Joe Biden is facing this question about his health that will decide the 2024 Election

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Joe Biden is the oldest President in history.

Polls show this is a major concern for the American people.

And now Joe Biden is facing this question about his health that will decide the 2024 Election.

Pro-Trump Super PAC trolls Joe Biden ahead of the State of the Union speech 

The pro-Trump MAGA, Inc. Super PAC released a new ad entitled “Jugular” which showed a confused President Joe Biden admitting his brain was broken during a speech at the White House.

“I guess I should clear my mind here a little bit,” a fazed Biden stammered.

The ad flat out asked if Biden won re-election could he even complete a second term.

“We can all see Joe Biden’s weakness. If Biden wins, can he even survive to 2029? The real question is, can we?” the narrator continued.

The ad then closed with a split screen of Biden tripping up stairs and Vice President Kamala Harris unleashing her Marvel movie villain cackle. 

The name of the ad is even a troll as Biden’s team leaked that he wants his campaign to go for the jugular against former President Donald Trump by taunting him as a loser.

In this case, Trump’s allies are sending a message they will go for the jugular against him by making this election a referendum on whether Biden is too old to be President.

New ads peaks two fears about Joe Biden 

Every poll shows Americans no longer believe Biden is physically or mentally up to the job.

A September CBS News/YouGov survey showed barely one-third of Americans think Biden would finish out a second term.

“The CBS News/YouGov survey, published Sunday, found 34 percent of registered voters said they believe Biden would finish a second term, while 44 percent said he would leave office before the end of his second term and 22 percent said they are not sure,” the Hill reports.

By comparison, a majority of Americans have confidence that Trump would complete a second term.

55 percent said they think Trump would finish his second term, 16 percent said they believe he would leave office before his second term is up, and 29 percent said they are not sure.

The ad also is designed to stoke fears about what happens if old age forces Biden to retire in a second term.

Kamala Harris is the only politician in America more unpopular than Biden.

The prospect of her in the Oval Office terrifies Americans.

The Trump campaign believes the more it can drive home the message that a vote for Joe Biden is really a vote to make Kamala Harris the President of the United States, the higher his chances of victory go.

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