candidate. Its time for him to go. His hateful anticonservative tactics are destructive to America and destroy faith. I am glad he is going to meet his maker soon.

  17. Mike Baumgartner says:

    I do not want to tell all the mothers who lost sons & daughters or all the veterans that lost limbs this war was a mistake. McCain will say anything to glorify himself. He is another politician that puts self ahead of country.

  18. Gordon says:

    No, I think Iraq had some payback coming for their part, as one nation among many, for Jihadist brand of Islam that had cause the 9/11 attacks only days before. Secondly, Saddam had been a thorn in our side (and in the Bush dynasty’s side) long enough and needed to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. Unfortunately, we were short-sighted in not dealing with his fellow Ba’ath Party dictator to the north in Syria, Basar al-Assad which brings us to the present day. In reality it has always been the Saudis who export the most terror, both monetarily and ideologically, but they also export the most oil so they’re off the hook. As an aside, now that bin-Laden’s “dead,” if you choose to believe he wasn’t shot in the caves during the Bush campaign….why are we in Afghanistan? To guard the poppy fields for the Afghan warlords? Let’s bring those soldiers home today.

    • MARYANN33 says:

      We are in Afgjamostan because of Jared Kushner and his choice of McMaster…Trump needs to get his kids out of our house now. Big democrats. And not versed in any sort of real life at all…Gay lovers too…anti American beliefs

      • True Believer says:

        Oh really, I didn’t realize that Jared Kushner worked for Obama for 8 years. Please give me the evidence where this is true also Gay lovers with all those kids. I certainly don’t know where you glean your information from but you had better throw it out as nonsense.

  19. CharlesWilliamMorganJr says:

    As a Nam vet, I can state that McCain had a terrible reputation in Vietnam. The man is dishonest, unreliable, and should never have been nominated to run for POTUS. He is a horrible excuse for a senator.

  20. madmemere says:

    IMHO, the war in Iraq was NOT a mistake, we were just “too late” to the game. Satellite videos showed those WMDs being trucked OUT of Iraq (to Iran and on to Syria) just prior to our arrival. The “mistake” was made by our “politicos” who forced our military to fight with “one arm tied behind their backs” and forced to withdraw too soon – -per EO AND all kinds of public accouncements by fraudbama, so the enemy (isis) patiently waited for us to leave, so they could invade and create another “living hell” for the Iraqi populace. Our intent was to capture those WMDs and disable them, along with the genocidal “saddam the mad man”! Others try to say it was for their oil – -did we actually take any of that?? If we did, then I missed it.

  21. Rich Kenny says:

    I find it hard to accept or believe ANY THING that mccain says or does… He has proved himself MUCH less than honest…. and has been a most insidious traitor to the American soldier even tho they were his comrades! he lied and compromised the honor of each and every one with whom he served…. as a person, I find his character reprehensible. and he should have no voice in the governing of our country.

    • madmemere says:

      True that, he was called “canary” McCain for a reason.

    • LOLA COLLINS says:

      Having lived back then , during the Vietnam War, I remember as plain as the sun in the sky, what a miserable military man McCain was. His Naval officer Daddy got him where he was, got him out of trouble, and the POW’s knew he ”ratted” on them for favors from the captors. He was called SONG BIRD, and then as congressman he had the name of MAVERICK. He always went against what was right!!

  22. Harry Cauley says:

    The way Trump has been handling NOKO is the way Iraq should have been handled. Desert Storm was different though and was handled the way it should have been. But thee were elements in that war that should have been done very different. the agreements about Mosques was wrong and the Arab countries should have been more involved.

  23. Gerry says:

    mccain along with kerry are an embarrassment to all of us who fought in Nam. We should not have been involved in any war since WWII. But our government and congress always see $$$$ signs to get us involved. Dollar signs and perks with not a care about the people fighting it. We had Nam won twice but our dirtbag government stopped us from completing our task. And again the American people were brainwashed and misled by the despicable lame biased media. It is past time for mccain to STFU and stay home and forget about him and his ghost writers airing their dirty laundry. I don’t know about anyone else but I couldn’t care less what mccain says or does, he is just embarrassing his family and his demoTRASH party. (more demoscum than rino).

  24. I do believe that saddam had WMD and they were taken to Syria , that is why you are seeing so many chemical attacks there. I am completely behind Trump and what he is doing for our country tho. May God continue to Bless this man and his family from all those vultures in Washington who wish him harm and I pray this farce about a Russian collusion will end soon for our country’s sake. If you don’t have anything after almost 2 years. it then turns into a witch hunt instead of a legitimate investigation, not to mention the millions of dollars it is costing us taxpayers for this lunacy by the dumocrats.

    • Bill says:

      Why is this first class SNAKE still relevant,? Last I heard, he’d done nothing extraordinary, ’nuff said, move on!

      • MARYANN33 says:

        He needs to be put in his place and removed from office. He cannot even fill the postition..Appoint Joe
        Arpaio tp serve his term now.

    • Bruce says:

      lady, you know nothing and your opinion is ridiculous. Unless you were on the front lines you have not a clue

      • True Believer says:

        What do you mean lady, you know nothing. I suppose you do and were on the front lines. Sorry, I am for everything that she said.

      • George G. Dovey says:

        The lady is right on target. OOPS, now you will be zero-tolerancel attacking me for threatening you with a gun!

