Joe Biden proposed one scary plan to deal with the crime wave in Democrat cities

Democrats are increasingly worried about the issue of crime.

Party strategists worry it could cost Democrats control of Congress.

And now Joe Biden proposed one scary plan to deal with the crime wave in Democrat cities.

The biggest cities in America saw a 33 percent increase in murders in 2020.

That trend is not letting up in 2021.

Democrats are concerned voters who are worried about crime and public safety will elect Republicans in 2022.

That’s why, on Wednesday, Joe Biden delivered what was supposed to be a major address on crime.

Instead, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz noted it turned into a pep rally for gun grabbers and anti-police fanatics.

The numbers show just a few hundred deaths each year are attributed to rifles.

More Americans are killed by knives, and feet, hands, and fists than so-called “assault weapons.”

Yet Biden claimed a so-called “assault weapons” ban would decrease crime in Democrat-run cities.

Biden also cited red flag confiscation orders – which allow anti-gun judges to order government agents to storm into homes and seize firearms – as another crime prevention measure.

The crime wave in Democrat-run cities is taking place in locales with the strictest gun control laws on the books.

Empowering police to do their jobs is the only way to get crime under control.

But the base of the Democrat Party believes in defunding the police.

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