Joe Biden just admitted to a big mistake that is bad news for Democrats

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s handlers kept him stashed away in his Delaware basement for a reason.

They are terrified that if the American people get an extended look at Biden they will realize he is in serious cognitive decline.

And Joe Biden just admitted to a big mistake that is bad news for Democrats.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris sat for a rare interview with left-wing ABC anchor Robin Roberts.

Roberts asked Biden about his racist comment that a black radio host who couldn’t figure out if he was for Trump or Biden “ain’t black.”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Biden admitted.

Biden then dredged up his false claim that Donald Trump is a racist.

“I was trying to make the point, [Trump] is a man that spent his entire career denigrating African Americans, the truth is, there is a fundamental difference between Donald Trump and me on the issue of race across the board,” Biden said. “I’m not going to, I’m not going to try to divide people. It’s all about bringing people together.”

Biden did nothing to dissuade Democrats that he is capable of conducting a campaign schedule or if he wins the election carrying out his duties as President.

The former Vice President has always been a gaffe machine.

But now that Biden is 78-years-old and in the eyes of many Americans clearly in cognitive decline, his every gaffe takes on added weight.

Now on national TV, Biden admitted that he can’t clearly articulate his points.

That is not a reassuring message by Joe Biden.

Democrats are worried that Republicans will be able to reframe the election as a choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

If they can succeed, Donald Trump is strongly positioned to disqualify Joe Biden as a credible alternative.

Biden’s continued racist gaffes will only help the President in that regard.

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