Jen Psaki issued one challenge to Senator Ted Cruz that instantly blew up in her face

The Biden administration is heading straight for trouble.

A rogue President broke norms and violated laws.

And now Jen Psaki just issued one challenge to Senator Ted Cruz that instantly blew up in her face.

During a recent press briefing, a reporter asked Jen Psaki about Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s recent comments that if Republicans won back the House of Representatives next year, the new GOP majority would impeach Joe Biden.

Cruz cited Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration law as the strongest grounds for impeachment.

“I think there will be enormous pressure on a Republican House to begin impeachment proceedings. I think there are potentially multiple grounds to consider for impeachment. Probably the most compelling is the utter lawlessness of President Biden to enforce the border. His decision to just deify immigration laws,” Cruz said on his podcast, “The Verdict.” “That’s probably the strongest grounds right now for impeachment, but there may be others.”

Psaki responded to the comments by calling on Senator Cruz and other Republicans to work together to pass mass amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens.

“Well, our reaction is: Maybe Senator Cruz can work with us on getting something done on comprehensive immigration reform and putting in place measures that will help make sure smart security is what we see at the border, taking a more humane approach to the border instead of name-calling, accusation calling, and making predictions of the future,” Jen Psaki stated.

That answer took some hutzpah.

Biden opening the border to a record number of illegal aliens marching into the county is why Senator Cruz predicted Republicans will impeach him if they regain the majority in this year’s Midterm elections.

Republicans conspiring with Democrats to create tens of millions of new Democrats voters – by granting citizenship to illegal aliens – would be the exact reward Biden hoped to gain through his lawless conduct.

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