Joe Biden threatened every American with this ultimatum if he wins the election

Joe Biden is leading the polls.

But he’s already letting the cat out of the bag on what he has planned should he win the election.

And Joe Biden threatened every American with this ultimatum if he wins the election.

One of the big nanny state power grabs to come out the coronavirus pandemic is the big government mandate that all Americans wear face coverings out in public.

The government owns no Constitutional authority to dictate what attire Americans wear in public.

But that did not stop Joe Biden in an interview with a Pittsburgh journalist that one of the first things he would do as President is impose a nationwide mask mandate.

“I would go back to making sure that everybody had masks, that you had PPE [personal protective equipment] lined up, we’d have been making sure we stockpile all the things that we need that we don’t have now. The one thing we do know, these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen — would have to make sure that they walked in their business that had masks,” Biden said.

The advocates for wearing masks claim it is an act of “respect” for others.

None of the so-called “public health” measures to slow the spread of coronavirus have anything to do with health.

There is little evidence lockdowns served any benefit but they let Democrat Governors punish their political enemies by closing churches and businesses.

Telling Americans to wear masks is just another way for so-called “public health experts” to exert greater control over American life.

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  1. Robert J Lee says:

    Creepy Joe’s dementia is leaving him even more demented. He has no authority to force masks onto people, which in any case compound the disease.

  2. If he thinks he is going to win the election his wife better practice duct tapping his fingers!

  3. Kart Hand says:

    One of the stated tactics of Communists is to DEMORALIZE the population. I don’t fall for it and neither should y’all. LOL!

  4. Edward Pixley says:

    Why are you praying for Trump’s success in the election. Trump has already told us that he has never felt the need to ask God’s forgiveness for anything. He clearly believes himself to be God’s favorite, and you obviously believe so, too. So why not just leave it in God’s hands. Or do you trust Trump more than you trust God?

  5. Janet says:

    So how the heck can Biden be AHEAD in the polls?? What poll? a poll dancing poll????
    I hope and pray this is a delusional attempt at deception, as if the people prefer this idiot to President Trump, who actually cares for our country, then all hope is lost!! Praying for revival and God’s wisdom for our desperate nation!

  6. Edward Pixley says:

    Is there anyone on this forum who can explain why Donald Trump consistently refuses to criticize Vladimir Putin for anything and trusts Putin’s word over his own Intelligence Services, yet regularly criticizes American allies?

  7. Esther says:

    You are so right Bob Jones. Thanks for saying what I was going to say. Republicans in 2020

  8. Robert Wayne says:

    Just another reason to vote for President Trump and against that idiot Biden.

  9. Mama says:

    Yes, Carole H. >>> PPL’s ‘BREATHING BACK ‘their 0WN C02’…
    pitiful. & NOW e’1 ‘thinks’ normal cold/flu IS ‘corona-ville’…
    > &&& ‘common cold ‘Is a part of Long Time ‘corona’…. &&& ‘current
    Adjusted’ corona Today = LESS than 1/2 0f 1 % fatality… NOT by a
    Long SHOT an “Epidemic'”. ‘Pandemic’ = worldwide, That’s All…
    >>> 0LD ‘corona’ & NEW ‘corona (ville) IS NOT Going Away … 0nce Here-
    Always HERE … DEAL W/IT… KNOW YOUR Immune system. Food . Liquid &&& UV
    LIGHT !!! A-B-C Spectrums. cor0naville IS NOT ‘That Difficult’ To
    ‘ameliorate’ ( But COULD/WOULD BE , W/ Proper ‘Tools’…) &&& IFFF
    E’1 Knew this ‘info’ &&& USED it… Well then ++++++
    ps. i am Senior + … good nite. God Bless . WAKE -UP, PPL !!

  10. Carole H says:

    Keep in mind that the covid death rate in nursing homes accounts for 43% of all the deaths in the US. That is because the governors of four states, all Democrat, sent patients with covid back to their nursing homes and the homes were not able to refuse to accept them. When you deduct that amount from the overall death count, it is not that high for a country the size of US. When it comes to masks, I wore one for the first time today to get my hair cut. That was part of the mandate to open beauty salons. Before today, I was only out one time in February but my husband was out and about. I am sure I had the virus back in March as I had every single symptom and was sick for about three weeks. My husband had a bit of a cold which lasted about a week but that was it. He social distanced but still picked it up and gave it to me. A mask would not have made any difference as it partially protects others from you but does not protect you from the virus. It is so minute it goes through the mask easily. I am in the endangered age group but got through it. The mask today drove me nuts so I doubt I’ll be going anywhere in the next while as I felt I couldn’t breathe properly and masks keep 40% of the carbon dioxide you breathe out trapped in the mask which you then breathe in again. Not good. So Joe, go fly a kite if you still remember what a kite is.

