Joe Biden gave the military one sick order that is about to cause a massive mutiny

Joe Biden is not governing as the moderate centrist he promised.

Biden’s dictatorial orders threaten the stability of an elite unit in the United States military.

And now Joe Biden gave the military one sick order that is about to cause a massive mutiny.

Joe Biden ordered all active-duty military members to submit to a forced coronavirus vaccination scheme.

This order is now literally putting lives at risk, as 24-year Coast Guard veteran David Kroll told the Daily Caller at least 18 percent of the Coast Guard’s elite rescue swimmer unit are seeking religious exemptions to the vaccine.

“At least 60 of the Coast Guard’s 340 elite Aviation Survival Technicians – better known as helicopter rescue swimmers – are seeking exemptions from the vaccine mandate, retired rescue swimmer David Kroll told the Daily Caller in an exclusive interview. The Coast Guard is already short on rescue swimmers, Kroll said, and a loss of dozens more would threaten the effectiveness and stability of the force,” the Daily Caller exclusively reported.

Kroll said that most of the swimmers he spoke with are “hard no’s” who won’t take the vaccine under any circumstances and will risk dismissal by defying Joe Biden’s authoritarian vaccine mandate.

“Most have submitted their accommodations and are waiting for an answer, but the information that they’re receiving has been varied, as has been the timeline,” Kroll told the Daily Caller. “The response too, in regards to religious accommodations, has been varied as well. Some have heard that they may have a good chance, others have heard that it will be no’s across the board.”

Biden’s vaccine mandates are causing chaos across America even in sectors of the economy that are not under Biden’s direct control.

Southwest Airlines canceled two thousand flights after pilots and crews effectively went on strike by taking personal days off in protest over the company’s vaccine mandate.

Now Joe Biden threatens lives as the Coast Guard will not have enough rescue swimmers available to save lives out at sea.

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