Joe Biden heard one promise about his future that will make his life a living hell

Joe Biden’s legislative agenda stalled out in Congress and his approval numbers hit rock bottom.

But it’s about to get way worse for Joe Biden.

That’s because Joe Biden heard one promise about his future that will make his life a living hell.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised a barrage of investigations into the Biden administration’s lawless behavior, scandals, and attempts to turn America into an authoritarian nation.

“Biden protects liberal activists but turns a blind eye to rising crime. Biden has opened the border, supported mandates that have hurt students in the classroom and parental rights, allowed Big Tech to silence conservatives, and has overseen leaks of private information on American citizens under his watch,” McCarthy said in the interview.

McCarthy ticked the administration colluding with the left-wing National School Board Association to use the FBI and the so-called “PATRIOT Act” to smear parents who protested Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in government schools as domestic terrorists.

There will also be investigations into the administration‘s lawless refusal to enforce federal immigration law, as well as the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

McCarthy also pledged a new GOP majority would investigate Big Tech companies that conservatives “see as attacking free speech, going woke, or cozying up to China.”

A new GOP majority would not only force Dr. Fauci and others to come clean on the origins of the coronavirus, but also attempt to hold Communist China accountable for unleashing the virus.

“Furthermore, he’s ignored the origins of COVID and holding the Chinese government accountable while government-imposed mandates burden our economy and crush our way of life. The American people deserve answers from an administration that is not being held to account by one-party rule in Congress. A Republican majority would use every tool at our disposal for aggressive accountability of Biden’s failures because Americans need Washington to work for them, and not the other way around,” McCarthy told the Daily Caller.

If Republicans win the majority in November, a potential House Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised to open the floodgates for investigations into the Biden administration’s incompetence, scandals, and lawlessness.

Biden got a pass for two years from Democrats.

That will not be the case for the final two years of his term should the GOP win a majority.

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