James Mattis left world leaders speechless with what he said about North Korea

The media doesn’t know what to make of Donald Trump’s outreach to North Korea.

Pundits and Democrats expected Trump to blunder the world into nuclear war.

That all changed when James Mattis left everyone speechless with his thoughts on the matter.

Donald Trump pulled off the impossible.

Ahead of his summit with Kim Jong Un, he secured the release of three Americans who were held hostage.

That has led to increased optimism that Trump can be the American President who finally solves the North Korean nuclear crisis.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis shared this optimistic outlook during Congressional testimony.

Politico reports:

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Congress on Wednesday there’s “reason for optimism” on the Trump administration’s efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula after the release of three American prisoners from North Korea.

Testifying before the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee on the Pentagon’s fiscal 2019 budget request, Mattis said the administration’s effort has always been diplomacy first, supported by military might.

“Certainly their capability concerns us on the military side. However, we see there is some reason for optimism,” Mattis said. “We said all along this was a diplomatically led effort, backed up by military force.”


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22 Responses

  1. Richard Vanderflute says:

    My feeling is we have a president that is representing the majority of the American voter. The border wall is important to keep out unwanted freeloaders. I am proud of our President.

  2. Gail says:

    Obama was the most coward president we have ever had. I was so glad when Donald Trump announced he was going to run. I was for him when he was talking about it before. I knew he would be GREAT for our country. I was on the Trump train before there was a Trump train. I am so thankful and blessed we have him for our president, he has done some great things in such a short period of time. God bless him , and oh, GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Dolores says:

      One reason obama was the worst president ever is that he is a muslim. Maybe a lot of people didn’t know this at first so that’s why he voted for him.

  3. I don’t know if President Trump will solve the problems with North Korea peacefully. It all hinges on whether, the leader of North Korea, does what he said he will. If that doesn’t happen then we will be at war again. I hope that the problems have been resolved and it goes peacefully.

  4. zee says:

    Kudos to Pres.DJT/ Sec. of State Pompeo – NK IS Ready to Not be a ‘hermit country’ Any Longer. & Will come to Pass. Amen. W/Work.
    > Now, USA NEEDS to ‘lay off’ SYRIA. i ‘beg’ to whom this may concern =
    LAY OFF SYRIA. eff the NWO Genie Ltd Pipeline & Leave the Beautiful Country of Syria (what’s left of it) ALONE. The ppl there (arabs/muslims/christians Get Along W/each other !!! See Damascus TV – satellite. ) rebel factions Are the dis-ruptors backed by > ( y’all figure it out, i did, w/ rite info< )

  5. Mr. Trump may have a long row to hoe, but at least he’s giving it the old college try. Unlike past Presidents. Good luck Sir.

    • Bill says:

      Yes, Donad Trump’s not an ass kisser or fool like obama. He knows he’s dealing with a worthless disgustng subhuman bastard that’s a definite threat to world peace but he’s smart enough to keep his cool, not bend and work toward a win for America, finally a President that’ll keep ‘Making’ America Great Again”

  6. Joanne says:

    If ir were not for Donald Trump our folks would die in the prisons in Iran, but he got them released he is an amazing great man.

  7. William says:

    Way to go Donald, America’s great PRESIDENT, (Drain the damn swamp also. (Get rid of all lying thieving politiacans no matter the party involved.)

  8. Tait says:

    TRUMP: The only person in government or otherwise who has brough back prisoners other than one person who was tortured we presume, and no one since 5.5 decades now has really made an effort on any real issue, especially the last era of Assbama, err Obama. Trump does as he says, as was alreay said somewhere, And Trump actually cares about the country as others basically just think about their own political money making machine. Most all are corrupt, that is proven, but unfortunatly, not in court, but shoul;d be. Many have committed crimes and I hope it all comes out. The USA is far better off now that it has been for at lest 10 years, in all facets of concern. Kim is unpredictable, but there is much hope in this nuke issue.

  9. Marc says:

    The United States needs to show strength & Resolve to negotiate a lasting Peace Treaty for Korea.

  10. Charles says:

    We The People now have a LEGAL sitting US President in President Donald J. Trump who says what he means and means what he says and not a fraud and usurper in barack hussein boama drawing red lines in the sand that mean nothing . The United States Of America cannot be great again until the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama is brought to justice . US Constitutional law must be enforced if We The People are to remain a FREE and Constitutional Republic !

    • Joyce Tabor says:

      Perfectly said! Obama was, is and will always be a blight on OUR (not his) AMERICAN soil. May he be exposed for all the harm he has done and hoped to continue through Crooked Hillary. Thank God and OUR LEGALLY ELECTED President Trump to undo as much of the damage as possible.

    • William says:

      Put the rotten smelly obama in prison and let him rot away with no chance of getting out, and shut his queer wife up for good. Mr. Trump is the best president that America has had sense Reagon. Obama can not even lick Donald’s boots, obama the ratfink.

      • vernon says:

        William you said it correctly and straight on. DJT is the best and most qualified US born (can be proven) American to to Elected as our President. I love the fight in him. He controls himself better than I could.

  11. William j. NOROSKI says:

    GREAT. i sincerely hope this ends in a peaceful way. No one has come up with a solution to this problem so far. At least we should stand firmly behind our PRESIDENT . He has been on the right track so far

  12. Mr. President, I along with many other Americans, real Americans believe that you and your team can resolve the NK nuclear issue. Keep going forwards, never backwards.
    God bless the President and the USA.

  13. Mike says:

    Time will tell if anyone can resolve the NK issues! They’re just like Iran, nobody can trust anything that they do or say.

    As for the survey, Trump already pulled out of the deal.

  14. STEVE FLOWERS says:

    When you send in the MARINES, this is what you get, GENERAL MATHIS says it all,
    DIPLOMACY led by a BACKED a MILITARY FORCE!! WHEN ONE DRAWS A LINE IN THE SAND, IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE GOING THE OPPOSITE WAY! This was the incredible tactic that OBAMA used, the problem when he drew the line in the sand ALEGEDEDLY in SYRIA, he used crayons!

    • Joyce says:

      Good reply and observation.

    • Anne says:

      If you draw a line in the sand, and your enemy crosses it, the first thing that hits him is your iron fist. Obama drew a re line turned his back, bent over forward and waited for results. Worst and most chickenhearted President ever.

  15. True Believer says:

    I think this is just a little behind the curve as it has already been done. Was wonderful. Now Kim Jun Un knows what Pres. Trump says (when in negotiations) he means it with no playing around.

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