Joe Biden got one surprise about a criminal investigation that could change everything

Joe Biden hoped these scandals were in his rearview mirror.

Biden thought wrong.

And now Joe Biden got one surprise about a criminal investigation that could change everything.

President Trump and many of his supporters were upset over the fact that United States Attorney John Durham did not issue any indictments in his investigation of the origins of the Russian collusion hoax before the election.

Trump supporters worried that if Biden won the election his incoming administration would scuttle the probe and the Obama Deep State conspirators who plotted the coup against President Trump would never be held accountable.

Their worst fears were realized when Federalist co-founder Sean Davis reported that United States Attorney Durham dropped his investigation over worries that Biden would punish him if Biden takes office on January 20, 2021.

The Durham investigation is the last chance to hold the coup plotters accountable.

If Durham throws in the towel, it will cause millions of Americans to lose faith in the system as they realize there is one set of standards for Trump supporters while the President’s opponents hold a get out of jail free card that allows them to break any rule or push any boundary as long the act was in the service of defeating Donald Trump.

President Trump and his team were hounded for years with a politically motivated investigation that was based on the baseless conspiracy theory that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

The FBI and Obama administration stand accused of committing numerous crimes to perpetrate this hoax.

And John Durham is the only one with the power to hold them to account for trying to veto the results of a free and fair election by scheming to overthrow the duly elected President.

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