Joe Biden faced some bad news from one ally that will drive Democrats crazy

Even when Joe Biden thinks he notched a victory, it is usually a massive defeat.

Democrats have no idea how ugly the political environment is turning.

And Joe Biden faced some bad news from one ally that will drive Democrats crazy.

Joe Biden and the Democrats tried to stage their moment of triumph when Joe Biden signed a $1.2 trillion Green New Deal-style and equity spending bill into law.

Thirteen Republicans in the House and nineteen in the Senate teamed with Democrats on a bill that added another $256 billion to the out-of-control national debt and had little to do with infrastructure and only helped Democrats advance their radical Green New Deal agenda.

Democrats believed the massive signing ceremony could serve as a reboot for Joe Biden’s Presidency, as Biden can now claim he delivered on his promise of bipartisanship.

Biden’s cheerleaders in the corporate media mocked that idea.

NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd is one of the most extreme left-wing ideologues in the press.

But not even a reliable liberal like Chuck Todd could say with a straight face that Biden signing this socialist spending bill would help Democrats.

Todd told MSNBC that Biden signing this bill felt like the end of the Democrat majority’s ability to “govern” as the calendar prepares to turn towards 2022 and the midterm elections.

Todd even went so far as to predict next November would see Democrats suffer historic losses.

“Yesterday that event, I’ll be honest, just felt like an event out of time. That event might have been impactful in August or September or October. It feels more like an epilogue to the ending of what’s going to — might not be a good story for Democrats in 2022,” Todd stated.

For a Democrat like Joe Biden to lose the support of the corporate media is a sign of just how badly events spiraled out of control.

Democrats can always count on the Chuck Todds of the world to carry their water.

But Joe Biden’s presidency is such an historic failure that members of the media can’t defend it with a straight face.

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