Joe Biden hid one secret provision in this key bill that will put 59 million Americans out of work

Tens of millions of Americans are about to get some bad news.

This is not what Joe Biden promised.

But Joe Biden hid one secret provision in this key bill that will put 59 million Americans out of work.

Republicans blasted Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill as a Trojan horse to impose socialism on America.

This bill is really a Democratic power grab.

The legislation includes text that would destroy right to work laws in 27 states and allow union bosses to claw money out of workers paychecks to fund Democrat Party politicians and causes.

Biden also tucked in a proposal to reclassify 59 million Americans who work as independent contractors as employees in a bid to increase union membership.

Joel Pollack of Breitbart, “As Fox Business notes, the PRO Act also includes a provision that reclassifies many independent contractors as employees. That repeats the policy enacted by California’s Democrat-dominated legislature in 2019 in AB 5, which caused havoc in the “gig economy,” including ride-sharing companies. Female workers who prefer more flexible schedules were particularly badly affected. California voters passed Proposition 22 in 2020 to limit AB 5, and other changes to it are also being debated.”

Biden’s law would throw 59 million Americans out of work by changing the IRS designation of independent contractors and forcing companies that hire independent contractors to make them employees and incur increased costs.

Unions fund the Democrat Party by snatching forced union dues from workers’ paychecks and then funneling them to the campaign coffers of Democrat politicians.

Biden’s infrastructure plan is a scam with minimal money spent on infrastructure and the rest pouring into socialism and paying off Democrat Party interests groups.

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