Ilhan Omar’s latest coronavirus plan raises serious terrorism red flags you won’t believe

Since getting into office, Rep. Ilhan Omar has made clear that her loyalties don’t lie entirely with the United States.

Her ties to Islamic terrorism continue to come to light.

And her latest coronavirus plan raises serious terrorism red flags you won’t believe.

President Donald Trump is working overtime to bring Americans together to fight back against the spread of coronavirus.

His leadership is proving to be so effective that even his biggest enemies, like CNN and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have been forced to admit he is handling things well.

But some left-wing figures aren’t willing to give Trump any credit, and are even seemingly cheering on the virus with hopes that it harms President Trump’s chances in the November election.

One such figure who continually criticizes Trump is Ilhan Omar, who has made waves since her 2018 election due to her extremism.

While Trump is fighting to help Americans, she took to her Twitter account to instead fight for Iran, which is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

And observers were stunned when she called for the removal of sanctions on the nation in response to the virus.

Omar is mirroring Iranian propaganda with her Tweet, which is especially troublesome to many due to the crisis the world is currently in.

Heshmat Alavi, who is known for covering issues relating to the Middle East, claims that Iran is attempting to use the crisis to lift sanctions by holding hygiene supplies in warehouses in order to claim shortages.

“Iran’s regime is keeping hygiene products in warehouses to claim shortages, request financial aid & then use the money for terrorism,” Alavi claims.

For many years, Iran has been a sworn enemy to the United States, and in particular has been working to attack Israel.

In fact, during the coronavirus outbreak, Iranian officials have continued to call for the destruction of Israel.
Mohsen Rezaei, who is the former leader of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards called for the wiping out of Tel Aviv in remarks to Lebanon’s Hezbollah-affiliated al-Mayadeen TV station.

“You should have no doubt about this. We would raze Tel Aviv to the ground for sure. We have been looking for such a pretext,” Rezaei said in remarks translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

But Ilhan Omar doesn’t seem to care, and would never point out these facts when calling on the removal of sanctions on Iran.

Since getting into office she has continually been in hot water for anti-Semitics statements.

Yet she remains on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, despite widespread calls for her removal.

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76 Responses

  1. Eliot says:

    Ilhan Omar is a lesbian who has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda Sarsour and Joan Terrell-Paige!

  2. mahmoud el-yousseph says:

    Breaking News:

    The wife of the Arizona man who died after taking chloroquine phosphate in order to protect himself from Coronavirus has spoken out against the President and his misinformation he has been spreading in his daily press breifing. She warns Americans: ‘Don’t believe anything that Trump says.’

    Dr. Make Believe Trump, who definitely isn’t a health or medical expert suggested during one of the daily press briefing that chloroquine would be fairly effective to treat Coronavirus as it was against the Sars virus.

  3. mahmoud el-yousseph says:

    I ran into this headline below from one of the newswires service.

    Pope Francis Urges Priests To Refrain From Molesting Children Over Coronavirus Fears

    As the Church lady would say, “Ain’t that Special!” No fun intended.

  4. Richard B. says:

    She is an American like the rest of us. To suggest giving a perceived enemy medical aid is the way your turn an enemy into a friend. Trump is trying to turn Russia and North Korea into friends is he not? Why is she any different??? She is not anti-american by any proper definition. Any the video posted here is fake news…

  5. Uncle Hoppy says:

    Just remember;
    90% of Muslims are not terrorists.
    But 90% of terrorists are Muslim.

  6. Oscar Laprucas says:

    If allah was really great he would take all Muslims up and re deposit them back in the Middle East with a swift kick in the ass order them to start doing somethibg good for the world instead of killing their children and their women , and stop trying to seek domination of the world !! Which by the way they couldn’t manage under any stretch of the imagination !!!

  7. Juan José Forero says:

    I don’t know why this woman still be part of American politics. She is a deceiver and liar already proved. It’s time to send her back to her country.

  8. mahmoud el-yousseph says:

    Rickster, what is your definition of ‘Blend into society and be normal?” Did you meant to say assimilation?
    According to Cambridge English Dictionary, assimilate is “to become part of a group, country, or a society.” We shouldn’t expect immigrants to assimilate into an alien culture immediately. When I came to America in 1977, the first thing I learned was the language, the law, and the history of the US.

