An informant’s testimony is bad news for Hillary Clinton

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  1. Stan L says:

    I’ve always thought highly of Jeff Sessions, thought he’s be a good and effective A.G. The fact of the matter is, either by the protocol demanded of legitimate lawyers, or possibly Sessions being maneuvered by opposition to recuse himself from anything “Russia,” the man has been disabled as an Attorney General, and a questionable Democrat Ass’t A.G. (Rosenstein) will not do, what with his known affiliations which would be counter-productive to our present presidential administration in the exercise of its full legal capacities. I don’t see how Sessions can remain at his post, without compromising Trump’s pursuit for justice. We need action, not delay, about this!

  2. tc says:

    I agree!! Lock up the Clintons and Obama’s in Gitmo and throw away the key!!

  3. two bears says:

    delays of a political nature will prove to be destructive to the Trump administration. this is not a deal situation where seeking leverage is a time consuming activity. this is a national safety situation where citizens lives are in the balance, and as such every effort to handle this matter now is imperative. readiness is everything. it would be best to contain all principles so as to prevent flight from prosecution. at the very least confiscate all credentials, passports, and freeze bank accounts and safety boxes. post 24 hr surveillance, and seek an immediate search warrant for homes and properties.

    • Stan L says:

      Exactly…it’s out of the realm of “last man standing in a deal.” the law is waiting to be exercised and a recused A.G. cannot act on it. I would fire Rosenstein, squeeze Sessions into the spot left by Rosenstein, and get a street fighting Attorney General who knows how to get the legal process operating with all the power it can generate. It’s a huge agenda, it needs organizing, it has already languished for a year. That’s too darned long!

  4. Joyce says:

    When us normal Americans commit a crime that results in monetary gain our accounts are seized…WHY IS HILARY EXEMPT FROM THIS ACTION

    • Bill says:

      Enough of this waste of taxpayers money and ‘double standard of justice’. hillary and silly ‘billy’ clinton need to be imprisoned in federal penitentary for crimes against America and the American people. Enough already. And along with the clintons, nancy pelosi, dianne feinstein, jerry ‘the clown’ brown and california governor wnnabee gavibn newsomne need to be prosecuted and imprisoned as well, anough of this wishy wash BULLS**T!

  5. Rick says:

    What webs you weave when you practice the art of deception. Rudy J would be my choice for special council. Now we let Uranium One
    play out. Next did you hear anyone cry out corruption when Obama handed out a no-bid contract to a computer Co (Obama care) that blew 3/4 of a billion on a system that didn’t work. When IBM said they would do it for Zero. Next was it not reported that Obama’s best friend at
    Occidental was a Pakistani. Funny how that works when in 2009 these IT gurus were hired and remained so for years who had the keys to the kingdom all Dems of course stealing all they could caught trying to flee to their homeland Pakistan. How is the Fumble Boys Inc. investigation going on the Awans and Shultz , Let’s see the contracts and who hired these dodos.

  6. Monica says:

    So, more, omg..crooked Hillary did this…ok put your money where your mouth is and file charges against her…how long has this been gong on?

  7. Gerald Ladd says:

    As I have no faith in our justice system anymore, it’ll just fall on deaf ears. (Sessions)

  8. James says:

    Isay lock her and Obama up in Gitmo and through away the key!!!!!

  9. karen zawack says:

    President Trump should hand pick the special counsel to investigate this as soon as possible. We have had to deal with the Mueller’s special counsel for over a year and lots of taxpayer money for an investigation into nothing. This was brought on to not only cover up the private server incident, but also the Uranium One incident that is, I feel connected. And I believe this special counsel will also find out about the connection to the Wasserman-Schultz laptop that information flowed to Pakistan from. Money definitely worth spending on Trump’s special counsel, that will root out corruption in the State Department, and the Obama White House, the DNC, along with the inept Regress. Our tax dollars at work should be for the People, not those who personally get rich on OUR money. With no thought of putting American Citizens in national danger and bankruptcy. Using OUR FBI, IRS, DOJ against the American People for their personal gain, is NOT what the Founding Fathers had in mind. With President Trump, I truly believe a special counsel will be picked FOR the People, not to cover up those who were all part of this or looked the other way.

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