  11. Mama says:

    To LOL . what Usay is true’.
    especially :
    “Wearing a mask is like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence.”
    ( PPL’s NEED TO KNOW ‘MICRON’ SCIENCE !!!! ) that IS NOT Told
    To You ALL thru msm. ok, i’m done… )0n ‘THAT ‘subject matter’…)

    The rioters. arsenists. looters. && Peaceful ? Naivete’ protesters ‘sucked’ in
    = no maskees… for the ‘Sake of blm ‘Name’ ? WHICH HAS NOTHING To DO
    W/ blm. A Marxist/Communstic ‘take0ver’ W/ a pretty ‘lil benevolent’ Name.!
    Whew. Wow. 0MG. I Surely ‘pray’ That E’day PPL’s KNOW the TRUTH…
    ~ Jesus Lord, i could 0n & 0n… Good nite. God Bless &&& WTFU. thank you.

  12. Esther says:

    That’s it? His big plan to end the corona virus? A mask? Most masks state it will not prevent corona virus. What research for a vaccine is he going to pursue? I agree with social distancing. I’m sure a movie theater would rather have a half full theater than an empty one. Or a restaurant or any business. We already have those thing in place in most states . This is the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.

  13. Steve says:

    *******make NO MISTAKE that the Masks are a Precurse to Hijab, Sharia laws and Protecting Criminal Identity!!******* And it will also serve to make People both in Constant Fear and Decrease their health thru the OVERABUSE of inhaling both damaging bacteria clustering and carbon dioxide / nitrogen recycle!!

  14. Edward Pixley says:

    Bob Jones: Come now. The Republican Party has been trying to get rid of Social Security ever since it was enacted. During the ’60s and ’70s they temporarily paused in their efforts, when SS was determined to be the third rail of politics and no one dared touch it. But then George W. Bush made privatizing SS a priority of his 2000 campaign, arguing 1) that it would be bankrupt by 2017, and 2) that people could get much better return on their investments in the private market. Of course, we know who would have got the better return, all those parasite investment advisors who would be clamoring to get all those poor slobs who don’t understand the market to sign on with them. Whenever their is government money out there for the people, you can depend on the parasites to be figuring out ways to rake it in for themselves. And we can depend on the Republican Party to defend the rights of the parasites. That is the whole motivation behind most (not all) Charter schools who take our tax money away from the Public Schools, and have no oversight on how the money is spent. Betsy DeVoss is, of course, a major investor in Charter Schools, and saw to it that those schools reaped the benefits of the recent Government grants during the pandemic. Another area is in Guaranteed Student Loans, where For-Profit Colleges and Universities (such as Trump University — a totally fraudulent enterprise) get the tuition money through student loans. These loans from the For-Profits have a default rate more than twice the national average, because their graduates can’t get jobs. Obama put a stop to student loans going to pay tuition at unaccredited institutions, but DeVoss reversed that decision after ascending her cabinet post. Once again, it is us taxpayers who end up paying for those defaults, while the money goes to the shysters like Trump.
    Another Big Government project is Medicare. Even though it is deeply flawed, it is still the best health insurance program that this country has ever seen. And is there any Big Government program more impressive than the US Military? How could any of these things be accomplished without Big Government? Of course, with the military, we also have built in civilian oversight, which is critical in a Democratic society. That, too, is at risk, when the civilian authorities seem to be in awe of the military and craving its approval, as we are now seeing.

  15. Chuk "Goober Lips" Shoomer says:

    Yo Daddy should have been wearing PPE when he was banging yo momma. I heard the best part of Joe was left between his momma’s butt cheeks anyway.

  16. Chuk "Goober Lips" Shoomer says:

    Joe Blow it up your ass! Speaking of PPE, yo daddy should have been wearing PPE when he banged yo momma.

  17. Robert Crandall says:

    I will not wear a mask. Others are free to do so if they want. I see it only as a way to have control over us and I won’t stand for it. No one can tell me what to wear. If we obey them it is a short step to do it or we will not let you work, or travel, or buy stuff at stores. Nope, not me.

  18. Hirsh says:

    It’s pass time to say to the elite wannabes, STOP NOW before you say you want a revolution, well ya know. If this was really about the CCP Virus, they would have let it run it’s course, everyone would have been cleared months ago. This is about world control. Obey me and live, disobey and die!

  19. Tony says:

    With all these crooks you have to follow the money too … check for family investments after Joe mentioned mandatory PPE’s?

  20. bob jones says:

    to edward pixley: for the life of me i don’t know where ignorants like you get your information. joe biden must have had a show case out of his basement and told you that childrens story. don’t remember trump saying he will cut social security,you must have been out marching with blm and hit with a brick.

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