Joe Biden just got some bad news from Dr. Fauci that he never saw coming

Joe Biden appointed Dr. Fauci as his Chief Medical Advisor.

But now even Dr. Fauci is looking for some daylight from the increasingly unpopular Joe Biden.

And Joe Biden just got some bad news from Dr. Fauci that he never saw coming.

Dr. Fauci claims he is “the science.”

But in reality, Dr. Fauci is a political hack.

As Joe Biden’s approval ratings tumble, Dr. Fauci is no longer willing to stick his own neck on the line for Biden.

The latest example of Dr. Fauci gauging the political winds came during an interview on MSNBC, where he refused to defend the Biden administration for mixed messaging on the pandemic.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Wallensky’s latest public relations fiasco came after she announced that the government now considered fully vaccinated to mean boosted.

MSNBC host Stephanie Rhule asked Fauci about that comment, as well as the contradictory edits emanating from the CDC.

Dr. Fauci notably refused to comment or defend the CDC.

“Well, I’m not going to comment on that,” Dr. Fauci answered. “But let me tell you what I believe is the way to explain that. It’s this issue of what fully vaccinated means versus when you’re optimally protected. So, if I were not vaccinated right now, and I decided I wanted to get vaccinated, and I got my primary — let’s say I got an mRNA and three to four weeks later I get my second shot, two weeks to a month after that, I will be fully protected. No doubt. However, as four or five months go by, the protection will wane, which means you absolutely need a booster. And that’s what I believe the Director of the CDC, Dr. Walensky, was saying, that when you get to that point, you need to be up to date, so the boost is necessary.”

“It’s not necessary one month after the original vaccination, but as you get out to five months, the protection wanes. That’s what you mean by keeping up to date to be optimally vaccinated and optimally protected,” Dr. Fauci continued. “That’s, I believe, what she meant.”

Despite whatever the media claims, Dr. Fauci is a political operator who, despite an uninterrupted string of failures, survived in the federal bureaucracy for nearly 40 years.

Fauci has stayed around this long because he knows when to lash himself to his political benefactors and when to cut bait.

And Fauci’s lukewarm comments in defense of the Biden administration shows that even allies like Dr. Fauci see there is no political benefit to closely aligning with the President.

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