Joe Biden made a Super Bowl video that will leave you red with rage

Photo by The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia

Joe Biden tried to use the Super Bowl to his political advantage.

But this move turned into another flaming dumpster fire.

And Joe Biden made a Super Bowl video that will leave you red with rage.

On Super Bowl Sunday, President Joe Biden tried to seize the populist mantle by calling out food companies for keeping prices the same but cutting back on the portion sizes of snacks inside the packages.

“While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend. I’m calling on the big consumer brands to put a stop to it,” Biden stated.

The absurdity of this tact was readily apparent.

Companies were cutting back on portions because the only other option was to continually raise prices to keep pace with Biden’s inflation.

Corporations want to keep their profit level and they just pass price increases on to the consumer.

Conservative commentator Mary Katherine Hamm couldn’t believe Biden actually leaned to his own failure on the economy as some kind of political flex.

“I did not predict leaning into the aging issue with an Andy-Rooney-on-quaaludes rant about how chip bags used to be fuller,” Hamm posted on X.

Pundit Stephen Miller mocked the idea that Biden keeps finding new ways to prove to the American people he’s too senile for the job after his team turned down the Super Bowl pregame show interview and only trusted him to communicate to the public through a tightly scripted and brief video.

“Can’t sit for interviews. Will do a 12-second edited script reading. Do they think that reassures people?” Miller wrote on social media.

Inflation and age are two of Joe Biden’s political weak points.

And he put them right in front of voters in just 12 seconds.

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