Joe Biden will throw a fit when he sees the result of this brutal new poll

Photo by President Joe Biden via Wikimedia open source

Joe Biden is on one of the worst losing streaks of any President in history.

The news keeps getting worse.

And Joe Biden will throw a fit when he sees the result of this jaw-dropping new poll.

During a deranged press conference where President Joe Biden forgot the name of the Church that gave him the rosary after his son died and confused the President of Egypt for the President of Mexico, he snarled at one reporter that he was the best Democrat to take on President Donald Trump.

Biden only had this press conference because Special Counsel Robert Hur turned in a report showing he stole classified documents going back to the 1970s, but that he was too mentally incapacitated to stand trial.

The American people don’t agree with Biden’s assessment.

A recent NBC News poll not only showed Trump leading Biden 47 to 42 percent but that voters viewed Trump as a more successful President.

“Just 14% of registered voters say Biden has done a better job as President than they expected he would, according to the latest NBC News national poll. Another 42% say Biden has done a worse job than they expected, and 44% say his tenure has gone about as they expected it would,” NBC News reported.

“But 40% say Trump’s Presidency was better than expected, with 29% saying it was worse and 31% saying it was about as expected,” NBC News also reported.

When Donald Trump left office the inflation rate was 1.4 percent.

Gas was $2.39 per gallon.

And there were 400,000 attempted illegal border crossings.

Inflation under Joe Biden surged to over nine percent – a 40-year high – in 2022. 

The average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.20.

And in just December alone more than 300,000 illegal aliens tried to enter America.

Life is measurably worse under Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The polls show the American people recognize that fact.

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