Joe Biden saw flashing red lights in a poll of this crucial battle ground state

Just like four years ago, Donald Trump finds himself trailing his Democrat opponent in all the major media polls.

But four years ago, those polls were wrong.

And now Joe Biden saw flashing red lights in a poll of this crucial battle ground state.

In 2016, the state polling data missed Donald Trump’s wins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Pollsters undersampled rural non-college educated voters, which created a blind spot as to the surge of support behind Donald Trump.

Four years later all the major media polls show Joe Biden with healthy leads over Donald Trump in the Midwest battlegrounds.

But the pollster that was the only outfit to call Donald Trump’s wins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin shows a much closer race with the trends favoring Donald Trump.

Restoration PAC hired the Trafalgar Group to poll those states and the Pennsylvania survey showed a margin of error race with Joe Biden and Donald Trump in a statistical tie at 48 to 46 percent.

But the poll found the undecided voters supported fracking and wanted a constitutional conservative on the Supreme Court.

Restoration PAC wrote of their findings:

Within the undecided subgroup, support for fracking was 58.4 percent and opposition only 19.7 percent with 21.9 percent having no opinion.

On preference for the type of Supreme Court justice they prefer, these undecideds strongly preferred a strict constructionist conservative, 58.4 percent, over progressive liberal, 0 percent, civil libertarian, 0 percent, or someone with same philosophy of justice vacating the seat, 25.1 percent.

“This clear ideological divide covering those who have yet to commit to a candidate may be determinative of how the race will trend,” Trafalgaar Group President Robert Cahaly added.

In 2016, the major media and polling companies got the election.

And the one pollster that got the 2016 election right says the big name polling outfits are making the same mistake all over again.

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