    If you are suggesting that Muslims be assimilated into the American culture by hiding their religious identity, but you lack the courage to do so, here is what I thought Muslim hater’s method for Muslims to to assimilate:

    1- A good start would be for Muslims to convert to Christianity and to change their name, so they could fit in.

    2- Bearded men should shave it off, women should take off their “hijab” scarves and wear bikinis.

    3- Muslims should start cheating on their taxes by taking advantage of the tax lope holes.

    4- Muslim youth should practice dating and premarital sex.

    5- Instead of praying 5 times a day, Muslims should attend sporting events and go bar hopping.

    6- Muslims should attend Marti Gras and try “Gumbo” as apposed to performing the pilgrimage in Mecca.

    7- Make campaign contributions to political candidates rather to their favorite charities.

    8- Refrain from encouraging children to fast the month of Ramadan or face child abuse charges.

    9- Help stimulate and boost the economy by eating more fast food and less ethnic food.

    10- Limiting the number of children for each family to three and speaking in one’s native language at home only.

  9. mahmoud el-yousseph says:

    Gasman, if bigotry is crime in America, you would be doing jail time for your ignorance. As your name indicates, you do stink!

  10. EYESONYOU says:


  11. Chump says:

    Always be very careful when some of those here amongst us, in support of Islamic Law ( or, Shari’a), tell us that they are in the minority and that we can be deemed “bigoted” for fearing them. I am aware that they will never stop fighting until the religion of Islam rules the entire world.

  12. Rickster says:

    We dont need camel jockeys here in america and if they were really here for good intentions, they would throw that garb wearing sheets and head socks away! Dress more normal and throw rocks at there stupid religion and that goofy Koran rules someone idiot made up to control his women centurys ago!! This is America and you go by American laws and rules!! Enough religion here already,,choose one or nothing! Blend into society and be normal instead of running around drawing attention to yourself or running your big mouths about things you dont understand!! Dont not take handouts from our goverment, you truly dont deserve it! You haven’t earned it! You work and be normal and live life as honest as can be!! If you dont like our laws and ways then why are you here? There lots of countires you can go to and blend in wearing those rags and believing in those crap laws!! Americans dont need you here and theres nothing you can do to benifit america!! And no way should any camel jockeys be involved in our goverment or hold any goverment jobs!

  13. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    Those who are advocating that 3.5 Million Muslims in America want to impose the Islamic Law (Shari’a in Arabic) on the rest of America are either ignorant or liars, maybe both. Few years ago, the Republican National Committee online “Listening to America” sent a survey question asking Americans ” Are you concerned by the potential spread of Islamic law?”

    Shari’a to Islam is what Halachah is to Judaism and Canon law is to the Catholic church. So why single out Muslims? The Republican party survey preys on people’s fears and depicts Muslim Americans as if they are snakes hiding in the grass waiting for the next move and as such constitute a threat for our homeland security.

    When The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent a letter to the Republican Party leaders requesting a meeting to express Muslim concern regarding the survey, CAIR’s request was ignored.

    Lets pretend for the sake of the argument that Muslims want to change the U.S. Constitution. Wouldn’t that take an act of Congress? Wouldn’t also require 2/3 of both House and Senate, plus 3/4 of all states to ratify the constitution to the U.S. Since there are only 2 Muslim Congressmen in the House of Representative and none in the US Senate, that would be virtually impossible.

    One more note, decisions and rulings in Islam are based on consensus. That is, majority rules. Since the 7 million Muslims in America are in the minority, they are bound by the majority rule. So to all bigots and hatemongers in the US of A, you could sleep tight tonight.

  14. Mahmoud El-Yousseph says:

    The Arabic word “Shari’a” means Law. Thus, it’s incorrect to use the words Law and Shari’a together, like some politicians do when they say “Sharia Law.” It should be used as Islamic Law or Islamic Shari’a.

  15. Shelba says:

    Not only removable from the foreign affairs committee but also removable of her US citizenship due to the many laws she has broken and removable from the US since she is such a stand out supporter of Iran and Islam, she does not appreciate the US so deport her and see how she likes living in her country of Somalia

  16. Gasman says:

    Hey towel head, tell those other towel heads to take some of the $100, billion we sent over there and buy some fricking face masks with it.
    Better yet llhan is so good at moving money that is not her’s and give all the towel heads $15.00 to buy an extra face mask , face masks for everybody, and a roll of toilet paper

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