Joe Biden just said one scary thing that should frighten every American

Joe Biden pitched himself to the public as a harmless, doddering old man that would govern as a moderate.

But that was all a lie.

And Joe Biden just said one scary thing that should frighten every American.

While it is true that Joe Biden is a senile old man who often has no idea what is going on around him, he is not a moderate or a conventional center-Left politician.

In fact, critics contend the radicals in the Biden administration hold far greater sway because of his cognitive impairment.

The scary reality of the Biden Presidency was on full display on Tuesday when he read a speech prepared for him at a campaign event in Atlanta.

Biden traveled to Georgia to pressure Senate Democrats to blow up the filibuster in order to pass a partisan federal takeover of elections.

By putting Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge of elections, Democrats could impose mass mail-in-voting and ballot-harvesting schemes on every state in the country while also weakening voter ID laws.

The end result of this power grab is that Democrats would never lose another election.

In the speech his aides prepared for him, Biden uttered the horrifying phrase that any American opposed to a Democrat takeover of elections was a domestic terrorist.

Every Republican in the House and Senate opposes this power grab.

In one sentence, Joe Biden deemed every elected Republican and the tens of millions of Americans who voted for them as domestic enemies of the government.

Joe Biden declared his political opponents enemies of the state on the same day two terrifying developments broke.

First, Congressional Republicans obtained emails showing Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the controversial letter from the National School Board Association smearing parents who protested mask mandates and Critical Race Theory as domestic terrorists.

Second, the Biden Justice Department announced the creation of a new domestic terrorism unit targeting Americans “opposed to authority” – meaning all 74,000,000 Trump voters were now potential targets of the government.

Joe Biden claimed the centerpiece of his Presidential campaign was healing the soul of the nation and unifying the country.

That wasn’t true at all.

Instead, the organizing principle of the Biden administration is declaring every American opposed to the Left’s agenda as an enemy combatant and threatening them with the full police power of the federal government.

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