Jill Biden admitted one defeat that will make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go crazy

The Democrats’ losing streak continues.

Now a top priority fell by the wayside.

Jill Biden admitted one defeat that will make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go crazy.

First Lady – and fake doctor – Jill Biden entered the White House pushing to force taxpayers to pick up the tab for “free” college tuition.

So-called “free” college tuition dovetailed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s socialist wishlist item of the federal government bailing out colleges and borrowers by wiping out $50,000 in student loan debt.

At the Community College National Legislative Summit in Washington, Jill Biden waved the white flag of defeat on the prospect of including two “free” – i.e. taxpayers picking up the tab – years of community college.

“One year ago, I told this group that Joe, my husband Joe, was going to fight for community colleges,” Biden stated. “But Joe has also had to make compromises. Congress hasn’t passed the Build Back Better legislation — yet. And free community college is no longer a part of that package.”

Democrats were forced to drop the First Lady’s core legislative priority from the nearly $5 trillion socialist spending bill because Joe Manchin opposed the taxpayer bailout for the core Democrat voting constituency of college students and graduates.

Jill Biden tried to soften the blow of the defeat by claiming the administration never expected victory going into the fight.

“We knew this wouldn’t be easy,” Biden added. “Still, like you, I was disappointed. Because, like you, these aren’t just bills or budgets to me, to you, right? We know what they mean for real people, for our students.”

“It was a real lesson in human nature that some people just don’t get that,” Biden added.

The Democrats tried to jam the nearly $5 trillion socialist spending package through using the budget reconciliation process.

That allowed Democrats to avoid a GOP filibuster, but it also meant all 50 Democrats needed to stick together.

Senator Manchin declared the bill dead in December over concerns about inflation rising to levels not seen in 40 years and the national debt exploding to over $30 trillion.

Democrats are now trying to salvage a smaller version of the socialist spending bill.

But that requires performing triage with the welfare programs that Manchin will not support in any final package.

And Jill Biden made the first move in announcing which socialist wishlist items will get left on the cutting room floor.

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