Joe Biden is starting to regret one mistake that could cost him a key swing state

Democrats put all their eggs in one basket to win the 2020 election.

Now reality is beginning to set in and the Left is breaking out in a panic.

And that’s because Joe Biden is starting to regret one mistake that could cost him a key swing state.

As the coronavirus pandemic began to frighten Americans, Democrats sought to leverage the panic to impose a vote-by-mail scheme that Trump and his supporters claimed would open the door to widespread voter fraud.

This looked like a golden opportunity to swamp Republicans with a tsunami of mail-in ballots from irregular voters that would enable Democrats to win back the White House and the Senate while growing their House majority.

But then reality set in.

Voters who vote by mail face higher rates of rejected or lost ballots.

Officials in Pennsylvania warned up to 100,000 ballots may be disqualified because they did not meet all the security procedures necessary.

Now, in the must-win state of Wisconsin, authorities are investigating mail-in ballots found on the side of the road.

Fox 11 in Wisconsin reported:

A U.S. Postal Service investigation is underway after mail was found along the road in the Fox Valley.

The Outagamie County Sheriff’s Office says three trays were found in a ditch around 8 a.m. Tuesday. The trays were near the intersection of highways 96 and CB, near the Appleton International Airport.

The mail was immediately turned over to the postal service.

On Wednesday, a USPS spokesman said the mail included absentee ballots.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are two must-win states.

If Democrats lose both states, they will have no one but themselves to blame for pushing mail-in voting, which led to a higher percentage than normal of ballots disqualified that otherwise would have been votes for Joe Biden.

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