Jen Psaki said five words that will make every American’s blood boil

Every day when Jen Psaki briefs the press, a new disaster appears to occur.

The latest briefing was no different.

And Jen Psaki said five words that will make every American’s blood boil.

Reporters continue to press Psaki and the Biden administration’s failure to solve the border crisis.

New numbers showed the Border Patrol stopped 178,000 illegal aliens from entering the country in April.

That was the biggest number of illegal aliens caught trying to sneak into the country in 20 years.

The 178,000 number was up from March’s 172,000 number of border interdictions.

Clearly the numbers are trending in the wrong direction.

But despite that fact of documented failure, Psaki claimed the Biden administration had its eye on the ball.

“Our focus remains on solutions,” Psaki claimed.

Reporters questioned why Joe Biden has not yet visited the border, and Psaki infuriated many Americans claiming that the administration’ main goal was making the lives better for illegal aliens caught breaking the law to cross into America.

“If going to the border changed that or helped that, that would be one thing, but our focus is on implementing pieces so we can make their lives better,” Psaki added.

Another reporter asked Psaki about the tragedy of five illegal alien girls ages one to five abandoned by smugglers on a ranch.

Psaki tried to have it both ways by falsely claiming this episode was why the administration sends the message that illegal aliens should not come to America.

“This is another example of why we continue to be very clear that individuals should not make the treacherous journey north and put their lives in the hands of smugglers or others for unsafe circumstances,” Psaki stated.

But that is not the message the administration sent to illegal aliens.

Multiple news outlets interviewed illegal aliens caught at the border who said that Joe Biden was the reason they made the dangerous journey to try and cross into America in violation of the law.

Others wore Joe Biden t-shirts when they showed up at the border.

Critics contend that the administration’s strategy and messaging are not working.

For Jen Psaki to claim otherwise defies reality.

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