        • Bruce says:

          Another flaming liberal. I guess your going to tell me you belong to the NRA and believe And your on target lady probably knows more than you do

    • Joeyounger says:

      Judy, not to sound argumentative, but I think your wrong!
      1. The WMD that Sadaam had were viable enough, and they showed he had chemical weapons…he never denied that he didn’t. Bush-Bush presidency were aggravated that after the First Gulf War(DesertStorm/Shield)that Sadaam wasn’t toppled by his own people…he had enough oil money stashed away that he was able to afford his army…
      2. Junior Bush had a corncob stuck in his behind, because supposedly Sadaam had put out a contract to assassinate his father..
      3. Junior Bush didn’t know what he was doing after the fighting stopped in Iraq, allowing for the 2 Islamic sects, Sunnis and the Shi-ites to start quarreling causing immediate uprisings and civil strife…
      4. Instead of keeping a token ground force in Iraq,after we had put down all of the uprisings, with the military “surge”, Obozo recalled all of the boots on the ground, leaving a void that ISIS, was not only capable of filling, but happy to do so..
      5. Instead of opposing Obozo’s ” exit strategy”, the Republicans in Congress neither opposed, not complied with it…the fiasco that followed is now ancient history.
      I’m in complete agreement as to the good President Trump has done so far in his quest to MAGA. The witch hunt of Mueller’s won’t be going on much longer…the Democrats know that the people they represent are going to be asking questions as to the legitimacy of the investigation and the cost…the Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, don’t have a good “exit strategy” and so they will have to deal with the embarrassment of this fiasco also…As for John McCain, and what he has to say, well every time he opens his mouth, people suffer, and for all intents and purposes it won’t be long until his illness prevents him from serving any longer…maybe then Arizona will finally be represented by a true conservative Senator, and he can take his infamous “thumb” and shove it up his ass…JMHO

      • Bruce says:

        Took the words right out my mouth. Couldn’t have said it better. I live in Arizona and McCain isn’t as popular as he thinks. His biggest bastion is the illegals and of course the Latinos., I believe, is his stance on immigration.

  25. John McCain is embarrassing himself and his family, but unfortunately, that is nothing new! He really should just concentrate on his health instead of all this grandstanding at the last minute. He simply shows he is nothing but a jealous old man, who hates President Trump for the same reason Hillary does: because this no account, reality TV star, with no political experience whatsoever, took away the Presidency! Well John that should tell you something. Maybe that being a RINO never got you very far and if you had actually had the courage of your convictions, maybe you too could have been President. But the more you speak, the gladder I am that you did not win!

  26. Hal Lemoyne says:

    Do you agree with Donald Trump about the Iraq War?

    YES @ (100%)=325,325,325 US voters
    no @ (0%)=809 voters

  27. Frank Norton says:

    I have always admired Saddam Hussein for his taking on Iran over a five year war. A small country with the 4th largest land based military. Saddam wanted to be a friend of the United States, but our president apparently did not want him to talk with the America public, and decided to have him killed. Why, when the WMD toxic gas weapons were found in Iraq, they were stamped MADE IN THE U.S.A. .

  28. Mike says:

    I for one am of the opinion that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. History will prove it. He had 6 months after the attack and GWBs announcements to move those weapons around and hide them, which he did in Syria.
    The only mistake we made was not finishing up in Iraq, but moving into Iran and Syria and finishing it there. But by that time the American people didn’t have the stomach for anymore fighting. Most of that should be blamed on the LSM.

  29. Michael says:

    John McCain is a dinosaur. a disgrace to the republican party..he should have retired years ago…bur all those lobbiest’s lined his pockets…he couldnt turn his back on the golden goose…he loves them golden eggs…I will never understand the people of Arizona who continue to vote that old relic back into office…I agree with Mr Trump…No One has got more milage out of being a POW than McCain…He 110% shouldnt be a policy maker for this country…#1- with a brain cancer, #2 evan with the cancer he still lives in the stone age…You need to stay home McCain….you have that swamp stink about you

  30. Fr Tom Martin says:

    I was in Vietnam it was a mistake to. Anyone that has been in a WAR should be against them unless they are personally profiling from them. Just one more time McCain has shown he does not value American life. You fight to protrct your borders from invasion of any kind and you stay number 1 with a well trained, well equip and high paid soldiers.

    • True Believer says:

      I agree with your whole heartily! Never could understand why we had to defend everyone else and then they turn on us. I also don’t like giving all these countries money every year. They never gave us any. We rebuilt Europe after saving all their asses and what do we get nothing for all of our blood spilled. Some say, that will stop them from coming here, fine, let em come and then we will show them who is boss.

  31. Michael Papke says:

    McCain brings a lot of his problems on his self.Instead of trying to take on our President he should be spending what time he has left with his family.

  32. Ed says:

    Lies after lies and still lying. WMD’s we’re in Iraq without a doubt, then when they couldn’t find them Bush fell strangely silent. And now even this article wants you to believe we were wrong about WMD’s and they never existed. The WMD’s are real they exist though probably they are no longer hidden in Iraq. The US government supplied Iraq with them, at the same time we were giving Iraq air support. At the time Iraq was at war with Iran and the US had advisers in country. The US also flew AWACS mission from Saudi Arabia in which we supplied Iraq with information gained from those missions. Ask yourself what is more likely the truth while you consider the history of US actions in the middle East. The US has and are arming every one of our enemies in the middle East. We are arming ISIS because they are fighting against Syria whom the US wants to overthrow. We armed Iraq with WMD’s to fight Iran and when they couldn’t find them the entire story changed because we didn’t want to admit our involvement, and now John McCain claims it was all a mistake. All this hoping they can close the door on this so our government can deny they did it.

  33. Janet Hall says:

    I think that he and HRClinton should just slowly disappear. We’ve had enough of both of them. I almost pity John McCain’s vain attempt in his last days to …do…what??? He is embarrassing his family to be sure.

  34. Janet Hall says:

    Kind of a nothing burger article.

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