James Mattis crushed this sick plan to take out Donald Trump

The fake news media celebrated.

They thought Bob Woodward’s bombshell book was the final nail in Trump’s coffin.

But then James Mattis stepped up and crushed the media’s plan to use the book to take out Trump.

Woodward’s book “Fear” is chock full of anonymous sources peddling fake news.

Part of the book focuses on Mattis supposedly having no respect for President Trump.

Trump questioned American policy in South Korea and Afghanistan and Woodward claimed Trump had a “fifth or sixth grader’s” understanding of the world.

Woodward’s sources also told a story about Trump ordering Mattis to assassinate Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and Mattis disobeying the order.

Mattis responded with a forceful denial.

He released a statement comparing the book to fiction and that Woodward’s anonymous sources have no credibility.

The media defended Woodward’s book by claiming he had hundreds of hours of interviews on tape.

But all that proves is he has an audio tape of sources making up stories.

It does not back up the preposterous claims made in “Fear.”

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72 Responses

  1. Bonnlass says:

    Don’t think we should put trust in SecDef Mattis who Co-Authored a book named Warriors and Citizens… With Dr. Kori Schake, PhD. And a chapter written by Jim D. Hake a Stanford clone with founding of Spirit of America conveniently relocated from Santa Monica, CA To CACI, Intl. Defense Contractor Headquarters. @ 1100 Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. The Team members founders like Peter Ackerman, Mattis, McCain Adviser Kori Schake, Stanley McCrystal, James Carafano-Heretic Foundation. Kori Schake self-destructed demeaning President Trump so loudly that the Chairman of the Hoover Institute Joel Peterson vacuumed her outta there and Schake is consigned to I.I.S.S. As Deputy and Clearance GONE! She’s London Registered as member of the FalseFlag.org along with Hake, David Gergen, Peter Ackerman.

    Rye Barcott whose a clone of Jeff Bezos and Gergen’s Bilderberg conference, CFR, Ted Double-Talker, Aspen Institute, and co-Founder of a Private Political PAC with David Gergen the Harvard MBA Hat Checker for BARCOTT and the Fulbright Hafbright Institute for”LOST Defense” with former CEO Jim Rogers, Duke -Energy absconding with DUKE Shareholders dollars assuring DNC Default for Obama’s DNC Convention in Charlotte the Queen City!

  2. Donna Smurawa says:

    Amen and Amen!

  3. Mark says:

    May be God decided to punish America for its sins, by giving it a corrupt, lying immoral President [who has now had three wives, and cheats on his wives], is insulting, vengeful, gives tax breaks to the wealthy and cuts to social programs that benefit the poor [in violation of the 8 Beatitudes], is in the process of destroying the environment by relaxing anti-pollution standards, hides his tax returns lest they show his illegalities/lies and why he is beholden to Putin [for cheap loans of his real estate transactions]- and is treasonous. to US interests regarding Russia Now Trump is engaged in a witch-hunt about an opinion piece in the NYT. God decided to punish America for its sins and materialism by allowing Trump to win. Trump is a false prophet, an anti-Christ who is successfully misleading people by confusing them, lying and spreading his hateful message in order to divide America against itself . The aim is to cause violence and potentially a civil war. God punishes people by allowing the consequences of their sins and hate to come back and haunt them. Pray for America that reason, compassion and love return.

  4. Brent says:

    America has the best President and Sec. of Defense in 86years

  5. Russell says:

    General Matt is is probably the best Sec. of Defense we have had in more than the 75yrs. I been alive. God Bless the USA

  6. Steveur says:

    Joe, you have a typical Leftist approach at what you perceive the Truth to be. Mushrooms, grow in the dark and they would not exist in the Light of Truth. Your party is headed that way following those Pied Pipers of Deceit.

  7. Guil Ordonez says:

    This is what I have to say to CNN, MSLSD, ABC, CBS, NBC, AND ESPN, and all the left wing nuts: MRS. KARMA is coming, you think Nov of 2016 was bad wait till NOV 2020.

  8. Steveur says:

    Woodward, must work in a stockyard environment and was Manure Faced when he wrote this sick joke. Typical meadow muffin Leftist, who reeks the smell of the compost he wrote.

  9. Joe says:

    Bob Woodward is a full of crap as a Christmas goose!

  10. Jay says:

    The democratics destroyed law and order!

  11. Mott says:

    Anyone that states something without saying WHO made said statement means (to me) that it is a LIE!
    You want to be taken for a “Real” news person, Names!

  12. e says:

    AMEN! Unfortunately, some are naive enough to believe they can survive and prosper by forming a pact with Satan. They will be exposed here on earth and justice will reign after death. How I wish these minions would realize the role they play for Satan and the theft of souls from God. But is’t their choice, ultimately. We ALL have a “God-shaped hole in our hearts”, and truly know what is right and just. But some try to fill it with ego, power, wealth, notoriety and sin. They — WE — all have the opportunity to do His Will. And we ALL know in our hearts the consequence of rejecting Him. God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!

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