Joe Biden just gave Kamala Harris the one promotion that no one saw coming

Joe Biden is two months into his administration.

And things are not going well.

Now Joe Biden just gave Kamala Harris the one promotion that no one saw coming.

The Biden administration is finally admitting there is a crisis on the southern border.

But the solution struck many Americans as ridiculous.

In a hurried announcement at the White House, Biden announced that Kamala Harris would now be tasked with solving the border crisis.

There is a long history with Vice Presidents being handed thankless tasks that have no chance of success.

Vice President’s get handed these jobs because the President doesn’t want the stench of failure attached to their record.

In the Obama administration, Joe Biden was put in charge of ramming a national registration scheme through Congress.

That push ended in defeat.

Biden was also tasked with implementing Obama’s nearly one trillion dollar stimulus package.

Millions of Americans got left behind in the worst economic recovery since World War II, which paved the ground for Donald Trump’s election.

Now Kamala Harris is stuck with cleaning up Joe Biden’s mess on the southern border.

But short of putting back in place Donald Trump’s successful policies that secured the border Kamala Harris is also set up to fail on this mission.

Since Democrats will never want to admit defeat and reinstate Donald Trump’s America First policies that largely successfully closed the border to illegal immigration this crisis at the southern border looks to have no end in sight.

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