James Mattis left world leaders speechless with what he said about North Korea

The media doesn’t know what to make of Donald Trump’s outreach to North Korea.

Pundits and Democrats expected Trump to blunder the world into nuclear war.

That all changed when James Mattis left everyone speechless with his thoughts on the matter.

Donald Trump pulled off the impossible.

Ahead of his summit with Kim Jong Un, he secured the release of three Americans who were held hostage.

That has led to increased optimism that Trump can be the American President who finally solves the North Korean nuclear crisis.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis shared this optimistic outlook during Congressional testimony.

Politico reports:

“Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Congress on Wednesday there’s “reason for optimism” on the Trump administration’s efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula after the release of three American prisoners from North Korea.

Testifying before the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee on the Pentagon’s fiscal 2019 budget request, Mattis said the administration’s effort has always been diplomacy first, supported by military might.

“Certainly their capability concerns us on the military side. However, we see there is some reason for optimism,” Mattis said. “We said all along this was a diplomatically led effort, backed up by military force.”

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23 Responses

  1. [email protected] Rick Bacon says:

    And Amen!!!
    Again and Again

  2. vernon says:

    William you said it correctly and straight on. DJT is the best and most qualified US born (can be proven) American to to Elected as our President. I love the fight in him. He controls himself better than I could.

  3. Richard Vanderflute says:

    My feeling is we have a president that is representing the majority of the American voter. The border wall is important to keep out unwanted freeloaders. I am proud of our President.

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