Joe Biden humiliated Kamala Harris with this devastating insult

Few seem to like or respect Kamala Harris.

That includes the man who selected Harris as his Vice Presidential running mate.

And now Americans learned that Joe Biden humiliated Kamala Harris with this devastating insult.

Alexander Burn and Jonathan Martin’s book, This Will Not Pass, is another attempt to cash in on Donald Trump’s Presidency.

But the left-wing Burns and Martin also take care to trash Kamala Harris in another warning sign from the media to Democrats that they cannot nominate her for President in 2024.

Their book contains plenty of dirt on Harris, including the time Biden shut her down during negotiations with Senate RINOs on a fake $1.2 trillion so-called “infrastructure” bill.

Biden so rudely dismissed Harris that even the RINOs in the room were amazed at the lack of respect he showed her.

Mediate reports:

Biden and Harris were meeting with senators last May in an effort to get a $1 trillion infrastructure bill through the chamber when Harris reportedly “thought that there was something missing from the conversation.”

The book explains that she “began to make the case for a larger package than the one Republicans seemed to have in mind,” which included adding some more Democratic priorities like family and social spending. “Biden dismissed her comment immediately,” the authors explain, noting “that even the Republican senators were taken aback” by his harsh tone.

That wasn’t the only story from Burns and Alexander’s book that showed Joe Biden dissing Harris.

Burns and Martin reported that Jill Biden was furious over Harris being selected as the running mate after she essentially called Joe Biden a racist during the first Democrat Presidential Primary debate.

“‘There are millions of people in the United States,’ Burns and Martin report Jill Biden ranting. ‘Why,’ she asked, ‘do we have to choose the one who attacked Joe?'”

Democrats – including the Biden’s and their associates – dumping on Harris behind the scenes is intended to send a clear message to Democrats.

The message is that if Joe Biden decides not to seek re-election in 2024, they should not feel obligated to back Kamala Harris merely on the fact that as Vice President, she is theoretically the next-in-line for Presidential succession.

If Joe Biden – as expected – does not run for re-election, 2024 could feature one of the most wide open Democrat Presidential Primaries in history.

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